After 90 days of daily blogging, here are the topics that boosted our blog’s global ranking from 1.515.000 to 560.000. No matter how difficult it may looks, it’s doable! Pick the general topics and start writing day after day.

As you can imagine the topics define which keywords and keyphrases we used throughout our content marketing strategy. Therefore it’s only natural to share with you which keywords we used.

The keywords we used focused on:

  • Day 01 – 30: Content Creation, Content Marketing, WordPress, WordCamp, Blogging, SEO, Social Media, SEO for Blogs, Workshops, Digital Copywriting and Content Calendar.
  • Day 31 – 60: Content Creation, Content Marketing, Digital Strategy, Communication, Newsletters & Email Marketing, Micro-Blogging, Quora, Medium, LinkedIn, Advanced Blogging, SEO for Blogs, Workshops, Digital Copywriting and Content Calendar.
  • Day 61 – 90: Content Creation, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO for Blogs, Workshops, Digital Copywriting, WordPress & WordCamps.
  • Extra topics, 91 – 105: All the above.
90 Days of Real Blogging Topics

90 Blogging Topics

  1. Welcome Spring, Welcome March
  2. 30-Day Blogging Challenge
  3. How Blogging Made me a Better Listener
  4. What is blogging?
  5. WordCamp Europe 2019 Contributor Day
  6. Women’s Day Giveaway
  7. 12 SEO Speed Check Up Points
  8. Women Who Changed the World
  9. Why You Should Use WordPress
  10. Social Media Marketing World Conference 2019
  11. Giveaway Winner Announcement
  12. Benefits of Guest Blogging
  13. 30th Anniversary of the World Wide Web
  14. Blogging Tips for Beginners
  15. Facebook Down for Almost 24 Hours
  16. Google Update Florida 2
  17. Why You Shouldn’t Blog
  18. Promote your Blog on Social Media
  19. Why I Love Twitter
  20. The Next Big Player in Video Games is Google
  21. How to Plan a Stress Free Wedding
  22. How to Write the Perfect Blog Post
  23. The Art of Catchy Headlines is Made by Robots
  24. Create a Professional Media Kit in 5 Steps
  25. WordCamp Europe 2019 Speakers Business I
  26. Philips Wireless Dictation For Bloggers Who Love Coffee Breaks
  27. 12 Truths to Reach your Blogging Nirvana
  28. Generosity is the Secret Key to Everything
  29. Learn to say NO like a Princess
  30. Vogue is coming back to Greece
  31. Public Speaking Workshop
  32. The Results of our 30 Day Blogging Challenge
  33. New Month, New Goals
  34. Do you want to tell us your story?
  35. Gain More Website Traffic by Publishing on Medium
  36. WordCamp Europe 2019 Speakers Business II
  37. Arsenis Paschopoulos Interview
  38. Influencers: Who they are and how can they help my business?
  39. The Future of Facebook Advertising Effectiveness
  40. WordCamp Europe 2019 Speakers, Open Source and Communities
  41. The Sweet Taste of Success
  42. Define your blog’s identity
  43. Viktorija Ignataviciute Interview
  44. The Role of Enchantment in Content Creation
  45. Digital Nomads in Real Life
  46. WordCamp Europe 2019 Speakers, Content and Branding
  47. WordPress Europe 2019 Topics
  48. In Blogging What Makes The Art of Closure Powerful?
  49. WordPress Europe 2019 Speakers, Development I
  50. WordCamp Athens 2019 Speakers
  51. Bauhaus Movement: Five Lessons for Today’s Content Creators
  52. Learn to love SEO like Google
  53. WordCamp Europe 2019 Workshops
  54. Ask the Right Questions
  55. Helena Chaviara Interview
  57. WordPress Europe 2019 Speakers, Development II
  58. Paraskevi Kourtidou Interview
  59. SEO is an Advanced Chess Game
  60. Leading to the Top
  61. The Pink Moon Inspiration
  62. WordPress Europe 2019 Speakers, Gutenberg
  63. Earth Day
  64. The Big Business of Blogging
  65. Optimize Your Landing Pages
  66. WordPress Europe 2019 Speakers, Design
  67. Content Marketing Tips to Add Easter Celebrations
  68. Host Successful Corporate Events in Greece
  69. Dive into Quora Unique World of Questions
  70. Matt Mullenweg as Keynote Speaker at #WCEU
  71. Digital Nomad Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling
  72. 8 Clever Ways to Recycle Your Content
  73. My WordPress Success Story
  74. What’s New From Pinterest
  75. FAQ About WordPress
  76. Facebook F8 Conference Highlights
  77. Instagram News
  78. WordPress Changed My Life
  79. What Makes a Good Presentation
  80. Monika Kritikou Interview
  81. How to Hire a Photographer for your Blog
  82. How do you recharge your energy?
  83. Characteristics of Professionalism
  84. 7 Ideas for Outstanding Instagram Content
  85. Ask Me Anything Session #AMA
  86. Instagram announced a new account for shops
  87. WordPress for Kids at #WCEU
  88. List of Instagram Banned Hashtags [Updated 2022]
  89. Ideadeco May Blogging Topics
  90. How to Boost your Newsletter and Attract More Subscribers
  91. Be the Expert in your Field
  92. The Art of Unselfish Storytelling
  93. Things to do before WordCamp Europe 2019 #WCEU
  94. Use Twitter as Part of Your Content Strategy
  95. Google Doodle celebrates the birth of Willem Einthoven
  96. Wedding Photography Tips
  97. WordCamp Europe Call for Teaching Assistants (TAs) #WCEU
  98. Interesting News Found Into My Mailbox
  99. WordCamp Europe After Party #WCEU
  100. Improving Sustainability at #WCEU
  101. The Art of Closure
  102. Find Content Gems in Interviews
  103. Donate your Old WordCamp T-shirts #WCEU
  104. Google AI Impact Challenge
  105. WordPress experts will debate two hot topics at #WCEU
90 Days of Real Blogging Topics

What we learned from our 90 Day Blogging

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that the blogging struggle is real. But with some discipline and a healthy plan, blogging can become joyful.

Let’s take things from the beginning. As you remember this challenge started after a lecture in Paris.

In the first week of February I was giving a lecture about SEO, blogging & content marketing, when the topic of blogging struggle raised. In the auditorium there were 90 young bloggers who were patient enough to attend the 4 hours lecture. Among the many questions, one made quite an impact on the gathering. How to keep a blogger motivated to write one new piece of content every single day.

Creativity and discipline are the 2 major must-haves skills. Then comes reality! So the big question is, how can a blogger actually keep up with the demands of everyday blogging?

My suggestion was based on my personal experience as a professional blogger. By setting up a detailed content calendar for a 30 day circle it’s easier to prepare your content creation process. If you break the big circle into smaller circles, and adopt one general theme for each separate week, then it’s 100% doable. For example:

  • First day of the month: welcome the new month and gently give a hint of the new topic of the month: Blogging
  • Week A: Explain Blogging, types of blogging, history of blogging, platforms of blogging, tools of blogging, famous bloggers, your personal story in blogging
  • Week B: How to, Guides, Calendar, Titles, What to avoid, SEO guidance, Social Media & Blogging
  • Week D: Presentation of top blogging events, Workshops, Promote your blog, Content Marketing & Blogging, Ethics of Blogging, Growth hacking tips for blogging,
  • Last 1 or 2 days of the month: Closure of the month with a personal story with the month’s achievement, or even a presentation of your monthly growth.

As you can see, it feels safe to walk on solid tracks when you are writing with a well formed strategy. Even if circumstances force you to change your topics, still you have a crystal clear area to stretch your creativity.

We used this discipline for 90 days and today we can declare that has became a sweet daily habit – OK, some days not so sweet – but we have found our pace and we are happy!

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  2. Thanks for sharing this blog post. Totally agreed with the point that creativity and discipline required for any blog success.

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