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When beauty meets inspiration and Ancient Greek Philosophy then marvellous things can happen. Sophia Enjoy Thinking is here to prove that there is no limit to dreaming! They show us how to be actively thinking members of our society and conscious consumers. I like the idea of a brand where they treat me like a thinking human being and not just as a cold net worth of marketing results.

I think. I breathe. I exist. They know it. They respect it.

I want to buy things that create a beautiful atmosphere around me. Who doesn’t want that? But the experience of choosing an item for my house or my office should be more joyful and less stressful. Free of any shade of pressure and full of communication and light. That kind of buying experience I had at Sophia Enjoy Thinking store. 

Discover Greek Design by Sophia Enjoy Thinking which is inspired by Ancient Greek Philosophy.  SOPHIA (Σοφία, Greek for “wisdom”) is a Creative and Cultural initiative and a brand which strives to evoke the authentic and the cultural storytelling of Greek craftsman artists and designer, through ethical trade and collaborative processes.

By promoting, selling or simply sharing beautiful ideas or products, we can empower local economies and strengthen communities, starting with our own in Greece. We believe in starting local with the hope that these ideas spread globally. – Sophia Enjoy Thinking

SOPHIA is a brand designed and distributed by Sandra SA, one of the leading Greek companies in the distribution of well known Home Deco European Brands. All items are designed and made in Greece.

Sophia Enjoy Thinking Athens Greece Store View

Sophia Enjoy Thinking, Pindarou 15, Athens, Greece


Sophia’s Motto

Sophia’s motto is Enjoy Thinking. Sharing and Thinking are not something one can see.
It is a dialogue to be experienced and felt. Sharing the traditions, the beauty, the art,  the craftsmanship, the passion, the knowledge, the thoughts and the unexpected.

Sophia Enjoy Thinking Athens Greece 2


The Wisdom

SOPHIA – Enjoy Thinking is a brand that has put ethical trade and collaborative processes above everything else. This brand is an authentic ambassador of the new way of entrepreneurship and trading. Their values are built with respect for the Greek Heritage, Philosophy, Art and with the deepest love for the environment. They are the living proof that business can be ethical and profitable.

Based on Greek history’s concept of beauty, health, endurance, strength, victory, and wisdom, and inspired by all those things that have remained constant, beautiful, authentic and true, “Enjoy thinking” collection is an ever-growing line of handmade home accessories from statuettes and cushions to tableware, t-shirts, and jewelry.

Created exclusively in Greece and Europe, Sophia’s concept collection is the first step of an initiative aiming to generate a cultural alliance and a creative cluster supporting the sustainable development of artists and professionals involved in arts, design, fashion, arts & crafts.

Sophia Enjoy Thinking Athens Greece

We are makers who deliver custom-made products from our studio in Athens on a daily basis. We create hand-crafted home decor items made out of Ceramine, which is a mixture of earthy and marble powders, which imitates the ancient Greek recipe.

Good to know

How about the nature of the material that they use for their Art objects? From what I saw in the store they pay attention to all elements they use.

It is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material. We manually mold all our products into numerous designs and more than 35 colors, according to each clients’ desire. 


Sophia Enjoy Thinking Athens Greece

Anyone who loves exclusive gifts that have a story to tell will definitely love Sophia’s Eternity Today Collection: carefully hand-crafted items stand on a cubic base with a discreet engraving of a philosopher’s epigram.

Sophia also introduces an extensive collection of home interior accessories every season: stylish, timeless and always full of character.

Sophia Enjoy Thinking Athens Greece



Sophia aims to become a space where artists, craftsmen, creative entrepreneurs, designers, manufacturers and other creative partners will be able to meet to collaborate, develop ideas, promote projects or simply exchange services in order to co-create and co-promote goods and services.

Sophia Enjoy Thinking Athens Greece

SOPHIA Initiative aims to connect complementary partners from all business sectors involved in the design and production process, to generate an ingenious ecosystem that will be able to support the creative, manufacturing and promotional phases of our initiative products and services

This is why one of our primary goals is to generate simultaneously a creative community and a business marketplace, providing both a physical and a virtual creative environment but also an appropriate entrepreneurial network.

Sophia Enjoy Thinking Athens Greece Eternal Collection


Discover the new Greek Design 

SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking Live is not just a store with impressive gifts. You can find objects that can uplift you or your friends and create a reason to smile and think deeper.

Here Art and Philosophy are dancing with Design! Invite the wisdom of beauty in everyday details and make your space a garden of bliss.


Sophia Enjoy Thinking Athens Greece


Join their Dialogue Events

It is not just another shop and it is much more than another concept store. It is a breathing space that welcomes everyone to interact, to discover, to do, to think, to dream, to write, to share, to discuss, to create, to get inspired and to feel alive.

The concept is driven by a strong passion to reinvent a new retail structure; a new kind of retail therapy.

Our collections unfold across different themes: the art of thinking, the power of dialogue, the excitement of creating, the world of man and women and the supremacy of architecture.


Upcoming Events

They meet and they make everyone see things differently. See more details about the upcoming event here>>

Sophia Enjoy Thinking Athens Greece Event

Photo credits: Sophia Enjoy Thinking

This is not a sponsored post. We love Philosophy & Art and we support great ideas.

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