+ Jill Binder, speaking at a WordCamp

WordPress Diversity Culture

“WordPress is about democratizing publishing, removing barriers to getting your words on the web. There’s a cool effort underway right now to remove some barriers that people from groups underrepresented in tech might face when becoming a WordCamp speaker. Automattic is supporting this by sponsoring Jill Binder’s work on the WordPress Diverse Speakers Training Group.

I would love to see the WordPress contributor base become more diverse, and training people from marginalized communities to speak at WordCamps is a great way to help that along. Check out that effort if you’d like to get involved.” Matt Mullenweg wrote on 19th June 2019.

Diversifying WordPress

Want to See a More Diverse WordPress Contributor Community? So Do We! More diverse speakers at WordCamps mean a more diverse community contributing to WordPress — and that results in better software for everyone. “- Andrea Middleton

Andrea Middleton wrote on 19th June 2019:

The mission of WordPress is to democratize publishing: to make it possible for anyone — no matter their background, location, or identity — to bring their ideas to life on the internet. This mission inspires thousands of volunteers all over the world to contribute to the WordPress open source project, building and supporting the software that makes this possible.

But as in most technology organizations, the people who work on WordPress aren’t always representative of all the people who use WordPress. The majority of WordPress core developers, conference speakers, and other volunteers are young men. That’s where the WordPress Diverse Speaker Training Working Group comes in.


Breaking Down Barriers

A group of WordPress community organizers and volunteers, led by freelance developer Jill Binder, is working to change this. They’ve developed a workshop that trains women and other people from traditionally underrepresented groups in technology who’d like to present at conferences and WordCamps. These training events are organized by local WordPress meetup groups and are always completely free of charge.

The workshops help attendees address some of the common barriers and fears underrepresented people have around public speaking: “I don’t know what I could speak about.” “I’m not an expert.” “I don’t know how to write a proposal.” “I don’t know how to create a presentation.” “I don’t have any experience speaking in front of groups.”

In 2018, the group supported and advised 55 WordPress communities in 26 different countries. New speakers were trained in 12 different WordPress meetup groups in the US, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, and Venezuela.  

All of the communities that held this workshop experienced a real change in the speaker roster for their annual conferences; many of their WordCamps went from having 10% women speakers to having 50% or more women speakers in less than a year. In 2017, Seattle had 60% women speakers and in 2018, Vancouver had 63%.

Why WordCamps?

Speaking at WordCamps is a consistent path to leadership in the WordPress community, so having more diverse speakers directly supports the goal of more diverse leadership in the WordPress open source project. WordCamps are where many WordPress enthusiasts choose to become professionals. When more people see speakers like them on stage and feel welcome in the community, a more diverse group of people participate in the WordPress project.

When WordPress events are more diverse, the WordPress project gets more diverse — which makes WordPress better for more people.

Watch this inspiring video by Jill Binder:

Help Us Grow This Work

Jill kicked off the Diverse Speaker Training Working Group at the beginning of 2018, and dedicated a year to it training facilitators and supporting organizers as an unpaid volunteer.

This year, Automattic has signed on as a 50% sponsor of Jill Binder’s diverse speaker outreach and training work. Her work is already making a noticeable impact on the WordPress project, and we want to make this training as accessible as possible to WordCamps globally. Like anything worth doing, this is a marathon and not a sprint — it’ll take time to see a more diverse contributor pool — but we’re dedicated to making sure this necessary groundwork happens.

Would you like to help foster diversity across the WordPress project? Automattic invites interested partners to pick up the other 50% of this project’s costs. Get in touch with Jill today!

Jill Binder
Jill Binder

Who is Jill Binder

She is leading the Diverse Speaker Training group in the WordPress.org Community Team with a 50% sponsorship from Automattic. They have a 4-hour workshop that encourages folks from underrepresented groups to speak at WordPress events.

WordCamps typically start at 10% or fewer speakers of underrepresented groups, and within months of running the workshop, most have 50% or more diverse speakers! Find out more about this exceptional fellow WordPress enthusiast at her website jillbinder.com

+ Greek Brand New Designers Exhibition at Athinais Cultural Center

Greek Brand New Designers Exhibition at Athinais Cultural Center

Greek Brand New is the meeting point of Greek design and the tourism industry. This year many new designers are presenting their outstanding ideas to the public. Downtown Athens at Athinais Cultural Center, on 10-12 January 2020, the heart of design beats stronger!

The Greek Brand New is a collective effort of 22 Greek companies, which they joined forces to create this exhibition. Every year they organize a boutique exhibition where visitors can find all the brand new ideas in Greek design.

Visitors (businesses & individuals) can discover the Crème de la Crème of design. This exhibition is perfect for professionals looking for high standard quality, design and aesthetics.

Greek Brand New Designers Exhibition at Athinais Cultural Center

Meet The Designers

3OIAdesign is a creative studio founded in 2017 in Thessaloniki. Their main goal is the design and implementation of everyday objects, souvenirs and accessories characterized by simple lines, inventiveness, playful disposition and references to Greek tradition and culture.

In 2019 the Greek company Aeolis won the RED DOT 2019 international prize and the EBGE 2019 prize. Aeolis designs fine natural skincare products with organic olive oil and plant extracts from the Aegean. Inspirited by the sacred olive tree and the Aegean Sea.

A Future Perfect is a concept brand founded in 2013 by two architects in Athens, Greece. Its products range from homeware, stationery, decorative items as well as personal accessories and jewelry. They use various materials such as concrete, porcelain, brass and techniques to make products inspired by architecture, the city, graphic art but also the Greek summer and traveling.

Decorator Yianna Thodis in collaboration with cartoonist Alexandros Fountouklis created the Aluminati, a collection of photographs and drawings made of aluminum cut in forms inspired mainly by the animal kingdom.

Amaltheaathens, an Athens based accessories brand, designs and produces exclusively in Greece collections of handmade and unique women’s handbags, as well as custom-made creations, combining simplicity with luxury.

Antonis Kastrinakis is an artist, born in Athens in 1958. He studied at the Vakalo School, where he graduated in 1981. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions.

”A Totem Für Elita” is a collection of silk scarves, made so far of 100% Greek Silk, inspired by the Greek and other Ancient cultures placed on today’s ground.

The story of Artpeckers has started at a small workshop in Thessaloniki by Kimon (civil engineer), Elli and Dimitris (architects) in 2015. From the very beginning, their intention was to design and create unique accessories with a certain character; accessories that could deliver and tell a story.

Greek Brand New Designers Exhibition at Athinais Cultural Center

“Birds & lofts” workshop was founded in 2014 by architect Myrsini Maneta and creates objects inspired by architecture, the city and its history. Using several illustrating techniques and involving the element of light, she creates images that aim to excite the viewer’s memories or imagination. “Birds & lofts”’s lightboxes and small artworks are available in art shops in Greece and abroad, including the Benaki Museum shop.

Bonendis is the independent Greek brand that was established by Panos  Mavros and Maria Alexandropoulou in 2014 in Athens, Greece. Bonendis designs and manufactures bags and backpacks for the urban way of living.

Cabeli inspiration is derived from the colorful landscapes and cultural history of Greece. Their creations are collections of beachwear, accessories, bags, practical items etc which are of high quality and unique in design and aesthetics.

Christina Skouloudi is obsessed with all materials, technologies and their processing techniques she is influenced by them. She loves the simplicity, tangibility and warmth of popular traditional Greek utensils and furniture. This is the reason she employs wood, metal and leather. She wants her designs to communicate qualities and memories of the authentic Greek life away from the contemporary hectic way of living.

Christina Morali belongs to a group of contemporary artists who throughout the years have given a new lease of life to Greek Ceramics. She started her professional career in ceramics in 1975. She creates objects and figurative compositions that are inspired by an acute need to express personal experience and feelings. In order to give this expression an autonomous shape and an artistic symbolism, she experiments tirelessly with materials, techniques, forms and meanings.

The publishing project Color Greece – The Color Travel Guides is about creating a new trend in the field of travel guides, offering the option of an alternative way of reading and browsing various parts of Greece.

Greek Brand New Designers Exhibition at Athinais Cultural Center

The Heritage Collection line is enriched with new products such as scarves, pounch bags and more while the successful Cretoons series continues with t-shirts, bags, notebooks, card postal’s as well as magnets and paper coasters.

Dgrids has been trading in the field of bespoke furniture since 2000. They both design and manufacture products which are mainly made of wood as well as other materials too, such as metal, marble and glass, depending on their customers’ needs.

Dimitris Kalergis creates objects that redefine the use of everyday objects, giving them high aesthetics, delicate details and indirect symbolism.

Eleftheria Stamati designs Jewelry since 2014. For her jewelry making is another artistic practice born of her need and desire to explore design. Thoughts become sketches and mock-ups and they are all transformed into small objects that can be worn.

Euthalia Natural Cosmetic Values was founded in 2012 with absolute respect to the rules of nature, with no use of chemical preservatives, armed with the benefits of the rich Greek flora and dedicated to the study of the ancient Greek medicine. Euthalia Cosmetics has become the antidote for the urban dweller, making all skins glow.

Greek Brand New Designers Exhibition at Athinais Cultural Center

GIS DESIGN was established at the beginning of 2014, by Ioannis Samelis, Architect & Industrial Designer. He worked as a Freelancer, having several Project assets.

Gogreek®  is a new idea materializing the inspiring vision to feature and spread the Greek Culture through a contemporary approach with main touchstones History Tradition and Mythology.

Gracious Greece is the result of a collaboration between Polkadot design and Plexiartshop silkscreen. Polkadot design was founded by Nearchos Ntaskas and Clair Georgelli and specializes in the sophisticated field of cultural visual communication. Plexiartshop specializes in handprint screenprinting applications and is a proud official manufacturer and supplier of major museum and cultural institution shops.

We are Kostas & Angeliki or also known as “grizo & prasino”. We live in Thrace & produce true organic herbs & inspired herbal drinks.

GW The Greek Wine Routes is a boutique brand that embraces wine and the culture lying beneath it in a creative and experiential way. It offers authentic wine tourism services in the historic Winelands of Greece as well as innovative gifts and souvenirs featuring one-of-a-kind illustrations inspired by the world of wine.

Modern objects designed by architects wich Have Tact.

Inspired by ancient Greek history and mythology, HOMMER beard care products are made with high-quality natural ingredients that cleanse, moisturize and protect the facial and skin.

The Ιmisi collection began with an idea that originated from a Greek myth. This is how the Ιmisi bracelets were first created, which quickly became fashionable. Each one ηασ a unique phrase and invites us to find out who wears another phrase that fits ours.

Jazzt Design is Antonis Kiourktsis and Antonella Nikolopoulou. They studied architecture at the University of Thessaly (GR) and Contextual Design (MDes) in Design Academy Eindhoven (NL). They co-founded Jazzt Design creative studio (2010) that focuses on exploring, expressing and making new concepts happen in a variety of fields from everyday objects, furniture, jewelry to interior design and architecture.

See all the designers of Greek Brand New

Greek Brand New Designers Exhibition at Athinais Cultural Center
Greek Brand New Designers Exhibition at Athinais Cultural Center

Photo credits: www.mariamavropoulou.com

+ Matt Mullenweg is the Keynote Speaker at WordCamp Asia 2020 #WCAsia

Matt Mullenweg is the Keynote Speaker at WordCamp Asia 2020 #WCAsia

Apart from the awesome list of Speakers at WordCamp Asia 2020, in Bangkok, having Matt Mullenweg as the keynote speaker is the best reason to attend #WCAsia 2020. Don’t you agree?

Matt Mullenweg is the co-founder of the open-source blogging platform, WordPress, the most popular publishing platform on the web, and the founder & CEO of Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and Tumblr. Additionally, Matt runs Audrey Capital, an investment and research company.

He has been recognized for his leadership and success by Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Inc Magazine, TechCrunch, Fortune, Fast Company, Wired, University Philosophical Society, and Vanity Fair.

Matt is originally from Houston, Texas, where he attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and studied jazz saxophone. In his spare time, Matt is an avid photographer. Matt splits time between Houston, New York, and San Francisco.

Matt Mullenweg is the Keynote Speaker at WordCamp Asia 2020 #WCAsia

Follow Matt Mullenweg’s posts on his own blog: Matt Mullenweg – Unlucky in Cards.

What is a Keynote Speaker?

The Keynote Speaker is the star of a conference and the person who sets the mood of the event. The speaker should be able to feel & comprehend the essence of the event from all corners.

Also, he/she should be able to highlight the most significant elements of the event and make clear the mission or goals or the reasons why this event is the best place to be for the audience.

In other words, the Keynote Speaker is introducing to the audience what they should expect from the conference/event. Usually, the Keynote Speaker has to do a lot of research about the related industry, brand, and audience.

It’s common sense, that when the Keynote Speaker is the Founder or/and the CEO of a Company, then by default he/she is the right person to initiate a Conference.

About WordCamp Asia 2020 Tickets

On another note, WordCamp Asia 2020 tickets are sold out thanks to the incredible support of the WordPress community! If you are still looking for tickets or have already purchased one but unable to attend, read about how you can transfer your ticket to others.

Find more about WordCamp Asia 2020 Conference here.

+ Business Blogging Networking Event in Athens by Areti Vassou

Business Blogging & Networking Premium Event in Athens

We are delighted to announce that our last Business Blogging & Networking Event in Athens -powered by Ideadeco – took place in November 2019. Top tier professionals gathered and shared their experience in Business Blogging & Networking.

In this event, creative minds from different industries meet and analyze the best practices of Business Blogging & Networking.

The event was hosted at Zoia House The Hill.

Zoia House (The Hill) at Athens Lycabettus Hill is a typical Athenian apartment complex known as “polykatoikia” with a strong architectural character. Situated on the corner of two streets the building is exposed on three sides to sunlight and views. Its location on the ring road of Lycabettus Hill allows a unique feeling of being in nature and in the middle of the city at the same time.

The Lycabettus area itself is safe and quiet. This rare combination of urban life and tranquility makes The Hill is a unique and convenient place for both business and leisure trips. At The Hill, they provide a relaxing and at the same time stimulating the environment which makes your stay in Athens an unforgettable experience.

Zoia House The Hill, is located in a beautiful and exclusive neighborhood in downtown Athens, at the foot of Lycabettus Hill. Address: Sarantapichou and Kosma Melodou 30 St., Lycabettus.

The original character of the building has been preserved but fully upgraded and reconfigured to allow for a modern way of living. Through a process of removing the partitioning is minimal or movable allowing for flexible spaces and openness. The communal rooftop, a once unused abandoned space, has become the ‘public space’ of the building, connecting inside and outside living.

Business Blogging Networking Event in Athens by Areti Vassou

Business Blogging & Networking

In a couple of days, more information & photos will be added. Thank you for your patience.

Areti Vassou

+ The Tyranny of Social Media Digital Chatter

The Tyranny of Social Media Digital Chatter

Yes, it’s a fact that we live in a social media world. But why should it be full of rambling digital noise?

Let’s say that you are heading to work and out of a sudden you see an acquaintance whom you really like. And you start sharing your latest news after the casual greetings. It’s really so satisfying to communicate with this sweet and warm person.

But as you are trying to explain that you have to leave because you are going to your office, he/she keeps chatting about everything with an attitude that every-single-word-is-the-most-important-word-in-the-world. You are thinking that his/her excitement to see you is so big that can’t put a full stop.

But the torture of unstoppable chatting keeps rolling for half an hour… one hour … two hours… and so on to the infinity. Finally, you find a way to run away and continue with your day. And then your telephone rings… it’s him/her trying to tell you the rest of the story. You switch off your telephone but the postman is fetching a special super urgent delivery for you. You open the letter and it’s him/her again continuing with his/her story.

It sounds like a nightmare but it’s our daily exposure to the tyranny of social media digital chatter. There are so many people & brands out there that they don’t know that continuous social media posting equals digital chatter and negative noise. In other words, they just don’t know when to close their digital mouths.

The Tyranny of Social Media Digital Chatter

Social Media Tiring Chatter

Social media is all about communication. Period. Nobody wants to sit across from you and wonder if there is an end to the stream of words pouring from your mouth. Remember this next time you are going to post 10 (the same ones) posts on Facebook within a day. And then repeat the circle of posting on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc day after day, month after month.

It’s not a healthy digital communication tactic if your narcissist urge to continuously post your thoughts is driving your social media behavior.

In the end, everyone will consider you as the stupid egocentric fellow of the village. Sorry, but that’s the harsh truth. It’s killing your good name and brand’s reputation when you are drowning your followers and friends in your digital words and posts.

STOP doing this. Please! Respect the value of politeness.

The Tyranny of Social Media Digital Chatter
The Tyranny of Social Media Digital Chatter

With all the Respect, Just Shut up

Each time I see people/brands posting on their Facebook personal account, Facebook pages, groups and all their social media accounts the same post my mind explodes of boredom.

In situations like this, one question pops up into my head. Why they are doing this? Don’t they know that talking about yourself too much is often a sign of a needy personality that seeks for attention? Who on earth will trust a person or a brand when they are stigmatized as narcissist monsters?

The Tyranny of Social Media Digital Chatter
The Tyranny of Social Media Digital Chatter

The Truth About Over Sharing

Despite the fact that we all are connected to the internet web, I remind myself that as a society although we are using Social Media for more than 20 years, still people are not familiar with the true sense of digital connectivity.

During one of my Workshops, a 40 something student asked me why people don’t react to her social media posts. She also stressed out that she keeps sharing 3 times per day (on all her social media accounts !!!) just to make sure that everyone gets her news.

Let’s do the maths. 6 social media accounts multiple by 3 posts per day and 1 daily Newsletter. Now add sharing to 12 Facebook groups. Her friends and followers were receiving 31 notifications from her EVERY SINGLE DAY. If they need 1 minute to read each post, then they had 31 minutes to suffer her repetitious rambling chatter. That’s torture for their eyes. Not to mention the notifications into their inbox.

Talking too much is a bad habit. Let me rephrase this. Posting too much is a bad habit. It’s killing your value. It’s not working on your benefit. That’s the reason why people avoid you and your posts.

She burst into tears. And I stood like a fool trying to comfort her distress. In the end, she said something that changed the way I see digital reality. “If I don’t post so many times then how will they know that I exist? How will they notice my work?”

The answer is Quality & Strategy.

The Tyranny of Social Media Digital Chatter

Quality & Strategy

You should post less content but based on strategy and towards a specific goal. See this example:

Topic of the week: Social Media Over Sharing

  • Sunday: Create a new blog post and share it on your Facebook business page. And on your Pinterest account. Also, share on your 1-2 Facebook groups.
  • Monday: Share it on your Twitter account with a different text/caption and a new photo. Also, share on your 1-2 Facebook groups.
  • Tuesday: Share it on your LinkedIn account with a different text/caption and a new photo. Also share it on your personal Facebook account. Also, share on your 1-2 Facebook groups.
  • Wednesday: Share it on your Instagram account with a different text/caption and a new photo. Also, share on your 1-2 Facebook groups.
  • Thursday: Share it through your Newsletter with a different text/caption and new photos. Also, share on your 1-2 Facebook groups.
  • Friday: Share a post from other accounts related to your original post, on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, share on your 1-2 Facebook groups.
  • Saturday: Post a positive message everywhere but not the same on all the social media channels. Also, share on your 1-2 Facebook groups.
  • Sunday: repeat the circle.
  • Note: You can post on Instagram daily but try to keep it authentic and interesting.

This schedule is perfect for someone creating only 1-2 new pieces of content per week. If you are creating more than 3 pieces then you will need a tailor-made content marketing strategy plan to spread your posts. Contact me for 1-hour free consultation service:


Invest in Communication

Would you enjoy listening to the stories of a person about every minute of their life? Then why should your followers & friends follow you down in every rabbit hole of your thoughts?

Be extremely selective about what you are sharing and publishing. Respect the time of the people around you. Monopolizing the conversation won’t make you a powerful magnet for new friends and followers.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter if I like you or if you are a wonderful person with a great line of accomplishments. I would prefer to chew off my own hand than having to read your 10 daily social media posts showing your portrait with your new clothes while eating in a restaurant, talking about the power of positivity and communication.

Your digital noise and extravagant digital narcissism make it impossible to follow you and your posts. The tyranny of social media digital chatter is the most toxic side effect of the digital world.

The good news is that we can press the “UNFOLLOW” or “UNFRIEND” button without any guilt. I will leave you to your rambling noise in front of your digital mirror of self-worship.

Believe me that I do have better things to do and read!

Areti Vassou 2019
Areti Vassou

+ Business Blogging Workshop in New York by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

Business Blogging Workshop in New York

Dream big and dare bigger! Our Business Blogging Workshop is the living proof that everything is doable when people are determined to work towards a certain goal.

Two years ago the Masterclass Business Blogging Workshops series were just an idea and a future project. Today, we are finishing one more of our premium & private workshops in New York. That’s the best way to close the year 2019!

Friday 27 December 2019, New York at 06:00: The second day of our Workshop is starting in 2 hours and today I had to wake up at 05:00 o’clock just to walk the streets and enjoy New York City. It’s so cold but it worths all the trouble!

Later today all participants will practice what they learned yesterday. A well-educated group of 12 freelance business bloggers from all over the world trusted us for elevating their content creation and marketing strategy skills.

This Business Blogging Masterclass Workshop in New York was an amazing experience. The questions were to the point and helped us to enrich the workshop syllabus.

Masterclass in Business Creative Blogging series of workshops are sold out in New York, Paris, London, Madrid, Vienna, Berlin and Amsterdam for 2020. You can still find available seats for our upcoming Blogging Workshop in Athens (February 2020).

Contact us for more details via the following form:


Business Blogging Workshops

Our Business Blogging Workshops are designed to satisfy the most demanding professional bloggers in the world. After you apply to contact our team, you will receive a questionary and a 1:1 interview will follow.

In our workshops are accepted high-end bloggers with an authentic voice and only if they cover certain requirements. At the moment newbie bloggers are not accepted.


Apply to attend one of our Business Blogging Workshops only if you :

  • Own a blog for at least 1 year
  • Publish new content at least 3 times/month
  • You understand what SEO means
  • You are familiar with the term Content Marketing Strategy
  • You have goals and want to earn your living through blogging services
  • You are pretty strong in writing and creating content
  • You spend at least 15 hours/week on your blog
  • Own branded social media channels
  • You have an active LinkedIn account
  • You have an active Facebook business page
  • You have an active Instagram business account
  • You have an active Pinterest business account
  • You really want to get better in the blogging arena!


Who is Areti Vassou & Ideadeco

She is the Digital Strategy Director in the company IDEADECO. Make Ideas Happen @ Social Media Strategy, Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Web Design, Email & Content Marketing.   www.ideadeco.co

At IDEADECO, we believe there is a better way to practice digital marketing. We prefer to focus on ethics, passion and the vision of each case. We like ideas that make this world a better place for us and for the next generations. Profit is only one of the factors that define which accounts we choose to work with.

Feel free to learn more about us in this article: IDEADECO STORY.

Areti Vassou 2019

A big thank you note

Back in 2014, our Newsletter mailing list had only 100 subscribers. Today more than 20.000 people are receiving our news into their inbox. Thank you with all my heart for your support and for sharing our words, all over the planet. 

 You have been my inspiration and motivation!

+ Christmas season

Christmas Season

Make your own definition of what Merry means for Christmas. My season’s greetings are a bit out of the Christmassy heat of the days. 

Do whatever makes you happy, celebrate for your own reasons and play the music that makes you dance. Burn the rules of what festivity should look like! 

Looking back at the exciting year (and decade) behind, we realize that we wouldn’t be where we are today without the power to say every morning “Let’s do this!”.

All the good and the bad days are part of the journey. But don’t forget the gray days, the ones that actually passed by and we somehow lost track of time. It’s those days that daydreaming took the best of ourselves.

Celebrate kindness and joy!

Here’s to a new year (and decade) that we hope will have at least twice as daydreaming time! Because all the significant things happen when we are failing to control our fear of the unknown. 

Wishing you to find the road for inner peace. That’s the actual success in life and the best reason to be merry & bright. 

Try more new things just for your own pleasure. Smile for being alive. And remind yourself that fear is the only boundary you must break.

Life is too short to let fear rule it. Do your best and feel proud of your achievements!


Areti Vassou

Christmas Season

Thank you note

Back in 2014, our Newsletter mailing list had only 100 subscribers. Today more than 20.000 people are receiving our news into their inbox. Thank you with all my heart for your support and for sharing our words, all over the planet. 

 You have been my inspiration and motivation!

+ Use LinkedIn to Promote your Blog

Use LinkedIn to Promote your Blog

Learn how you can use LinkedIn to promote your blog and your personal brand. See why it’s the ultimate social media content booster!

Every time I present this topic in a public speech, one question comes first: What can LinkedIn do for me?

LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps. Founded on December 28, 2002, and launched on May 5, 2003, it is mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs.

It has more than 500 million+ members. Inside Linkedin, you can manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.

As of 2015, most of the company’s revenue came from selling access to information about its members to recruiters and sales professionals. Since December 2016 it has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft. As of June 2019, LinkedIn had 630 million registered members in 200 countries.

Use LinkedIn to Promote your Blog

What can LinkedIn do for you?

Usually, most people believe that just having a LinkedIn account is enough. As if a name or a photo can work magic for any user. LinkedIn is much more than just a social media channel.

It’s the most powerful tool for business growth and professional networking. Also, LinkedIn can boost our blog posts for free if you know how to use it. Let’s see the most important actions we can apply for our business development:


With all the above users can drive traffic to their blog or website.

Use LinkedIn to Promote your Blog

Build a Strong LinkedIn Account

Obviously a complete LinkedIn account is the number one step. Update all the information regarding your name, job title, experience, introduction in about section, add a clear profile picture and a cover photo, add your contact information, adjust the URL to your name, add all the relevant skills and use all the given elements through the add new section button.

Essential Steps for a Strong LinkedIn Account
Use LinkedIn to Promote your Blog by Areti Vassou

To make a long story short, these are the most essential steps to make use of LinkedIn tools for personal & business branding.

Use LinkedIn to Promote your Blog by Areti Vassou
Use LinkedIn to Promote your Blog by Areti Vassou

Social Sharing Power

When our LinkedIn account is well-formed and active it’s easier to share our latest posts and articles in front of the eyes of our network. It’s a very effective social media sharing tool. In most cases sharing 2-3 times per week can bring excellent traffic back to our website or blog.

Having said that, it is common sense that a LinkedIn sharing button into our website/blog it’s more than essential, in order to make it convenient for our visitors to share our content.

Prefer to share during working days and hours and avoid weekends. LinkedIn is a platform with a professional mindset and etiquette.

Use LinkedIn to Promote your Blog
Use LinkedIn to Promote your Blog

Professional Networking Magnet

Be extremely selective with the accounts that you are sending/accepting invitations to connect. For example, if you are a freelance copywriter it won’t bring you any new business contracts if your network has only fellow copywriters. You must seek to connect with Companies that it’s possible to have an opening for a new copywriter.

So keep your friends and family out of this formal social media channel and of course forget all the personal photos that could destroy your reputation among future or current employers. It may sound old fashioned tactic but career development can thrive within LinkedIn networking only under certain guidelines.

Every single post we share, every comment we make and every new article we publish can be a break you or make you step!

Having our CV history and files isn’t enough when our goal is to stand out in a crowd. For professional bloggers and content creators, sharing top-quality content is the strongest proof of our work ethics, skills & identity.

Remember that every time we add a new project, achievements, seminars, workshops, public speaking appearances, articles, experience or just a new post all our network is been notified for our latest activity. Using this immediate spread of word to our benefit, each piece of content can reach thousands of new readers and potential clients. Amazing, right?

Use LinkedIn to Promote your Blog

Create your LinkedIn Company Page & Group

Dare to do the next step of authority establishment by creating your own LinkedIn Company Page and Group. You can invite your connections to follow your company page and join your branded group.

Why? Think of them as two extra doors to your website or blog. Sharing your posts there is the best way to create a wave of mature traffic into your digital assets. And more traffic equals more business leads. Don’t you agree?

And when you start writing articles into Pulse then your LinkedIn Page & Group are the perfect places to present your voice!

Pulse is LinkedIn’s publishing platform and the best place to establish your voice in your professional field. Get all the tips, tricks, and analytics you need to publish impactful content and reach a wider audience in this guide.

The stronger you get into this the better results you will see in your blog/website traffic. Why? Because every article can be the stepping stone to your blog’s posts though active links and integrations. Clever, right? And free!

LinkedIn Presentation at WordPress Athens Meetup

Presentation at WordPress Athens Meetup

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present this topic in a public speech at Athens WordPress Meetup. You can enjoy the presentation here:

LinkedIn Helps Blogs (video)

+ My Top Nine Instagram Photos for 2019

My Top Nine Instagram Photos for 2019

We have reached nearly the end of the year, as we are only two weeks away from New Year’s Eve. And all Instagramers are sharing their Top Nine moments of 2019.

My Top Nine Instagram Photo Grid for 2019 is published and ready to meet yours!

Being a heave Instagram user myself, it wouldn’t feel right not to share my Top Nine Instagram moments, too. So here they are:

My Top Nine Instagram Photos 2019 - Areti Vassou
My Top Nine Instagram Photos 2019 – Areti Vassou

And all of them happens to be my top nine favorite ones!

Go to topnine.co

The good news is that this year – only for those who use iOS – that you can choose to share your Top Nine as an image, video, Instagram Story, and more.

The brilliant minds and developers behind Top Nine say they have “focused on video and story templates” this year, with videos and Stories-sharing only available in the mobile app. For the time being, video templates are only available on iOS.

This is how you can find your Top Nine Instagram moments. Visit topnine.co, and just download the usual Top Nine grid. Just add your Instagram username and email and wait for one minute tops.

And here it is, your bright new Top Nine grid as a 1080×1920-pixel image, including the grid itself and the number of likes received by your account in 2019. Pretty easy, right? If you feel like sharing then hit share now and let the world know your Top Nine.

The Developers behind Top Nine

The Founder of Top Nine App is Kevin Natanzon

He is also the Founder of @BetaLabs, a company building apps used by millions. You can read his articles about Technology, Marketing and Design at BetaLabs.studio

Over the past 4 years at Beta Labs, they have built many internet products. Throughout their journey, they always shared their progress and key learnings, with the main goal of helping other marketers, engineers, designers and founders.

The main differences between Top Nine

and other available apps

There are many apps out there claiming to be Top Nine, and many others that enable you to generate a grid with your best nine Instagram photos of this year. This is how it differentiates from others:

Private accounts

Creating your Top Nine doesn’t require your password if your account is public. Many news outlets mentioning other apps suggested making your account public to generate your Top Nine. This will automatically accept everyone who requested to follow you. You’ll probably regret this later.

This is the only app enabling private users to create the Top Nine grid, using the official Instagram API (we never store or have access to your Instagram password).

Beta labs Studio
Beta labs Studio

App building company

They started as an app-building company, acquiring users mainly through publishers and influencers. Their apps always went viral and are used by millions of users. You can read more about this stage here: How we succeeded on the App Store and acquired 4,000,000 users.

Top Nine got them into the eCommerce industry

They partnered with printing companies to enable users to print their Instagram posts on t-shirts, canvases, iPhone cases, and many other products.

To showcase the products attractively with the selected image on it, they developed a 3D rendering feature. This technology is now the foundation of their AR tools and technology.

The app went viral and got over 1.2 million users in the first month. You can read more about how they did it here: Top Nine is going viral!

+ WordCamp Asia 2020 Wapuu Tuk Tuk #WCAsia

WordCamp Asia 2020 Wapuu #WCAsia

The new WordCamp Asia 2020 Wapuu is on air! The Call for Wapuu  received 16 Wapuu design submissions by 12 designers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Japan, and Thailand. The organizers voted for the design that best represents the vision of WordCamp Asia 2020. The new Wapuu will be WordCamp Asia 2020 mascot.

So here it is… the new WordCamp Asia 2020 mascot, Tuk-tuk Wapuu!

WordCamp Asia 2020 Wapuu Tuk Tuk #WCAsia

Tuk Tuk Wapuu

The designer of Tuk Tuk Wapuu of WordCamp Asia 2020 is Chiaki Kouno. She is a Japanese designer who is currently living in Hong Kong. Below is the concept of the Wapuu that she sent with her submission.

Name: Tuk-tuk Wapuu
Concept: Let’s take Tuk-tuk and get together in Bangkok, Asia! Multiple Wapuu representing knowledge sharing, social activities, liveliness are riding Tuk-tuk on the street of the bustling Asian city, Bangkok. The Tuk-tuk is colored with red, a key color of WCAsia to let the blue color of the sphere with the WordPress logo stand out at the same time. I tried to express the image of leap, speed, lightness, and fun.

About Chiaki Kouno

Chiaki Kouno
Chiaki Kouno

Chiaki Kouno: I’m a Japanese website developer and a marketer. I’ve been living in Hong Kong since 2008. I support companies through developing and promoting their websites (mainly with WordPress) that target Hong Kong and Japan markets.

I am an active participant in WordCamps since 2017 and have participated 10 times in 6 countries, mainly in Asia. I was one of the organizers of WordCamp Ogijima 2018 and WordCamp Hong Kong 2019. I also participated in WordCamp Tokyo in 2019 as one of the speakers.

Chiaki’s Twitter: chiaki_kouno
She will be attending WordCamp Asia 2020, so please feel free to talk to her.

WordCamp Asia 2020 Wapuu Tuk Tuk #WCAsia

Interview with Chiaki

The organing team interviewed her about the Tuktuk Wapuu!

— What was the inspiration behind this Wapuu?

Chiaki: I wanted to express my personal impressions of Thailand and Asia with Tuk-Tuk. I’ve been to Bangkok twice. I’ve only ridden Tuk-Tuk once. I also took a boat on the Chao Phraya River, but the Tuk-Tuk experience was unique and more impressive. So I decided to try Tuk-Tuk this time. 

 Please tell us more about the design process!

Chiaki: At first, I drew Tuk-Tuk from the front, but it wasn’t interesting, so I changed it to a slightly lower angle. I searched for many pictures of Tuk-Tuk and looked at illustrations and pictures of cars and motorcycles. To create a sense of chaos, I increased the number of Wapuus to three. When I searched up until now, there was no one with 3 Wapuus, so I thought it was a new attempt. As I was drawing a Wapuu on the roof, I thought that the Wapuu had a belly, but I realized that it was slim just by holding a round ball. TukTuk distorts it to give it the feeling of speeding and flaps its ears in the wind to give it a vibrant feel.

— Did you face any challenges or difficulties when designing this Wapuu?

Chiaki: I finished this right before WordCamp Hong Kong, so it was hard.

— Is there anything you would like to share with WordCamp Asia participants?

Chiaki: The three Wapuus also represent diversity. They come from various cities and enjoy the gathering in Bangkok. Let’s enjoy WordCamp, like these Wapuus.

Meet the other Submissions

Below are the rest of the submissions that were sent to WordCamp Asia 2020 Call for Wapuu Designers. All designers have created and submitted great ideas for Wapuu designs!

WordCamp Asia 2020 Wapuu Submissions #WCASIA2020
WordCamp Asia 2020 Wapuu Submissions #WCASIA2020
Join WordCamp Asia 2020 #WCAsia
Join WordCamp Asia 2020 #WCAsia
+ Blue Pantone Color of the Year 2020

Blue Pantone Color of the Year 2020

The new Pantone color of the year 2020 is Classic Blue, 19-4052. For over 20 years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced design, product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home furnishings, and industrial design, as well as product packaging and graphic design.

The Pantone Color of the Year selection process requires thoughtful consideration and trend analysis. To arrive at the selection each year, Pantone’s color experts at the Pantone Color Institute comb the world looking for new color influences.

This can include the entertainment industry and films in production, traveling art collections and new artists, fashion, all areas of design, popular travel destinations, as well as new lifestyles, playstyles, and socio-economic conditions.

Influences may also stem from new technologies, materials, textures, and effects that impact color, relevant social media platforms and even upcoming sporting events that capture worldwide attention. (Source www.pantone.com)

Discover all shades of blue in Santorini
Discover all shades of blue in Santorini

The History of Color Blue

Scientists generally agree that humans began to see blue as a color when they started making blue pigments. … About 6,000 years ago, humans began to develop blue colorants. Lapis, a semiprecious stone mined in Afghanistan, became highly prized among the Egyptians. They adored the bright blue color of this mineral.

The color blue is associated with two of Earth’s greatest natural features: the sky and the ocean. But that wasn’t always the case.

Some scientists believe that the earliest humans were actually colorblind and could only recognize black, white, red, and only later yellow and green. As a result, early humans with no concept of the color blue simply had no words to describe it. This is even reflected in ancient literature, such as Homer’s Odyssey, which describes the ocean as a “wine-red sea.”

Blue was first produced by the ancient Egyptians who figured out how to create a permanent pigment that they used for decorative arts. The color blue continued to evolve for the next 6,000 years, and certain pigments were even used by the world’s master artists to create some of the most famous works of art. Today it continues to evolve, with the latest shade discovered less than a decade ago. Read on to learn more about the color’s fascinating history. (Source: www.mymodernmet.com)

Blue is everywhere
Blue is everywhere

The Pantone Color Institute

The Pantone Color Institute is the business unit within Pantone that highlights the top seasonal runway colors, selects the Pantone Color of the Year, forecasts global color trends, and advises companies on color for product and brand visual identity.

Through seasonal trend forecasts, color psychology, and color consulting, the Pantone Color Institute partners with global brands to effectively leverage the power, psychology, and emotion of color in their design strategy.

Pantone color of the year 2020, Classic Blue 19-4052: Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era. (Source www.pantone.com)

Past Pantone Colors of the Year

+ Hello December

Hello December

Today a new month starts and for many of us is the final countdown to Christmas Celebrations, family dinners, and gatherings with dear friends. At the end of the year, we are entering into a new decade. What a unique milestone!

What I have learned so far is that life is unpredictable beyond imagination. If you want to have peace of mind you must teach yourself how to laugh when everything goes wrong and how to have fun when everything goes great. Joy is something that needs constant practice!

Learn to count your blessings and let yourself feel thankful and grateful, every single day of your life.

Welcome December

December Magic

December is the last month of the year but the only one with such a great significance for a bunch of reasons. First of all, it has the most important celebrations for more than 70% of the entire population on earth. It’s the only month where people appreciate the value of family bonding. Also, it’s the period where all the big decisions are knocking on our door.

This month is the stepping stone of self-awareness where we are facing the results of the choices we made all the previous months. And only in December, we think of time as something really precious and priceless!

It is good to remember that life does not give us extra time. Life has no rehearsals. Life is now. Here & Now.

We all have the same amount of hours, to be precise, we all have 24 hours per day. It is our responsibility to do the best we can, every day, with every breath, with every action, with every decision, with every gesture and every choice we make.

Make your life journey worthwhile. Listen to your heart and be real. Because at the end of the day it’s always you and yourself facing the consequences of your own choices.

After all, meaningful success is measured by the smiles you created in the lives you touched. Choose kindness, be a happiness ambassador and a joy bringer. Life needs more dreamers, poets, believers and pioneers than businessmen.

Stay wild and true to your heart. December is here to remind us that we are never too old for fairytales. Believe in the magic of love.

Welcome, December!

Areti Vassou


Areti Vassou
Areti Vassou

The most wonderful time of the year

December may be the last month* of the year but it is my favorite month. At the heart of winter, it is full of celebrations and family gatherings, storytelling moments next to fire and bonding time between people. In other words, we just love December!

Did you know?

December got its name from the Latin word Decem (meaning ten) because it was originally the tenth month of the year in the Roman calendar, which began in March.

The winter days following December were not included as part of any month. Later, the months of January and February were created out of the monthless period and added to the beginning of the calendar, but December retained its name.

*December is the twelfth and last month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars. It is the seventh and last month to have the length of 31 days.

Are you ready for Christmas?
+ Discover Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel in Bangkok

Discover Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel in Bangkok

The Royal Orchid Sheraton is an affordable 5-star hotel, located directly across the river from the main venue. Overlooking the magnificent river view, Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers is also located near Bangkok’s business district and within easy reach of many of the city’s entertainment and attractions.

Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel is the WordCamp Asia Official Hotel. And you can book your room for a special price: Deluxe, Guest room, River view @ THB 3900/Night

Deluxe, Guest room, River view @ THB 3900/Night
Deluxe, Guest room, River view @ THB 3900/Night

Good to Know

The organizing team of WordCamp Asia 2020 has done everything in their power to make it easier for attendees to find the best possible accommodation in Bangkok. Keep in mind the following:

  • Book your room by December 1, 2019, to receive this special discount.
  • Only valid for bookings made using the link provided below.
  • Rate includes daily buffet breakfast and internet access.
  • No reservation cancellation allowed otherwise a full Stay charge will apply to the guest’s credit card.
  • Maximum 2 guests per room including children. The rate specified above for single guest occupancy. Additional guests subject to extra charges.
  • The rate includes all taxes.

Sheraton hotel is located around 10 minutes boat ride from True Icon Siam Hall where the main conference will take place.

To find more about other nearby accommodations, refer to WordCamp Asia’s map guide. Are you ready to book your room? Then go to their website here: Book Sheraton Hotel & Towers.

Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel
Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel

About Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel

Discover Thailand’s iconic capital city from the refined comforts of Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Situated riverside on the enchanting Chao Phraya River, our 5-star hotel is truly distinctive.

Begin your stay in one of our compelling guest rooms and suites, all of which showcase sweeping, unobstructed Bangkok river views, plush bedding and sparkling marble bathrooms.

After a refreshing night’s sleep, dine at one of our several on-site restaurants and bars. Two resort-style swimming pools beckon you to unwind al fresco with a cocktail in hand or spend your time relaxing with a signature Thai massage at The Spa.

The hotel amenities include lush meditation gardens, tennis courts and a complimentary shuttle boat to the Bangkok sky train and ICONSIAM shopping mall.

Elevate your riverside hotel stay by upgrading to the Club Floor to receive exclusive access to the Club Lounge, an inviting destination for socializing and relaxing. Club Lounge Dress Code: Smart Casual dress standards apply at all times.