+ Google and WordPress Create Newspack

Google and WordPress Create Newspack

The Google News Initiative is now partnering with WordPress to invest $1.2 million in creating a super fast, highly secure, low-cost publishing system tailor-made to the needs of small newsrooms called Newspack.

The Official Announcement

by WordPress

Over the past 15 years, WordPress has grown to become the world’s most popular publishing platform for the open web — and it’s especially true for news organizations.

Through WordPress.com and its enterprise service WordPress.com VIP, they host sites for some of the most trusted names in journalism — from Time.com and CNN to FiveThirtyEight and Quartz, as well as individual sites for reporters and bloggers all around the globe.

Today WordPress is excited to announce funding for a new platform,  Newspack by WordPress.com, aimed at small- and medium-sized news organizations.

Google, through the Google News Initiative, is taking the lead in backing the project and has committed $1.2 million. Other funders include The Lenfest Institute for Journalism, which is contributing $400,000; ConsenSys, the venture studio backing Civil Media, which is contributing $350,000; and The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which is contributing $250,000. An additional $200,000 from a fifth source is expected to be contributed toward the project later this month.

News organizations interested in being part of the pilot launch can go to newspack.blogto learn more.

With many local news organizations struggling to find sustainable models for journalism, WordPress see the need for an inexpensive platform that provides the technology and support that lets news organizations build their businesses and focus on what they do best — providing critical reporting for their communities.

WordPress hopes that with Newspack will give them a platform where they can continue to focus on what they do best, while WordPress focus on providing world-class technology and support across their editorial and business operations.

In addition to WordPress.com parent Automattic, partners in the project include Spirited Media, which operates local digital news sites in Denver, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, and News Revenue Hub, a spinoff of Voice of San Diego, which provides revenue solutions for digital publishers.

For more information, and to sign up for email updates, go to Newspack.blog.

WordPress is teaming up with Google, Lenfest, Civil funder ConsenSys, and Knight to develop this next-generation publishing platform: Newspack. We are witnessing a significant historical event for the evolution of journalism.

Source: WordPress.com

Google and WordPress Create Newspack


Automattic Inc, the parent company of WordPress.com, is joining with other news industry leaders to develop an advanced open-source publishing and revenue-generating platform for news organizations. The effort is designed to address some of the persistent obstacles to creating economically sustainable models for journalism, particularly at the local level.

WordPress is inviting small and medium-sized digital news organizations — whether local, single topic, or general interest — to apply to become charter participants in the development of the platform, which will launch in beta form near the end of July 2019.

You can read more about the project, which is named Newspack by WordPress.com, here.

+ How to Clean Up your Website Areti Vassou Ideadeco

How to Clean Up your Website

Every once and a while it is most recommended to do some website housekeeping and maintenance clean up if we want to keep our website healthy, cleaned and in shape.

Usually, this process takes quite some time and effort (if you do it yourself) but the benefits worth your attention. Start the clean up from inside out and keep track of any changes in a journal so you won’t repeat the same steps over and over again.

Websites grow and change over time, right? So does the algorithms, the technical requirements, the SEO principles, many safety guidelines and UX design standards. Not to mention that even the content itself may need some refreshment and clean up from broken links or obsolete information.

I Keep detailed notes all year long for any small or big changes I have to apply to my websites. When I come across to issues that it’s not possible to solve at that point, this maintenance journal is a time saver. For me, the first 10 days of January are free of any professional obligations so it is a perfect period to clean the mess.

How to Clean Up your Website

Why we Clean Up Websites

When we start a new website, we create new content, we add files and plugins but still is lightweight and has a high speed of response. Gradually, the content and extra material we add, it makes it slower and heavier. In other words, as websites grow in size we must do our very best to keep them tidy and light. That’s why we clean them up!

We can start with the basic stages of cleaning:

  • Remove unnecessary data
  • Optimize images and files
  • Remove dead plugins
  • Fix broken links
  • Check that everything is updated
  • Fix or remove extremely old & obsolete content
  • Review your content

We clean and tidy up websites in order to improve websites for users, readers and creators. Websites are alive and open to changes. It is a process of maturity. 

Never forget that a clean website is lighter, faster, SEO friendlier and people trust it more!

How to Clean Up your Website Areti Vassou Ideadeco

Backend Clean Up

Look at your WordPress backend and examine each plugin carefully. Have you activated it? Are you satisfy with its functionality? Do you prefer another plugin? If your answers were all “Yes” then you should better remove these plugins or old versions of your past WordPress Themes. Why keep these old “clothes” if you don’t use them anymore?

Now, check if the theme is updated properly. See if there are any pending updates for the plugins and any other element that you have added in the past. And, of course, make sure that you are running in the latest WordPress version. Hey… before you start updating everything, keep backups for any case…

In case you may find this process too stressful then find yourself a professional WordPress Expert and let them take care of all the technical updates while you do all the rest.

Remove unnecessary data

Old post revisions or too old drafts (more than 2 years) or even files & images that have never been used, should be removed and deleted permanently from your storage room. When we keep extra data they end up to occupy a huge amount of storage and make our website heavy to respond. Same goes with spam comments and content. Just delete them all.

Check if you have too many HTTP requests and fix this issue as soon as possible. Speed matters more than you can imagine. Mobile technology has changed the game of interaction with your visitors. Who wants to wait forever for a post to download?

Speed isn’t only SEO friendly requirement but is one of the essential factors to provide a satisfactory UX & UI to your visitors, readers, followers. It keeps the attention in high levels!
Speed is hidden in the details!

Images and all kinds of visuals should be aligned and must have the right alt text & description according to all SEO guides.  Visuals are also keyword sensitive as much as everything else inside your website or blog. You see, search machines are blind and they can “see” how relevant a picture is only if we have described it as carefully as possible. We tell the machines what to look for and how relevant our images are.

Make it a habit to optimize (resize extremely large images) all media files according to the latest requirements. And apply all the necessary changes after any major algorithm updates. Isn’t it better to spend an extra half an hour every day than a 2-3 weeks effort at the end of the year?

Try to avoid native videos inside your website. They take so much space and downside the speed. Prefer to create your own branded YouTube or Vimeo video channel and use the embed option.

Remember to check for any broken links in your past videos. Or if the given information in the videos is obsolete, would be perfect if you could create new & updated videos for the people who actually trust your expertise in your field. Digital technology changes rapidly and we all must do our best to catch up!

How to Clean Up your Website by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

Review your Content

Everyone has a piece in their closet that although is old and unuseful they can’t throw it away. I am like that, too!

Last month, I was looking for resources about inbound marketing in Google. A very old article of mine that it was written but forgotten about this topic, it popped up in front of my eyes. There is was… 1000 words that could send me to Craziness Town was there and making me blush out of shame. Everything throughout the article was wrong in terms of digital marketing latest definitions. It was great for 2011 but not accurate for 2019.

What did I do? I bite the bullet and contact the owner of the digital magazine, asked him to permit me to update the article. No one paid me for this, but when you have your signature under an article, stay professional and fix it (if you can). Why? Because is the right thing to do.

Check every single piece of content inside your website or blog. Erase stupid or wrong information, update the facts, add new relevant content, delete similar tags and fix any broken links (yes, again). Transform old fashion approach or presentations and make it more today material. Hey, don’t forget to add new and more useful links to your content.

People and search machines will adore your content if you keep it fresh and relevant to our time.

How to Clean Up your Website by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

The Last Details

Your About page, Contact page, Newsletter page, Subscription page, Club page, Workshop page or any other important pages are part of your content. So it is clever to update them often. For me twice a year is fine. But in some cases you may need to refresh it 4 or 5 times per year. For example, last year I had to change my contact information 4 times because I was travelling for longer periods than usual. New factors, change the rules!

If you have a group of people working in your team, then it would be wise to make arrangements for having this kind of makeover at least once a year. Stay fresh as a team!

Embrace your Haters

You know that you have reached the top only if you have haters that are obsessed with you. You won’t believe how important it is to nail this kind of success. But make good use of their criticism and remarks. Most of the times they see things that actually need improvement. Hear them out and improve!

Now open your calendar and schedule your next website clean up!

How to Clean Up your Website by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

Do you have something to add?

There are so many website & blog owners out there and I am pretty sure that there are some extra clever tips on how to keep our digital assets clean, fast and healthy. Do you want to share your tips?

We would love to read your input in the comments section below. Have you written something that our readers would be interested to read? Send it over! Don’t be shy… Pass the wisdom.

How to clean up your website by Areti Vassou www.ideadeco.co
+ Happy New Year 2019 Areti Vassou Ideadeco

Happy New Year With New Resolutions

Are you ready to celebrate the New Year?🎄🎁🎅 Welcome 2019 with a smile! And set your new year’s resolutions by starting today with one tiny step. Stay offline as much as possible and enjoy major parts of each day with your loved ones! Real life happens offline!

Countdown of the last hours to 2019 ⭐️ Last year was another sensational year for me with its ups and downs but most importantly it marked my life with love and a lot of travels. I have no doubts that the year 2019 will be phenomenal. Wishing you a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

Thank you all for being a part of my journey ❤️ Much Love! May you sparkle and shine everyday, may all of your wishes and dreams come true. I pray that we all may feel this happiness all year round!

Happy New Year With New Resolutions by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

New Year’s Resolutions

Find some time to sit down and write a list of all the important lifestyle changes you want to make. Share your new goals with your friends and family and get all the support you may need in order to stick to your resolutions. A supportive group with a similar aim can make a huge difference during the dark hours of failing to complete your challenges.

Last year I promised myself that I will eat 50% less sugar or any kind of sweets. And thanks to the help of all the people around me (family, friends, work) the goal was successfully accomplished. I am deeply grateful that everyone respected and helped me to reduce this unhealthy habit.

Happy New Year With New Resolutions

Time for a Big Change

This New Year’s Resolution is focused more on a healthier lifestyle and to get more outdoors time than last year. Being a Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Expert for several years has transformed me in a full domestic cat. My work demands countless office hours plugged in a strong WiFi connection. Therefore my physical condition could use some regular but easy to adopt exercise.

I make almost 4000 steps per day and by the end of 2019, I intend to have reach 10.000 steps per day. What a goal… I keep an everyday track of my program and hope for the best. The new Google Fit App is really helpful.

When it comes to our health, it’s important to move more and sit less. The Google Fit guides you through this process and keeps you motivated to make small, healthier changes throughout your day, such as taking the stairs instead of the lift or catching up with a friend over a walk instead of a coffee.

Is like having a personal coach on your mobile phone all year long. This App contributes to your effort with customized tips and new goals. So far has helped me to add 1000 steps per day. Ask your friends to join you in this and achieve your fitness goals!

Happy New Year With New Resolutions

Improve the quality of life

We are responsible for the life we live. We make small or big decisions that shape the quality of our life. Every year try to improve your choices and build a life that fills you with peace of mind, mental & physical health, and a sense of high self value and purpose.

Having traveled all over the world and collect a basket full of extraordinary experiences enough to cover me for 10 lives, I have learned – sometimes through the hard way – that all people share similar needs and values. And here is the golden list of this values that can actually elevate the quality of life with a little bit of effort.

  • Eat healthier food
  • Get more quality sleep
  • Be polite with everyone, including yourself
  • Reduce stress by choice
  • Keep a journal for your intimate feelings and thoughts
  • Take long walks, listen to music and dance
  • Avoid watching too much TV and Social Media interaction
  • Choose your friends wisely
  • Make choices that make you happy
  • Make peace with your dark corners
  • Forgive and let go of issues that hold you down
  • Stay true to yourself and values
  • Celebrate the joy of life through the significant dates
  • Own your mistakes and success
  • Teach yourself to feel comfortable inside your skin
  • Avoid drama
  • Cook your own meals
  • Be responsible and organized
  • Travel when you can and make new roots wherever you go
  • Learn something new every year
  • Buy things only if you need them, get out of debt and save money
  • Dedicate time and energy for the people that matter most
  • Take good care of yourself and body
  • Read more books
  • Get a hobby that satisfies your need to explore new skills
  • Keep your social skills active and sharp
  • Be ready for the unexpected
  • Be independent and self-reliant
  • Remember that we all are going to die, so make life worth living
  • Smell the flowers
Happy New Year With New Resolutions

Save time to live your life and enjoy the little things 

– Areti Vassou

+ Merry and Bright Christmas

Merry and Bright Christmas

Celebrate Christmas with your beloved ones. Gather with your family or invite your friends over the house and have the time of your life. When there is love in the room, there is magic!

Be your own Santa

One of the perks of being an adult is that you can create your own magical moments, without asking for permission or approval from anyone. Do what you want, when you want and as you want it. After all, you pay the bills.

Merry and Bright Christmas

Plan ahead your happy moments

Ask your friends what day and time they prefer to have a Christmas “family-looking” gathering. Keep it casual and if they want to participate in the preparations, just say yes. It is always a good idea to cook with friends.

Build the right atmosphere with Christmas Carols, wine and plenty of forgotten stories from your younger years. Awkward and goofy reactions are the best companions near the fire. You can start the conversation with “Do you remember when K was in love this M and she didn’t even knew his name?”… and let the comments to rise the spirit.

I still find it amusing to play Snakes & Ladders or Dare with my friends. Especially if we have new faces on the table and we all need some time to break the ice. Also, me and my friends, we have created our own private traditions. Each year we exchange handmade presents, we try new recipes together and we donate something to a stranger.

You won’t believe how kindness in small actions can change the quality of life. The last 10 years I decorate small Christmas trees and donate them to elderly people near my house. For those who need extra help, I bring them home baking Christmas cookies.

By offering simple things and a warm smile, you’ll find that you can enjoy the season, lights, and Christmas traditions with all your heart.

There are never enough Christmas lights if you want to have a whimsical scenery for your Christmas celebrations. Add lights everywhere, combine them with plates full of cookies and candles.

Merry and Bright Christmas

Happy Digital Marketers

Happy and joyful people lead a happy professional life. And Digital Marketers are no exceptions. The truth is that digital marketing fellows have a certain mentality about life… you see we are not easily impressed by what is hot or trendy. We know how ephemeral all are!

By default, deep technological marketers like those who tend to focus in programming or deep code or SEO (like me), most of the times are private people. They love their family, they adore music and their friends but they value their privacy more than anything.

If they invite you to their nest, make sure that you are respecting one major rule. Their privacy. Don’t post anything into your social media accounts without asking their permission. Some people just wish to keep their life private!

In case you have received a notice that a photographer will be available to capture the Christmas celebrations, then – again – don’t pick up your mobile to take photos, unless there is a green light to post in social media in real time.

Nowadays, we are under “social media craziness” and we tend to forget our manners. So, when we are in a private friendly event, let’s be kind enough to leave our mobile or computer rest for some hours. After all, true connection happens without wifi. Enjoy real life!

Merry and Bright Christmas

Capture the Christmas Magic

This year we decided to try something different for our Christmas preparations. We hired a professional photographer and took official family photos. I was inspired by this blog post: Christmas Couples Photography in Greece by Fiorello Photography.

Santa hurry down the chimney, you are invited to this Christmas Photography Session! Ho Ho Ho to you, too… today we are in a festive mood.

Winter is perfect for astonishing Christmas Family Photography. Dare to have your own private photography near Christmas and make good use of the festive mood… You see, Holidays season has something poetic by definition. Maybe is the colors and the combination of different flower’s smells. The Winter scents, make me feel more nostalgic and more positive to romantic elopements far away from the city.

Merry and Bright Christmas

Winter Photography Season

Winter inspiration can be found anywhere in the city!  After all, the whole concept is to make an unforgettable photography experience regardless of the season. Indoor gatherings or better yet, Christmas feeling meetings are sparkling and spectacular. Dare to do a Christmas theme friendly photo shoot or event and you will never regret it. Who isn’t bright and merry during Christmas?

Enjoy Christmas with friends and family and stay offline as much as possible. Real life happens without wifi.

Now it’s your turn

Tell us what traditions do you share with your friends that give you this Christmas warm feeling?

+ Wordcamp 2018 Thessaloniki Speakers

WordCamp Thessaloniki Speakers

Let’s meet the amazing speakers who are going to share very interesting topics with all attendees! @WCThessaloniki is on its way! Share the magic with the hashtag:   #WCThess2018 

George Chatzopoulos

George Hatzopoulos started Stonewave in 2010, having previously worked for British and Greek companies as a Web Developer. Due to Stonewave’s commitment to Research & Development, Stonewave has managed to acquire a multi-skilled customer base with different needs in Greece, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Cyprus, United States and the Emirates (Dubai).

Stonewave has 4 departments – Company Profile / Micro Applications, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps, and Custom Software Platforms. In 2018, two team members (Kostas Pappas and Stamatis Konstandaras) evolved as Chief of E-Commerce and Head of Websites and Applications.

Stonewave has an international clientele (Calzedonia, Adidas, Universal Group, PAOK, NAS, INTRAKAT, Kathimerini, MLS, Agnotis, 1Clique Systems). Stonewave is also a shareholder in other Startups (Aloyalo, Mojestik, DailyChef). Stonewave has been awarded with Code & Design Awards (Awwwards, FW), EVGE Awards, Business Techniques Awards (Estia Awards), METLIFE Dubai Int’l Fintech Contest 2017. Stonewave participated in the 83rd TIF as part of Digital Greece.

Maziar Firuzmand

Reflective of his multi-faceted educational background which includes a Diploma in Graphic Design, a Bachelors in Performing Arts, Masters in Theatre Direction, and a Ph.D. in Communication & Media Studies, Maziar plays a hybrid role in Artbees, creating a natural synergy between Artbees’ marketing, product design and overall strategy. 

Artbees is a theme development company behind the popular WordPress theme Jupiter X and a member of Envato Wall of Fame. Jupiter X has 100000+ users from around the globe.    

Nicholas Giannopoulos

Nikos Giannopoulos lives and works in Corfu and is a graduate of the Polytechnic School of Informatics & Telecommunications of the University of Western Macedonia (2007-2013). From 2012 to 2015 he worked as a full stack web developer while at the same time as a freelancer he developed his techniques in Product Design & Development, User & Customer Experience. Since 2015 to today he has been involved in the creation and founding of the brands Konnect, Motivar, Wibee with a total of more than 200 customers in Greece and abroad.

Participation in conferences and exhibitions:

  •  2012 participation and award at the Industrial Informatics Festival in Kavala, entitled «Remote control of household greenhouses with environmental sensors».
  • 2016 speaker at WordCamp Athens on ‘WordPress for Offline PhoneGap Hybrid Mobile Application with Geo Sniffing’.
  •  2017 workshop at the Ionian University of Corfu, entitled «From Problem to Solution: Modern Digital Applications for Tourism Enterprises» .4. 2018 participation in the Hotel Technology Innovation Show in London with Wibee, being the only Greek software company in the Exhibition.
  • 2018 workshop at the 2nd conference «Corfu Tourism AEI Forum 2018» on «Increase revenue for hoteliers, deliver experiences to visitors».

Rafaella Isidori

Raffaella creates brands and designs the communication for businesses around the world. She also assists companies in their Italian or English localization. Besides that, studies, teaches, takes pictures, writes, translates and coaches professionals and entrepreneurs on communication and language.

Curious as a cat, mindfulness practitioner, and in love with diversities, collects books, fonts & essential oils. At the moment she lives and works in the Italian countryside, surrounded by flora & fauna, where she cultivates dreams & pushes boundaries. You can see her work at www.raffaellaisidori.com. Online, she is zetaraffix.

Alessandro Kaounas

He is 26 years old with studies at the Department of Informatics of the University of Athens. He stays in Athens and works in Bracket [], in the city center. He has been working as a developer for the past eight years while WordPress entered his life about two years ago. He is passionate about the good code and the challenges that arise and he has to deal with. He has «obsession» with perfection and emphasizes detail. Loves beer (weiss preferentially) and plain coffee. He is willing to help and likes to share his practices with new developers.

Diamantis Kitridis

Diamantis Kitridis has been specialized in Digital Marketing for the past 17 years. His practical experience and research work includes knowledge on on-line community creation, measurement of campaign effectiveness (ROI), analysis and evaluation of social networking statistics and optimization in online search engines.

He has been distinguished for designing and developing comprehensive strategies for promoting companies, products, public figures and politicians in Social Media. He was an inspirer and creator in some of the first Facebook campaigns in Europe in 2007. 

His work includes writing the Social Media Facebook Marketing book, the first comprehensive book on Facebook Marketing in Greek and foreign literature. He has been an academic principal and a PhD researcher in Diploma in Social Media, which is run in collaboration with Citrine Marketing Communication and City University.

Nastia Kolomoytseva

Born in Ukraine and came in Greece in age of 14. Change in environment and learning a new language taught her to set goals and try very hard to achieve them.

Nastia completed her studies in Applied IT for Finance & Economics, at 2012, aiming of creating a business of her own, and succeeds in doing so. In 2013 she established website development agency until 2015, where she meets the team from WPMU DEV, and everything changed.

As part of the team, one of the leading companies, she learned that she has a lot of work to go up high, and even more to stay there.

Nastia currently has a position of support Rock Star, at WPMU DEV, and with a great joy will explain to you what this means and how it works properly.

Yiannis Konstantakopoulos

Yiannis is a UI & UX designer and front-end developer for many many years now. He was one the core members of ILG, a part of The Web Standards Project which aimed to promote the global use of standards to ensure an equitable Web. Though a frivolous writer, his articles have been published in books and Web magazines, such as Smashing Magazine. 

A rationalist by nature, he remains an avid learner and strives to meet people smarter than him, which between you and me, is not that hard. He controls entropy via typography and colors, tunes and morning running. 
He runs an English and a Greek website.

Lena Lekkou

Lena has been working in the wider area of Design since 2009, while in the last two years she has entered the field of education by taking over the coordination of the Web Department at the SAE educational institution in Athens. She is the organizer of Athens Gamification Meetup and a great fan of Interaction Design, with a particular love for anything creative.

Thanos Leontaris

Thanos Leontaris is a lawyer-legal consultant based in Thessaloniki, an MBA holder and candidate for LLM in International Law. He is a scientific associate of the University of Nicosia and Global training in the field of digital coin regulation and legal advisor of Blockchain Legal Advisory International based in Cyprus.

Thanos is a graduate of the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has participated in an educational program at the WIPO Intellectual Property Academy and has been certified as a Data Protection Officer. His field of expertise is providing legal advice to start-ups, personal data legislation, tax law, intellectual property, and the legal issues of the blockchain.

Prior to starting his law career in Thessaloniki, he worked as a telecom consultant, marketing manager for a private college and as a partner of the General Secretary of Public Works. He has participated in training programs of the US State Department, NATO and Montgomery County (Maryland, USA). In his spare time he is a volunteer firefighter and mentor of new businesses for the AMKE People’s Trust in Thessaloniki.

Abdullah Ramzan

A Software Engineer, part of the PressTigers clan at Nextbridge (Pvt.) Ltd. as a WP Plugin Developer who loves to contribute to opensource projects. A regular core contributor of WordPress since the WP 4.9.3 and contributed to Gutenberg, Postman SMTP, WP Job Manager, created many open source projects in addition to reporting few bugs at Facebook Graph API as a bug hunter.

An active part of the development team of PressTigers who crafted simple plugins like Simple Job Board, Simple Event Planner and Flexy Breadcrumb. Loves to help people on different forums especially on WordPress.org support forum and actively attending the meetings on #forum channel for WordPress Urdu Support Forum. 

Online Presence:
– WP.org:https://profiles.wordpress.org/abdullahramzan/
– Twitter:https://twitter.com/Software_abi
– Github:https://github.com/abdullah1908/

David Remer

David works for more than ten years with PHP and WordPress and created his first WordPress site in 2005. As an open source enthusiast, he is a member of the Pluginkollektiv (pluginkollektiv.org) which maintains popular plugins like Antispam Bee. He works for Inpsyde, the biggest WordPress agency in Germany and a WordPress VIP partner. David also published a book about developing plugins in WordPress.

Angelos Synadakis

He helps businesses get results by changing the way they use their digital channels. During the last years, he had the great opportunity to work together with 180+ companies in a variety of different business sectors. 

He and his team in Social Mind create awesome results by designing and implementing digital strategies that include, but are not limited to, new websites, state of the art e-commerce stores, social media, online advertising campaigns, loyalty software, mobile applications and other tools. 

Some of the business sectors he had the chance to work on are:

  • retail
  • super markets
  • hospitality
  • health care
  • beauty and health
  • nutrition
  • restaurants etc

He is a very ambitious, quick learning and hard working person, with high interest on business administration, new technologies and mathematics. Especially mathematics! He is constantly looking for new opportunities and cooperations.

Maria – Anna Tanagia

Maria-Anna has been publishing since 2001, working in print, broadcast, and online media. Her new great love, copy-writing, came to her life in 2010 along with the financial crisis. 

She created the publiSHIT magazine as a case study for her dissertation on Journalism and New Media. This is a magazine in which all readers can be publishers, editors or storytellers. She believes, moreover, firmly that all people have at least one interesting story to tell. The stories that touch her are hosted on her «Huffington Post» blog in Greece, while the stories column has been awarded at the Regional Media Awards. 

She has been awarded as Disruptor, meaning one of the 50 «brave-young» entrepreneurs in Northern Greece. For her, communication is the nicest art form and its’ digital version, the strongest possible bet for content creators. As an Adult Trainer in IEK Alpha Journalism Sector, tries to inspire the next generation of professionals to create the right content. As a business associate, she tries to help them bring out all the elements that will inspire the public to connect effectively with them.

Gerasimos Tsiamalos

Gerasimos has been working on web design since 2001. In 2007 he started working with WordPress and in 2012 he joined the sector of premium WordPress themes as a co-founder of CSSIgniter.com. In his spare time he enjoys the extension / maintenance of his small collection of old (vintage we may say) computers.

Marina Vassilyovska

Marina Vassilyovska is a full-stack marketer who seriously enjoys working with WordPress and considers it one of the best project in the history of the Internet. She has more than 10 years of digital experience and her background includes working in both corporate environment and within small marketing companies.

Through the years she developed several skills such as SEO, SMM, affiliate and content marketing and in 2018, she left her last position and founded her own digital marketing agency. Marina is also leading the Marketing & Communications team for WordCamp Sofia 2018.

WordCamp Thessaloniki on 15-16 December 2018
WordCamp Thessaloniki on 15-16 December 2018

WordPress Lovers

More than 30% of the websites you visit on a daily basis are built with the WordPress open source software, a platform the usage of which is rising constantly, especially in Greece. This is the reason why we organize WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018, a conference about but not exclusive to WordPress.

Be among the WordPress fellowship and carry our precious ring of glory: #WCThess2018

WordCamps hold discussions on various topics: Startups, e-Commerce, and Βlogging are just some of the topics covered at conferences like the one getting prepared at the moment.

Globally, WordCamps are supported by the WordPress Foundation—the official nonprofit organization the purpose of which is the preservation of the openness of WordPress—and this conference is approved and recognized by the Foundation.

A WordCamp is for anyone that works with WordPress, at any level of experience and knowledge, but not only. The conference is addressed to any internet user interested in getting informed on the news around WordPress, including but not limited to:

  • Web Developers,
  • Web Designers,
  • Βloggers,
  • Journalists,
  • Content Editors,
  • Web Editors,
  • Social Media Managers
  • and many more fields of expertise or professionals.
+ Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch

Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch

Collectible Brass Blow Torch

Collectible Vintage Swiss Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch Type 223.A blowtorch (U.S. and Australia), or blowlamp (UK), is a fuel-burning tool used for applying flame and heat to various applications, usually metalworking.

Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch
Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch
Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch
Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch

Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch

Collectible Vintage Swiss Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch Type 223. A blowtorch (U.S. and Australia), or blowlamp (UK), is a fuel-burning tool used for applying flame and heat to various applications, usually metalworking.


Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch
Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch

The History of Max Sievert

Three brothers started three companies

AB Max Sievert was originally founded in 1882 by its namesake, Max Sievert, the oldest of three brothers. He and his younger brothers, Georg and Ernst, moved from their hometown of Zittau in Saxony to Sweden and quickly became Swedish citizens. From Germany they had supplied the growing industrial sector in Sweden, Russia and other countries with German machinery and industrial supplies.

In Sweden they founded three companies together that started, invested in and developed international businesses based in Sweden: the parent company, AB Max Sievert; Sieverts Kabelverk, and AB Alpha. The original headquarters was located at Brunkebergstorg 2, in Stockholm. An oil painting of the building is shown on the first page of this site. The address is now home to the Riksbank, Sweden’s central bank, in a new building.

The common denominator for all three businesses was that they developed and supplied innovative, high-quality products for an international market. Early on the brothers formulated the values that would distinguish the culture: “Hard work – Sensible thrift – Open-mindedness – Steadfast honesty.”

Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch
Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch

Four generations

The business continued for nearly 100 years and three generations until the late 1970’s. Max was originally CEO. When he died in 1913, Ernst became head of Sieverts Kabelverk. Max’s son Rolf, who had no interest in business, became a nuclear physicist and lent his name to a unit of measurement for radiation, “sievert,” still used around the world today. Read more…

Sieverts Kabelverk and LM Ericsson

Sieverts Kabelverk was founded in 1888, initially as a supplier of German cable to the emerging telecom industry, including LM Ericsson and Telegrafverket. The Sievert brothers and Lars Magnus (LM) Ericsson formed a close partnership. Georg and LM later became related through marriage.

Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch
Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch

AB Max Sievert starts again, 132 Years after its founding

AB Max Sievert had not been in business since the late 1970’s. In 2014, nearly 40 years later, Christian Sievert and three investors started a new company with the name AB Max Sievert for the same purpose – to invest in and develop innovative, profitable businesses based in Sweden and the Nordic region.

While the company and its owners are new, the business takes inspiration from, and builds on, the values that AB Max Sievert rested on for over 130 years. Read more…

Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch
Original Max Sievert Brass Blow Torch


+ Top 3 Posts for 2018 by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

Top 3 Posts for 2018

With 2018 coming to an end, I thought it might be useful to do a review of our blogging performance and share the results with you.

Have a look at our top three posts of the year and what we’ve learned from them. After trying everything trendy or new in digital marketing strategy, I came to the conclusion that there is no “magical success recipe” that can work wonders for any brand or professional blogger. It takes time, effort and strategy to reach any goal.

If you are not willing to A/B testing everything, check the statistics and apply all the necessary changes you will never be able to create a dedicate community around your brand or company or vision or cause. In other words, even if you pay you won’t play with the big names… Why? Because quality and strategy are more important than huge numbers!

Invest in personalized communication. Build and share your values. Be real. Be human. And above and beyond everything, respect people!

Social Media and Blogging is all about real-time communication. Remember that every time you post something new.

Social Media and Blogging is all about real-time communication - Areti Vassou Ideadeco

Top 1 Post of the Year 

Less is more and whitespace can make your website’s pages look and feel more professional. Your visitors can easily navigate through your content with no distractions. Simplicity will help your website to be more enjoyable.

Whitespace is your best friend. Let your content have a lot of space around it. It may look empty but that’s a good thing. Save some room for whitespace: a space with no words, no pictures and no visuals. Read the post here>>

Graphic Design Basics by Areti Vassou Ideadeco
  • Words: 742
  • SEO score: 82
  • Views: 249
  • Likes: 29
  • Backlinks: 2
  • Published: 21.01.2018
  • Promotion: No

Top 2 Post of the Year

Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and alternative finance. In other words, you are trying to convince a large group of people to donate to your mission a small amount of money. Crowdfunding can provide to your startup or business or idea the needed cash. Also, it can build a base of a loyal community who will feel like a part of your mission.

For starters define your goal. Get your numbers on a piece of paper and set your priorities straight from the beginning.

Now that you know what you need, do your research on everything related to crowdfunding in your topic. Which platforms are the best for your mission? Read the reviews. Check their social media impact and community reactions. Double check if there were any complaints about your chosen platforms. Read the post here>>

Successful Crowdfunding Campaign Tips by Areti Vassou Ideadeco
  • Words: 2549
  • SEO score: 92
  • Views: 379
  • Likes: 36
  • Backlinks: 5
  • Published: 12.09.2018
  • Promotion: No

Top 3 Post of the Year

Monika created Fiorello Photography as a result of her passion for photography. But the beauty of weddings was the reason why she has chosen to become a wedding photographer.

We asked Monika what motivates her deeply about her work:

Monika: I love to witness all the authentic moments and being able to capture them for the people to remember them. I want to show through my images, how precious a person’s story is, how beautiful they are… 

I want to become the storyteller of a wedding and let the important people of their life see the beauty and the passion. I want to be their memory keeper for the years to come…To portray the excitement, the joy, the magic… the dreams and wishes that come true on a wedding day!

I want to capture the love and protect the moments from fading out. After all, the most precious assets of our lives are the loving memories.”

All wedding photographers have some secret soft spots for certain locations. Lake Doxa is one of them for Fiorello Wedding Photography. Doxa is an artificial lake in western Corinthia, Greece. So close to Athens, but with so “far away feeling”… a place to escape your everyday routine without any extra effort.   Read the post here>>

Wedding Photography Blog by Areti Vassou Ideadeco
  • Words: 357
  • SEO score: 79
  • Views: 179
  • Likes: 36
  • Backlinks: 2
  • Published: 24.03.2018
  • Promotion: No


Great quality content is the starting point of all successful digital marketing strategy plans. If a creator/ brand/ company wishes to see meaningful results then after creating the best possible content, gaining a SEO high score, having mature organic results then it is a good idea to spend a reasonable amount of money to promote their digital assets.

But, have in mind, that not all assets need to be supported by paid actions. Use your better judgement, study your analytics and see what kind of content brings organically the best return of the right attention and visitors.

Sometimes an outsider post or article can bring astonishing numbers. Monitor and listen to your audience. Don’t assume that you know better what people like best. 

Hear them out and respect the numbers.

+ Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset

Philips Wireless Dictation Headset

Wireless Dictation

Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset has been specially designed to match the needs of users who frequently use dictation or speech recognition to create documents. The premium decoupled microphone offers crystal-clear recordings, perfect for accurate transcriptions. Ultra-comfortable and ergonomic design, personalized wearing options and hygienic exchangeable cushions make the headset the perfect work companion in both hospitals and offices alike.

Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset
Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset

Studio-quality microphone

The professional microphone guarantees accurate speech recognition results and transcriptions, even in noisy environments. It is designed for easy dictation and speech recognition. It has a decoupled microphone for crystal-clear recordings and a triple noise reduction filter. Its lossless wireless transmission allows the user to move away from the workstation and still record wirelessly in superior quality, compared to Bluetooth and DECT.

  • Lossless wireless transmission
  • Maximum wearing comfort
  • All-day battery life
  • Less interruption, more productivity
  • Ultimate comfort, maximum hygiene
  • Crystal-clear calls with Skype
  • Take full control
Philips Wireless Dictation Headset

The modern ergonomic design ensures comfortable working, even after many hours of use. If you share a device with other authors, you can each have your own personal cushions.

It is always ready to listen to your dictations! It has a 360-degree rotating boom arm and you can decide either you prefer to wear it on the left or right ear. It has easy to use exchangeable, magnetic ear, and head cushions. We pay attention to keep your ears healthy! Therefore it has an antimicrobial boom and remote control which inhibits the ability of microorganisms to grow.

Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset

Reclaim control over your availability by clearly signifying to colleagues whether you are “available” or “busy”.

We know how frustrating it is to get interrupted in the middle of an important digital dictation or call. Worry no more with the only professional dictation headset that automatically turns red when recording or in a call. It has a flexible click on/off magnetic mounting and you can change your status manually via the Docking Station. Did we mention that the Docking Station provides wireless charging? In only 60 min charge you have 80% battery life to keep talking. After a full charge, Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset has up to 12 hours of recording time.

The ergonomic remote allows you to conveniently control your recording application. The keys are freely configurable and can be personalized for any user and application.

This wireless dictation headset is designed with a built-in and convenient application control. It can easily start, pause and stop recording and has a touch sensor for integrated mouse function. Philips acknowledge the need for business communication, so SpeechOne works smoothly with Skype for Business. Also, it accepts or rejects calls via headset and Docking Station. If at the end of the day you are feeling that the volume is too high, you can always adjust the volume using the scroll wheel on the headset. Enjoy a crystal-clear audio quality without any additional installations.

Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset

About Philips Wireless Dictation

If you share a device with other authors, you can each have your own personal cushions.

Comfortably communicate via Skype in crystal-clear audio quality without any additional installations.

Benefit from a high-performance battery which lasts the entire workday.

The modern ergonomic design ensures comfortable working, even after many hours of use.

Reclaim control over your availability by clearly signifying to colleagues whether you are “available” or “busy”.

The ergonomic remote allows you to conveniently control your recording application. The keys are freely configurable and can be personalized for any user and application.

Read more about this amazing wireless dictation headset at www.grafimedia.eu

This is not a sponsored post. We love great ideas and we use Philips SpeechOne Wireless Dictation Headset for creating our blog posts. 

+ WordCamp Thessaloniki on 15-16 December 2018

WordCamp Thessaloniki on 15-16 December 2018

WordPress Lovers

More than 30% of the websites you visit on a daily basis are built with the WordPress open source software, a platform the usage of which is rising constantly, especially in Greece. This is the reason why we organize WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018, a conference about but not exclusive to WordPress.

Be among the WordPress fellowship and carry our precious ring of glory: #WCThess2018

WordCamps hold discussions on various topics: Startups, e-Commerce, and Βlogging are just some of the topics covered at conferences like the one getting prepared at the moment.

Globally, WordCamps are supported by the WordPress Foundation—the official nonprofit organization the purpose of which is the preservation of the openness of WordPress—and this conference is approved and recognized by the Foundation.

WordCamp Thessaloniki on 15-16 December 2018
WordCamp Thessaloniki on 15-16 December 2018

A WordCamp is for anyone that works with WordPress, at any level of experience and knowledge, but not only. The conference is addressed to any internet user interested in getting informed on the news around WordPress, including but not limited to:

  • Web Developers,
  • Web Designers,
  • Βloggers,
  • Journalists,
  • Content Editors,
  • Web Editors,
  • Social Media Managers
  • and many more fields of expertise or professionals.

WordCamp Thessaloniki Speakers

Let’s welcome the amazing speakers’ team who are going to share very interesting topics with all attendees! @WCThessaloniki is on its way! Buy your ticket now!   #WCThess2018 

Meet the speakers and read more about their accomplishments here>>

WordPress Thessaloniki December 2018 Speakers
WordPress Thessaloniki December 2018 Speakers

Who organizes the conference

WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018 is organized by volunteers, members of the WordPress Greek Community. In particular, 15 members of the community (who you can see in more detail here), have shared the responsibilities and work to give life to the conference for the third year in a row, after two successful WordCamps in Athens.

Are you Curious What is Behind the Curtains?

How it is financed

As mentioned earlier, the WordPress Foundation is the valuable partner and supporter of our efforts. While a big part of WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018 is financed by Foundation’s global sponsors and supporters, we also have the ability to seek out local sponsorships, monetary or providing a service, by companies active in Greece.

For that purpose, there are 5 sponsor packages available to anyone interested to pick one up and support the conference. Of course, these packages include a varying set of benefits.

How can I attend

The ticket to attend the conference for both days, including meals and coffee breaks, has a small price and you can purchase it here.

Get informed of all the news around WordCamp Thessaloniki on Facebook and Twitter, and also through email, by subscribing to their Newsletter.

WordCamp Thessaloniki on 15-16 December 2018
WordCamp Thessaloniki on 15-16 December 2018
WordCamp Thessaloniki on 15-16 December 2018


WordCamp Thessaloniki 2018 will be hosted at Thessaloniki Concert Hall and more specifically in the M2 building and Maurice Saltiel Hall on the 5th floor, while coffee breaks and lunch break will take place in the foyer and the impressive café-restaurant Allegro at the same floor.

Designed by the famous architect Arata Isozaki, the M2 building gives the city a unique structure that summarizes the virtues of modern architecture. Geometric lines, large glass surfaces, and metallic elements make up a picture of imposing simplicity, contrasting but standing equally next to the neighboring M1 building.

Thessaloniki Concert Hall is located at the junction of 25th March with the beach, right next to Posidonio Athletic Center.

Individuals with special needs can have an easy access inside and outside both venues of the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.

Access: You can reach the Concert Hall from all the neighborhoods of Thessaloniki with the Public Transport.

Bus: The Megaron is located 100 meters from the «March» stop, from which the buses 5 / 6 / 8 / 33 pass, while about 200 meters away, the 30 / 78 busses pass from the «Georgiou» stop. www.oasth.gr

Taxi: There is a Taxi stop in front of the Concert Hall entrance, where there are always taxis at the end of the performances.

Parking: The underground parking of the Megaron Music, located in the M2 building, is 11,800 m² in size and 230 seats. Parking will be available free of charge to all attendees on the day of the conference.

Thessaloniki Concert Hall
25 March and Beach
54646 Thessaloniki

WordCamp Thessaloniki on 15-16 December 2018
+ Athens is Europe's Most Innovative City

Athens is Europe’s Most Innovative City

We love Athens

Athens has been named as Europe’s ‘most innovative city’ by the European Capital of Innovation contest and has been awarded a cash prize of €1 million.

Athens was chosen for a range of projects it has implemented, including its ‘Curing the Limbo’ initiative which helps migrants and refugees connect with local residents in order to learn the language, find employment, gain skills and engage in the community.

Other examples of innovative projects from the city included its offer of digital literacy training, a project to revitalize abandoned buildings by giving grants to local organizations, and the ‘This is Athens’ campaign which invited volunteers to record information about the city, past and present, for visiting tourists.

Athens is Europe's Most Innovative City

Athens is Europe’s Most Innovative City

The winning city was announced by Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, in a ceremony at the 2018 edition of Web Summit in Lisbon, the world’s largest tech event: “Athens stands out as an example that a city facing many challenges can achieve great things,” he told the audience. “Through innovation, Athens has found a new purpose to turn around the economic and social crisis. It is proof that it’s not the difficulties but how you raise yourself above them that matters.”

The prize, funded under Horizon 2020, the EU’s research and innovation programme, is given to the city which has shown outstanding use of innovation to improve lives for its citizens and businesses.

“Athens is the EU Capital of Innovation 2018! A city that uses innovation to leave no one behind, a story of urban & social like no other. Let’s be inspired by this great innovation capital!” – Carlos Moedas


Five other cities made it to the final stage of the awards, including Aarhus (Denmark), Athens (Greece), Hamburg (Germany), Leuven (Belgium), Toulouse (France), Umeå (Sweden). Each of the five finalist cities takes home €100,000.

To take home the award the cities must convince a panel of independent experts that they use innovative concepts and processes that engage and empower citizens and help improve the resilience and sustainability of the cities.

This year twenty-six eligible cities from 16 countries applied to the competition. Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Paris won the prize in 2014, 2016 and 2017 respectively. Source: www.euronews.com


Curing the Limbo

From apathy to active citizenship: Empowering refugees and migrants in limbo state to ignite housing affordability.

Curing the limbo’ is a unique opportunity to connect the refugee population to the active citizens of Athens, in a cyclical exchange system that will also address pressing and recurring city needs. UIA financing also gives our city the chance to test an innovative model of social exchange, which will create powerful ties between citizens that wouldn’t otherwise interact. It is an investment in our human capital that builds upon the recognition of bottom-up approaches in resolving city challenges and, ultimately, enhancing social cohesion” – Georgios Kaminis, Mayor of Athens

Curing the Limbo


This is Athens

About this great idea:

“The official website “This is Athens” accompanies visitors through the variety of Athens. 

The official City of Athens guide allows travelers to get to know the city of Athens and plan their trip beforehand with useful information on accommodation, transportation, food, and city attractions. 

The visitor can easily get acquainted with the Athenian neighborhoods as well as find things to do, where to go and what’s best to see in the Greek capital. 

With a “hand-picked” cultural agenda showcasing the very best of festivals, nightlife, exhibition, and events, “This is Athens” website ensures visitors won’t miss out on anything. 

“This is My Athens”, a collective community of passionate locals who voluntarily offer walks around the city, are available to book through the digital platform. 

Athens. One City. Never Ending Stories.”

This is Athens


+ Athens Authentic Marathon

Athens Authentic Marathon


The National Archaeological Museum celebrates the Authentic Marathon in Athens on Sunday, November 11, with a thematic tour about sports and athletes in antiquity.

By means of a special educational leaflet (in English) available at the entrance of the Museum through Monday, November 12, athletes participating in the historic race will be able to stroll through the galleries of the museum and become acquainted with a series of exhibits related to training for athletes, races, prizes, etc.

Athens Authentic Marathon

Admission to the museum is free for the first 100 athletes that will ask for the educational leaflet at the Information Desk, upon presentation of their participation number for the Marathon.

Opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Monday 1-8 p.m.

National Archaeological Museum, 44 Patission,
Omonia, tel 213.214.4800

Athens Authentic Marathon


Athens Marathon

The marathon course is based on the legend from which the race gained its name:  Pheidippides, a messenger in Ancient Greece, ran from the Battle of Marathon to Athens to announce the Greeks’ victory over the Persians. Those who run the Athens Marathon say it is an experience they’ll never forget.

The Athens Classic (authentic) Marathon is an annual marathon road race held in Athens, Greece, normally in early November. The race attracted more than 43,000 competitors in 2017. The provenance of the competitive race is traced back to the Marathon race at the 1896 Olympics.

When you run the Athens Marathon, you run in the very footsteps of the ancient gods and heroes that gave birth to western civilization. The finish line is in Athens’ magnificent Olympic Stadium, the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games.

The Athens Marathon is recognized as the original marathon course and it was the same course used in the 2004 Olympics held in Athens.

The Athens Marathon 26.2 miles is run entirely on asphalt. The first twelve kilometers are level. The middle nineteen kilometers are gentle long hills. The final eleven kilometers are downhill. The finish line is in Athens’ magnificent Olympic Stadium.

The Athens Classic Marathon began in 1972 as a joint venture between the Greek tourist board and athletics association. The race came under the auspices of the current organizers and SEGAS in 1983 and has since become a major race, being awarded Gold Label Road Race status by the IAAF. The 1983 event was known as the Athens Peace Marathon and both a popular and elite level race featured for the first time that year.

Athens Authentic Marathon


Major Marathon Race

It is perhaps the most difficult major marathon race: the course is uphill from the 10 km mark to the 31 km mark – the toughest uphill climb of any major marathon. The course begins in the town of Marathon, where it passes the tomb of the Athenian soldiers, and it traces a path near the coast through Nea Makri.

Following the steep rise, the course goes lightly downhill towards the city of Athens. It passes a statue of a runner (Ο Δρομέας) in the city center before finishing up at the Panathinaiko Stadium; a site for athletic competitions in ancient times and the finishing point for both the 1896 and 2004 Olympic marathons.

In 1982, the organizers dedicated the race to Grigoris Lambrakis, an athlete and Member of the Greek Parliament, whose murder in the 1960s has become an inspirational cause for advocates of human rights. Since 2007 the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races has organized an annual International Marathon Symposium in Marathon town the day prior to the race.

Athens Authentic Marathon

Taking from the tradition of the Olympic Torch, the race features the Marathon Flame, which is lit at the Tomb of the Battle of Marathon and carried to the stadium in Marathon before the beginning of each race. The 2010 edition of the event was combined with the celebration of the 2500th anniversary of the Battle of Marathon. As the 2500 anniversary was actually in 2011, this year was also celebrated as the anniversary run.

Greek competitors have traditionally been strong in the men’s and women’s competitions. However, East Africans and Japanese runners have increasingly become the dominant runners from 1999 onwards.

Since 1990, the Athens Classic Marathon has often served as the Greek national championships for the marathon event. The current course records are 2:10:37 hours for men, set by Felix Kandie in 2014, while Rasa Drazdauskaitė’s run of 2:31:06 in 2010 is the quickest by a woman on the course.

Athens Authentic Marathon


The official Athens Marathon app is back!

Following last years’ success, the amazing mobile application of the Athens Marathon returns! The app is here to offer the most… authentic experience to those that wish to “follow” their friends and family members participating in the event, as well as useful information to the runners themselves.

  • Are you a runner? Is your friend running?
  • Do you just want to keep track of the authentic action in real time (live tracking) on your mobile device?

The only thing you have to do is download and install at your smartphone, tablet, and/or personal computer, the official Athens Marathon application, “Athens Marathon. The Authentic powered by MyLaps”, available for iOS and Android.

By using the app, you will stay in touch with your runner friends and track their progress on Sunday, November 11th.

More specifically, every user can track up to 25 runners and receive automatic notifications every time the selected runners pass the timing zones at the following points: in Marathon Race, the stations include the 5 – 10 – 15 – 21,1 – 25 – 30 – 35 – 40km, at the 10km Road Race the stations include 1,1 – 5 – 5,8km where the “U-turn” is, at the 5km Road Race – Morning & Afternoon, the stations include the 1 and 3km. Moreover, each user can receive notifications for the first 15 athletes leading each one of the races.

All runners participating at the 36th Athens Marathon events, in addition to the above, can directly share their progress with their friends in social media, upload their selfies, and get informed at any time on the latest races news, but also view again their entire race thanks to Live Tracking Replay!

You can download this authentic app HERE, today, so that you receive all latest notifications and useful information on the event’s preparations, such as the bib number notifications, the opening of the Registration Center and Marathon EXPO, the key moments of the 4-day Athens Marathon event program, special offers of our sponsors, etc.

For all the users that still have the application installed on their mobile devices from last year, make sure you have updated the application to the latest version through the App Store and/or Google Play Store!!

Athens Authentic Marathon

+ HPV Prevention Self Test is Coming to Greece by Evekit.gr George Spyrakis

HPV Prevention Self Test is Coming to Greece

George Spyrakis

“George Spyrakis was going through a personal loss when he decided to produce a pro-active solution in saving women from HPV. George is introducing the market to a kit that will help women test themselves in the privacy of their own home against HPV. He introduced Evekit.gr

He is working together with his team to create awareness, as the percentage of women who get infected is extremely high in comparison to the percentage of women who dare to get tested, which is extremely low. Because awareness is the most important cure of all… and that is what he is focused on!”

HPV Prevention Selftest is coming to Greece
HPV Prevention Selftest is coming to Greece

Good News is Making Women Happy: HPV Prevention Self Test is Coming to Greece

The Interview at Crikos

“A musician, an entrepreneur creating awareness and saving women from cancer!

Do you know that our world is made up of people who are born to make a difference? Of course, we all have a beautiful angel inside us… it’s just that some of us, haven’t yet discovered it. Oh, you are probably thinking oops I must be on the wrong website… angels with white feathers and flying abilities…right?

Yes, that would be truly a life-changing experience, wouldn’t it?! But angels are humans who believe in making a positive change, who are proactive by making some people’s lives better and healthier. George Spyrakis is the angel of the day…he has many faces and roles, which all come down to saving lives!

He has an incredible number of “opposite” qualities that work harmoniously together… he is sophisticated, sensitive yet tough as a bull, committed, focused, a doer, compassionate, a hardcore businessman, ethical with very high standards, a giver and all the above in an extreme dosage! You should see him smile… he can make an impact just with his smile!

George Spyrakis started out at the age of 12 with a classical music education background, playing musical instruments and very soon the contrabass. Right out of school with the intent to finish his military obligations faster, he didn’t just follow the crowd doing what was quickest and easiest…instead he became a military commando for 16 months jumping out of aircrafts! Hahaha, see what I mean by extremes?!

Having the two opposites – logic and creativity – in great balance within his character, George decided to follow business studies to stand strong on his feet despite his musical talent and studies. His studies led him to work for 15 years as a sales representative and executive for different pharmaceutical companies being a liaison between doctors and companies.

Together with his day job, he started his own company replenishing pharmacies with natural and holistic products. In 2017, he realized that it was time to focus on his business and leave his day job. What I have to let you know about George Spyrakis is that throughout his career, he has always helped people receive therapy one way or another… because he is a man who cares!

How many people do you know who every other word they use is, how can I help you? George is that man exactly… in the 1 hour we spent together, he must have mentioned over 20 times how his mission is to help women to put themselves before anyone else and to prevent any health issue. And how he will and has always found ways for women to receive medication or diagnosis even if they cannot afford it. Nothing can stop George Spyrakis… when he hits a wall he will find a way around it or break it…”

Crikos.com Positive Reaction

This inside-out interview about VollutoPR’s and Evekit.gr CEO, George Spyrakis by the amazing team of Crikos.com, is making many women smile. Why? Because they shared with us great news! New prevention HPV Self Test is coming in Greece.

Crikos team know how to connect people and create positive reaction and interaction! Crikos is a positive community to their heart and mission. They support ideas, projects and people that inspire the community to become better and stronger.

Discover more about Crikos path and their outstanding connecting services here>>

  • The interview was originally published at the website of Crikos.com
  • Interview copyright © Crikos.com
  • Photo credits: Monika Kritikou