+ SEO Content Strategy for Fiorello Photography by Areti Vassou Ideadeco

SEO Content Strategy for Fiorello Photography

Fiorello Photography is an established brand in Art Wedding Photography and Destination Wedding Photography, both in Greece and Europe since 2010. We are proud to announce the SEO Content Strategy results for Fiorello Photography. Now we are more than excited for the future goals!

When we start designing the brand’s SEO Content Strategy for the period 2018 -2020, we focused on the main market categories that could bring the best business leads and clientele for Fiorello Photography. Destination Weddings in Greece was the top category and Destination Wedding Photography, Fine Art Wedding Photographer, Film Wedding Photographer and Couples Photography were the top sub-categories.

SEO Content Strategy

When the 24 months circle of the personalized SEO Content Strategy was completed the brand was among the top 5 organic results in the main wedding photography market querries. Among other services we sucesfully delivered:

  • SEO Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Content creation
  • Website & Blog optimization
  • Blog Management
  • Community building
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Brand voicing across all platforms
  • Newsletter SEO content & management

The brand’s ranking showed a 350% growth within the first 90 days and locked into the top 5 organic results in all search engine machines for 45 wedding industry related keywords. In 12 months the brand reached organically the number 1 – 4 on the first page in Google results for 98 industry related keywords. In 24 months the brand reached organically the number 1 – 4 on the first page in Google results for 153 industry related keywords. The brand’s business growth returned 150% positive results in their clientele and new contracts.

Fiorello Photography Testimonial

Monika Kritikou, Founder Fiorello Photography:

Areti Vassou (CEO & Founder of IDEADECO Agency) is an excellent professional with great talent. She has a deep sense as a Digital Strategist and at the same time, she is a hands-on person that delivers results. Her wide spectrum of knowledge alongside her extensive working experience is a combination that you can rely on bringing the desirable outcome. She is responsible, organized, and at the same time inspirational and a visionary. Consistent, stable, creative, witty… She understands deeply the digital world of marketing and has excellent communications skills. Areti is a person you want in your team in order to achieve your goals.

+ New Collaboration With ARIAPR Agency in Greece

New Collaboration With ARIAPR Agency in Greece

We are excited to announce our new collaboration with ARIAPR Agency in Greece. ARIAPR Agency was founded in 2012 by Ariadne Nikaki. We are so happy for being part of this amazing team.

ARIAPR is one of the largest Public Relations Agencies in Greece, managing premium brands & companies across different platforms and countries. Areti Vassou is wearing a new hat as the SEO Content Strategist in this established PR company, including the following key responsibilities.

SEO Contest Strategist

Areti Vassou and Ideadeco Team will have these key responsibilities:

• Designing a content strategy that supports and extends marketing initiatives, both short- and long-term, determining which methods work for the brand.
• Applying Continuous evolvement of SEO strategy and SEO copywriting.
• Overseeing all marketing content initiatives, both internal and external, across multiple platforms and formats to drive sales, engagement, retention, leads and positive customer behavior.
• Ensuring all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality and tone of voice, and optimized for search and user experience for all channels of content including online, social media, email, point of purchase, mobile, video, print and in-person. This is to be done for each buyer persona of all projects within the agency.
• Supervising the development of a content calendar throughout the agency verticals, according to particular goals.
• Responsible for all areas related to SEO, content strategy & marketing, social media channels optimization, brand consistency, segmentation and localization, analytics and meaningful measurement.
• Collaborating with the departments of public relations, communications, marketing, customer service, IT and human resources to help define both the brand story and the story as interpreted by the needs of each project.
• Conducting ongoing usability tests to measure content effectiveness. Gathering data and handle analytics and make recommendations based on those results. Optimize and edit content when is necessary.
• Work closely with the company’s CEO & Art Director on all creative and branding initiatives to ensure a consistent message across all channels of communication.

About ARIAPR Agency

ARIAPR Agency builds strategies with the right tactics to engage the client’s target audience. The Agency knows how to succeed in creating positive awareness, increased brand loyalty, reputation, consumer trust, sales, and business growth.

The company’s vision is based in integrity, quality, positivity, loyalty, discipline, team work, creativity and transparency. The entire team aims to satisfy the client’s needs and business goals. Subsequently, upon achieving these goals, clients can expect quality and cost-effective services from a diverse, professional and dedicated workforce.

Ariadne Nikaki and her team of experts are monitoring carefully each and every project. They are fully accountable and lead the way. They manage every project with attention to detail without losing their focus on their clients’ best interests.

ARIAPR is continuously dedicated in providing creative and innovative PR solutions and helping clients achieve their business objectives. The company is committed to:

  • Clearly establishing and conveying the clients’ values to its target audience
  • Successfully enhancing the company’s positive image and branding before the public
  • Effectively marketing the clients’ products and services
  • Steadily establishing their distinctiveness and strong competition in the industry
  • Continuously increasing sales and improving business growth

For more details visit the official website www.ariapr.gr

+ IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency in Greece and Europe by Areti Vassou

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency in Greece

Ideadeco SEO Copywriting Agency is located in Greece and we are making brands win attention since 2000. Our clients are spread all over the world and our associated partners have offices in 24 countries.

We create SEO friendly, personalized digital content & copywriting for brands. Since 2000 we are into the business of making brands stand out and lead the game. We know how to turn a brand into a solid community. We make ideas happen into a world of noise. We do business for those who seek results. Let’s do business!

We are Your Team of Experts in the digital world of communication, making online businesses thrive in 24 countries. – Areti Vassou

SEO Copywriting | Digital Marketing | Branding | SEO Strategy | Content Creation

Contact us at info@ideadeco.co

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency in Greece

Learn more about Ideadeco history and all the milestones that brought us here, today. Areti Vassou is the Founder & CEO of Ideadeco Agency and Ideadeco Blog.

+ Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece, Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco

Outstanding Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece

Piraeus Tower is the second tallest tower (257 feet) in Greece waiting to find its ideal use since 1972. As it seems, locals were finally introduced to the new face and the new potentials of this extremely high building just before the expiration of 2020.

The 84-meter-tall Sleeping Giant (as most locals call it) is located in the port of Piraeus and oversees the entire Saronic Gulf. It was designed by the architects I. Vikelas, G. Molfesis, and A. Loizou. Apart from the first three floors, it had never been occupied or used since 1972.

This 24-story tower remains as one of the most significant landmarks for locals and visitors, in a neighborhood which belongs to the largest port in Europe and one of the largest in the world, the Port of Piraeus. At last, this Ghost Tower found a new destiny after PILA won the competition for the ultimate transformation of the Tower.

This was a significant winning against time decay and abandonment. The condition of a city’s buildings reflects the culture and the aesthetics of an entire nation. Empty spaces and well-designed buildings create the paths in which citizens nurture their lives.

The winning project by PILA promised to transform the existing architecture into a contemporary and dynamic landmark for the Piraeus district. The redesign of Piraeus Tower aims to reflect the vibrancy of this emerging place: “The rebirth of Piraeus Tower is significant not only for Piraeus but for the wider Athens, as it signifies the city moving towards its unique coastline“, said Ilias Papageorgiou, principal of PILA.

Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece, Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco
Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece, Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco

Redesign of Piraeus Tower by PILA

The PILA’s proposal envisions a structure that is visually intriguing and incorporates strategies in order to drastically reduce the energy consumption of the building, making Piraeus Tower a 21st Century building.

To further emphasize the transformation of the facade, a shading structure consisting of vertical and horizontal overhangs clads will be added. As PILA has already announced on their official website, each vertical fin is designed to be horizontally displaced from one floor to the next, creating a spring pattern that wraps around the building.

The 3D visuals reveal all the details of this unique pattern. It appears to gently slide from one facade to another, with the resulting visual effect of the facade wrapping the tower as a piece of fabric. This dynamic pattern appears different from various locations, creating a rich visual experience that is constantly transforming depending on where one is standing.

The façade new design aims to integrate the structure into the daily life of the city and to enhance the lives of citizens and the users of the building. The Tower is ready to meet its true purpose by embracing the growth of the city and its ongoing structure development.

Looking at the blue sky above, Piraeus never looked so attractive. The new Piraeus Tower is moving forward to a new chapter of its life, carrying with it all the old Agora of the Port.

Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece, Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco
Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece, Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco

Piraeus Tower Construction Project Info & Credits

PILA Statement: “The design of the facade overhang system is a result of an ambitious sustainability and energy conservation strategy. Upon a meticulous solar study, the vertical and horizontal louvers of the tower are calibrated in order to reduce solar gain on the facade by 50% resulting in a 20% reduction of the overall energy demand of the building.”

About PILA: PILA is an architecture studio based in Athens and New York that creates environments for culture, working, and living around the world. Visit their official website for more info: www.pila.studio

Project name: Piraeus Tower

Location: Piraeus, Athens, Greece
Client: Dimand SA, Prodea Investments, EBRD
Architect: PILA
Team: Ilias Papageorgiou, Christina Papalexandri, Iacovina Kontiza, Konstantinos Voutoufianakis Petropoulos, Marina Avouri, Eleni Nikolaou
Façade engineer: Eckersley O’ Callaghan
Renderings: Konstantinos Koudounis
Area: 322,917 ft2 (30,000 m2)
Floors: 22
Program: office, retail, restaurant, terraces
Schedule: expected completion Q1 2023

Setting the market benchmark… Building the first LEED-certified Tower in Greece. The tower is highly obvious as it is one of the city’s landmarks.

As appears at Dimand SA: A full turn-key fit-out of a 32.650 sq.m. 22 stories office tower constructed in 1972, including two basements, retail, restaurants, café, and auxiliary spaces, with a green roof, using high technology materials. Project: 99-year concession, full redevelopment, and commercial exploitation of Piraeus Tower. Location: Piraeus – Attica. Investor: EBRD – PRODEA Investments, REIC – DIMAND SA. Services: Direct Property Development, Full development & project management. Built Area: 29.150 sq.m. (above ground), 3.500 sq.m. (underground). Project Cost: € 75.000.000. Status: In progress.

Note: The binding offer was received, opened, and handled by a municipal committee, as the city of Piraeus owns the property.

Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece, Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco
Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece, Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco

YARD Transformed Piraeus Tower into a Lighting Art Installation

YARD is a creative event production house, focusing on pioneering 360o ideas and executions. They are behind the spectacular Piraeus Tower transformation into an interactive Art Installation, during December 2020 – January 2021, for the Christmas celebrations in Piraeus.

When the lights were turned on for the Christmas Celebrations of Piraeus in December 2020, we were amazed by the magnificent art design & installation of Piraeus Tower. For a moment we felt like we were into a time machine and we took a glimpse from the future of Piraeus City.

YARD’s statement from their website:

The Tower of Piraeus is an emblematic building and the lighthouse of the port of Piraeus as well as the landmark of the city in general. After a year full of changes and challenges, our goal with this project was to give an extra festive vibe in the city and fill people with hope and positivity. 

We had the opportunity to collaborate with an amazing group of people and lighting experts in order to study, design, and illuminate this historical building with the latest modern technology. We have presented a lighting installation full of colors and shapes, in order to create a ‘’festive urban jewel’’ highlighting the architecture and the importance of the building itself. 

Bringing together innovative technology and creativity, our main goal was to color people’s lives and enhancing a joyful and optimistic message.” (Client: DIMAND)

Credits for the Festive Illumination

Piraeus Tower
Festive Illumination by yardathens
Client Dimand SA
Lighting Design George Tellos
Lighting Programmer Panagiotis Tsevrenis
Lighting Equipment Meletis Kariotis
Technical manager David Allaj
Production manager Kostas Thelouras

The biggest port of Europe now has a spectacular Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece.

Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco
Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece, Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco
Piraeus Tower in Greece, Video by Patroklos Stellakis for Ideadeco

Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece

This video is capturing the Messages hidden into the Sleeping Giant that waited since 1972 to reveal its true power. Everything takes its own time to transform into something new. Video: Patroklos Stellakis. Project for the SEO Copywriting Agency IDEADECO in Greece.

The History of Piraeus Tower

The Tower was built on the plot where originally was the home of the Municipal Market. The Market was demolished on February 8, 1968, by the mayor of Piraeus, Aristides Skylitsis. At that time the buildings inside the market housed all the local stores in the area, providing jobs to 1000 employees.

In the first years, the demolition brought financial depression in the area and remained an empty plot for about 5 years. During the period (1972 – 1974) Aristides Skylitsis supported the plans of construction for the modern Tower as the new Piraeus Comercial Center, aiming to make the large multistory skyscraper the center of the port. The modern skyscraper consists of 23 floors with a total height of 84 meters, it is the second-largest skyscraper in Attica after the Athens Tower.

The Municipal Market was near the Church of Agia Triada and locals used to call it Agora Agias Triadas. Due to the Metropolitan Church of Piraeus that area used to be the most central and historic district of Piraeus, named after the large market that dominated the area from 1860 to 1968 when it was demolished to build in its place the famous Tower of Piraeus. Even today most locals refer to the area as The Market or Old Agora.

Decades before that period, the entire area was one of the first inhabited when the modern city of Piraeus was created after the liberation of 1821. Particularly, the first inhabitants in the 1830s were residents from Chios Island, who they founded and built (back in 1839) the Metropolitan Church of Piraeus, Agia Triada. The idea for creating a large market was already into consideration from the early 1850s but they finally come to action in 1862 with plans of the city engineer Major I. Triggetas.

The Municipal Market of Piraeus was a rectangular building (94.9 x 27.8 meters) in the triangle between the streets Gounari – Ethnikis Antistaseos – Vassileos Georgiou II Avenue, opposite the large Church of Agia Triada. It was accessible through its three entrances from three different sides and it was housing a number of shops such as fishmongers, bakeries, greengrocers, and butchers in the 4 respective sectors, there were also many eateries and cafes serving customers.

In the evening hours, when the traffic in the market was falling, all the big names of the old rebetes such as Markos Vamvakaris, Vassilis Tsitsanis, and Bagianteras gathered to meet friends and grab a bite. At the time the heart of the city was biting inside the small shops of the Market. In a way, even today, visitors can get the same vibes walking in the side streets around The Tower of Piraeus. A vivid market has expanded around the port and most locals prefer to get their weekly groceries from the remained Old Market stores.

Nowadays, the Municipal Market area is one of the most commercial districts in Greece with high commercial & navy traffic all year round, especially due to its proximity to the main port. Shops and eateries are plentiful on all streets including private clothing stores, eateries, bakeries, travel agencies, shipping companies, and many hotels.

Close to the Tower, there are six main characteristic sights of the area that dominate the entire district. Next to the Piraeus Tower, we can see the Church of Agia Triada, the Zanneio Orphanage for Boys (is located inside and opposite the lines of ISAP), the Catholic Church of St. Paul, and the old Post Office of Piraeus. Also, the classical architectural building seen on the right side of the Tower is the neoclassical building of NAT (Naval Retirement Fund). The most iconic of the sights is the Municipal Theater of Piraeus which is located only minutes away from the Tower, found at the main avenues of Vassileos Georgiou A and Iroon Polytechniou. Piraeus has always been a center of Culture and Business growth.

Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece, Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco
Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece, Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco

Piraeus Municipality

The Municipality of Piraeus was founded in 1835 and was one of the municipalities into which Attica was initially divided.

The town planning was designed by architect Ippodamos in mid-5th century B.C. The second planning of the town in 1834 was based on Ippodamos’ original plans of the city. Themistocles was the first to stress the importance of a major port for the growth of Athens.

The Municipality of Piraeus hosted events in both the 1896 and 2004 Summer Olympics held in Athens. The University of Piraeus is one of the largest Greek universities and has the country’s second-oldest business school, as well as the oldest academic department in the area of Finance.

The port of Piraeus is the chief port in Greece. Also, it is the largest passenger port in Europe and the second-largest in the world, servicing about 20 million passengers annually. With a throughput of 1.4 million TEUs, Piraeus is placed among the top ten ports in container traffic in Europe and the top container port in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Piraeus has a long recorded history, dating to ancient Greece

The city was founded in the early 5th century BC, when this area was selected to become the new port of classical Athens and was built as a prototype harbor, gathering all the import and transit trade of Athens as well as the navy’s base. During the Golden Age of Athens, the Long Walls were constructed to fortify the route from the main city to the port of Piraeus.

In the modern era, Piraeus transformed into a big city, bustling with activity, becoming a major part of Athens, acting as home to the country’s biggest harbor and bearing all the characteristics of a huge marine and commercial-industrial center.

Piraeus has Mount Aigaleo to the northwest, and the Saronic Gulf to the south and west, and is connected with the rest of the Athens urban area to the east and northeast. The area of Piraeus consists of a rocky peninsula (originally an island), featuring three natural harbors.

Every time we are using the central port to reach one of the famous Greek Islands we are taking the same steps as ancient people used to at the Kantharos port. That was the ancient name of the central port. It was and still is the heart of city life. In the Freatida area, you can see the remaining parts of the ancient Piraeus Wall (on the coastal area). Not far from the central port there is Marina Zeas (Pasalimani) with all the impressive yachts moored side by side giving a cosmopolitan atmosphere to the cafes and restaurants.

All the smaller harbors to the east are also still in use: Zea, also known as Pasalimani, and Munichia, the smallest of the three and widely known as Mikrolimano and Tourkolimano. Nowadays, the Greater Piraeus includes the harbors of Drapetsona, Keratsini and Perama. The central harbor is a hub of commercial and passenger shipping, whereas the two smaller ones cater to recreational and fishing boats. The municipality has an area of 10.865 km2.

How to reach Piraeus from Athens

You can take the train and get off at Piraeus station, which is the end of the route. Moreover, there are regular bus lines departing from Filellinon street in Syntagma square (No 40) and Athenas street, Omonia square (No 49), which arrive at Xaveriou Coast (Piraeus). Soon Tram & Metro lines will be available to all passengers.

Mayor of Piraeus

Ioannis Moralis is the current Mayor of Piraeus, Greece. He was elected Mayor in May 2014 and took office in September of that year. He has helped Piraeus to grow into a metropolitan city of Europe. He supports all cultural activities and events making the city one of the 10 most visited destinations in Europe, for 2016 – 2020.

Info: Presentation by Areti Vassou, Photos & Video by Patroklos Stellakis, PR by Ariadne Nikaki

+ Meet our New PR Strategist Ariadne Nikaki

Meet our New PR Strategist Ariadne Nikaki

We are proud to announce that Ariadne Nikaki, founder of ARIA PR, is the appointed PR Strategist for the international and national communication plan of IDEADECO SEO Copywriting & Digital Marketing Agency in Greece, Cyprus, Australia, Europe and the USA.

Ariadne Nikaki will manage all press releases, publicity and branding strategy for our company and its clientele. Key areas of focus will be brand building, generating awareness and increasing community engagement through conferences and events.

She will be responsible for coordinating all public relations activities, developing the marketing communications plan including strategy, goals, budget and tactics, designing and executing the media relations strategy, seeking high-level placements in print, broadcast and online media.

Ariadne Nikaki PR Strategist
Ariadne Nikaki PR Strategist

About Ariadne Nikaki

“I am dedicated to helping you become all that you can be, with all that you are”. – Ariadne Nikaki

Ariadne Nikaki has studied Politics & Communication (Public Relations) and she was specialized on Political Communication. For more than twenty years, she has worked in companies and organizations as a public relations manager and as an event manager. She is an established expert on personal and business branding, improving the brand image of entrepreneurs or/and a brands and companies, accomplished through planning, designing and implementing marketing strategies, initiatives, creative campaigns and PR events, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

Her main goal is to help her clients discover and embrace their genuine identity and then use this force to increase their confidence, their visibility, and their personal and business growth. Independently she develops and plans internal and external communication strategies, as well as the tactical executions of that strategies. Also, she invests her attention to increasing visibility with media and public relations activities for building our clients’ brand awareness.

Ariadne Nikaki has been awarded for her strategic PR Strategy Plans in Greece, Europe, the USA, Asia, Australia, Africa and the UAE. Her PR Consulting Agency is located in Greece but she delivers her services all over the world. ARIA PR is behind the success of top tier local and global brands.

Meet our New PR Strategist Ariadne Nikaki
Meet our New PR Strategist Ariadne Nikaki

Follow Ariadne Nikaki updates at her official website www.ariapr.gr and www.ariadnenikaki.gr

+ Ideadeco SEO Copywriting Agency Celebrating 21 Years in Business

Ideadeco SEO Copywriting Agency Celebrating 21 Years in Business

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency marks 21 years around the sun with a pack of creative surprises. We started our journey on 1st January 2000 and we never stopped dreaming and walking forward since that day. Thank you all for your trust and support!

One idea started IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency 21 years ago. This year our anniversary celebrations will be held online amid the social distance restrictions. We are planning to throw an anniversary party in person when restrictions will be withdrawn. It’s going to be the party of the century!

IDEADECO Agency’s branding identity has evolved since the early years from a web design company into a marketing strategy and SEO copywriting agency. You know what they say, as years go by the work itself transforms you into your better version.

We decided to drop out of the part of services that no longer service us and fail to inspire us to become better than we used to be. Gradually our main focus sifted to SEO & Copywriting Strategy for Luxury Brands. Content creation and strategy had always been a major pillar of our Agency’s mission but our clients’needs made it crystal clear what they want from our company.

A company is a living organism that adapts to the changes in the environment around it. We adapted according to our clients’ requests and demands. In a way, we learned a new skill in managing an entirely new set of business needs. In our line of work, change is the only stable factor.

We aligned to the new era and to the new reality before even we knew that it was going to be our only option. The beginning of 2020 found us with the best contracts ever and with a dozen ongoing golden projects under our sleeves. Then everything changed in one night. The pandemic forced 80% of our clients to cancel their contracts and we had to stand back on our feet with having nothing solid on our hands.

Fortunately, our previous shift into professional SEO Copywriting Services brought new clients and promising projects, that landed us more new clients. Day after day, meeting after meeting, at the end of the year we had to hire more people in order to cover the demand.

It goes without saying that without the right team nothing would be possible. The culture within our team is based on indergrity and simplicity. When a person has been around for almost half a century, values only ethos, logos, and pathos. IDEADECO Agency’s true north is established on these principles. They are our internal compass.

We made it through this challenging year. We are ready to rock the new year ahead of us.

The success of IDEADECO is a testament to its people. We are proud to have a team of experts who are all leaders in their individual fields, working together to ensure that we fulfill our promise to deliver the best quality of services.

Ideadeco SEO Copywriting Agency Celebrating 21 Years in Business
Ideadeco SEO Copywriting Agency Celebrating 21 Years in Business

IDEADECO 21 Years Anniversary

What better way to celebrate our 21 years in business anniversary than looking back to all the significant milestones that brought us here. Each year has given us a lesson and a stone to build our path in life. Here is our business and personal words of wisdom we have collected through the years. Each line includes the lesson of the year.

  1. Find the courage in you to take the next step.
  2. Make your ideas happen with your own hands.
  3. Learn the rules of the game but then establish your own rules.
  4. Business opportunities are everywhere. You just have to be present, to show up.
  5. First you learn to deal with problems and then you learn to deal with success. Most of the time, success is the most difficult problem of all.
  6. Always do the right thing. Integrity is the most valuable asset you have in life.
  7. When you are wrong, own your mistakes. When you are right, keep your mouth shut.
  8. Success doesn’t like laziness and nagging. Get the work done, now!
  9. Never be too busy to notice what’s going on around you.
  10. Take good care of your health.
  11. You are responsible for your own happiness. Time is precious, use it wisely.
  12. Choose your team and treat them like family. They are truly your family!
  13. Take the risk you are most afraid of if you want to reach your goals.
  14. Speak less. Do more. Stay humble. Stick to your values.
  15. Always say thank you to the people who have supported you.
  16. The level of your enemies indicates the quality of your character. Appreciate your friends but value your enemies for your growth in life.
  17. Never follow advice because it sounds right. Always trust your instinct and intuition.
  18. Do things for your own reasons. Quit things for your own reasons. Never seek approval for your own decisions. If you don’t like the room, change rooms, not yourself.
  19. Far and away the best prize is to have a purpose that gives meaning to life.
  20. Pick a job that is really giving you the joy to feel that it’s a work worth doing.
  21. Everything worth doing in life takes time, effort, energy, and needs patience.

Ideadeco Team is thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments, the creative work and the spectacular adventures over the 21 years of operation. New members have been added to our creative team. This year we celebrated privately our anniversary in our headquarters offices in Athens. We shared a glass of wine, great food and lots of laughter, and reflections on the twenty one wonderful years of passion, dedication and hard work. We can’t wait till the day we will be able to throw a party and dance all night long.

As we look ahead to the years to come, we remain dedicated to our values and our goals to meet the ever-changing environment of our business field. – Areti Vassou, CEO & Founder of Ideadeco.co

Anniversary Celebration Contest

We are offering the unique opportunity to be part of our global community through this unsual copywriting contest. We want to read your story about 2020. We all have a story to share about the challenging 365 days of 2020. We beleive that hard times unveil great characters and we wish to spread the message of hope and kindness via your True Stories About 2020.

This unusual copywriting contest is cut out only for the brave ones out there. It’s an open call for the souls that are willing to share their truth even in the darkest hours. This copywriting contest is about the courage of overcoming but still believing in the beauty of life.

It takes guts to stand on your feet and wave your own flag demonstrating your trust in the best intentions of people that are daring to connect and show kindness.

Talk to us. Tell us about the significant moments you had during 2020.

It can be the darkest or the warmest moments that changed you forever.

Send us your words. Make a statement. Say something. Do something that will change our perspective about 2020.

Share your story.

Read the contest’s guidelines here and send us your story until 15th January 2021.

Ideadeco SEO Copywriting Agency Celebrating 21 Years in Business
Ideadeco SEO Copywriting Agency Celebrating 21 Years in Business
+ My 2020 Story is full of music notes - Areti Vassou

My 2020 Story is full of music notes

Υποδέχτηκα το 2021 με μουσική. Η ηχογράφηση έγινε σε φιλικό σπίτι, σε φιλικό πιάνο με ουρά, με κομμένη την ανάσα… Η δική μου ιστορία για το 2020 είναι αποτυπωμένη με νότες. Χρειάστηκα 304 μέρες μέσα στο 2020 για να μάθω στο πιάνο το αγαπημένο μου κομμάτι Oltremare του Ludovico Einaudi.

Όσοι γνωρίζουν τι ακριβώς κάνει στο σώμα η ρευματοειδής αρθρίτιδα θα κατανοήσουν ότι αυτό ήταν ένας άθλος κόντρα στους φυσικούς νόμους. Όσοι με γνωρίζουν από την εποχή που έπαιζα πιάνο και βιολοντσέλο (όταν ακόμα μπορούσα) θα με κατανοήσουν με ένα διαφορετικό τρόπο. Οσοι είναι μουσικοί ας δείξουν κατανόηση για τα μικρά λαθάκια.

Piano – My Oltremare – Areti Vassou

My 2020 Extraordinary Story

by Areti Vassou

During 2020 I spent 304 days practicing how to play my favorite piece of music on the piano. This recording is my welcome salute to 2021… with music. The recording took place in a friendly house, in a friendly piano with a tail, holding my breath with every single note…

My 2020 story is imprinted through music notes. This music excerpt is a part of Oltremare by Ludovico Einaudi.

Those who are familiar with the medical condition of rheumatoid arthritis know what it means and how it affects the body, the hands and the legs… They will understand that this was a feat against the laws of nature. Those who have known me since the days I used to play the piano and cello (when I could) will get in my shoes in a completely different way. To the musicians out there: please be kind with my technical faults… I am only a human in love with music.

Sometimes extraordinary meets the ordinary and great moments & memories are made.

+ My 2020 Extraordinary Story by Loukia Zervoudaki

My 2020 Extraordinary Story by Loukia Zervoudaki

The invitation said “Join Our Copywriting Contest About 2020” … Dare I share my extraordinary 2020 story? Seriously now? What story? 2020 was an empty year! There’s absolutely nothing to share!

Story written by Loukia Zervoudaki

That was my first reaction to the writing call. A little frustrated, a little disappointed, I honestly could’t remember anything worth mentioning about 2020 so I reached out to my daily diary. Let’s flip through the pages, I said to myself, to see if anything (A N Y T H I N G – it didn’t even have to be remarkable) had happened. There was this big 2020 on top of the cover page and underneath the word LAUNCH (yes, I do buy inspirational diaries every year). Launch means to put into operation or set in motion. It’s referring to plans and goals and dreams obviously! No… none of my goals skyrocketed in 2020. What on earth am I going to write about?

So, there, in the first pages, I had written some affirmations to contemplate every day, my New Year’s resolutions and which 2019 mistakes I didn’t want to repeat. And then blank pages, white, empty pages… January 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th … oh, there’s a note on January 21st! Daily schedule, errands, the children’s schedule and a “to do” list that I actually didn’t do… Same thing in February, same thing in March… I kept flipping through the pages only to see that I had taken very few notes throughout the year.

The revelation was the fact that the very few notes were actually very important! Very life-changing!

2020 challenged me in ways I didn’t expect.

It stretched my boundaries causing my horizons to overflow, ideas to expand in my mind and something stirring again in my heart! Although I am still deep in the personal discovery process, I am really grateful to 2020 for the lessons it taught me.

A quieter life is a more creative one


2020 taught me that one can be immensely productive in a pandemic and that resting is not a waste of time. It’s an essential part of our well-being.

When we went into lockdown in March, I remember feeling relieved. I was thinking that the world was on pause and it was my chance to catch up. And rest. Yes, I did rest a lot! I watched films and online plays, I listened to music, artists performing live on their Instagram, personal growth podcasts, I read books satisfyingly and not trying to squeeze 15 minutes of reading into my day as I did before. I never imagined that my house, in which I was locked in, could become the headquarters of creation and innovation without any borders! During the first lockdown, I also started meditating, which brings us to the next lesson.

The power of forgiveness


As I just mentioned, it was during the first lockdown in Spring that I had the time to start meditating. Through the mindfulness it induces and the heightened state of awareness, I learned how to “place my intention into the vast ocean of all possibilities and allow the universe to work through me”.

I learned to strive for progress, not perfection. I realized that happiness is a choice and if I’m choosing to move on with my life I have to seek growth in what happened in the past that hurt me and forgive. I realized that people act based on the level of wisdom they have at the time. If they knew better they would act better. We don’t forgive because we want to be nice people. We forgive because we don’t want to live with the misery anymore. Lack of forgiveness is like a cup of poison that somebody else filled but we take a sip every day and it degrades our creativity, productivity and serenity.

All sentient creatures have a right to life and freedom


For as long as I can remember myself, I loved animals, had a sensitivity to environmental issues and always admired people who fought for them. I had never made the connection though between my “green” feelings and the way I ate.

For almost a year now I hadn’t been taking joy in my food. Nothing seemed savory and the pleasure was only instant. I always felt bad after eating, not being able to determine why. And then one day I saw some PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) videos demonstrating animal cruelty from dairy and meat farms, animals with an appalling quality of life and an excruciating death. And it just dawned on me. I am vegan deep inside but never knew it. This is what was missing in my life. I went vegan on the spot, and I am so happy! I don’t miss anything, it’s been so easy for me and I take great pleasure from my food.

Lifelong learning improves self-confidence


Although fitting a new learning goal into one’s life takes consideration and effort, 2020 taught me that it improves the quality of life and sense of self-worth and is vital for coping with the challenges that the professional world throws at you.

This summer, along with 20 other proud women “graduates” I completed a 3-month online educational program and developed a new skill in my profession. Also, a 1 monthly seminar on a completely different subject of personal interest offered me fulfillment and satisfaction. Through the process, I discovered what my calling is and realized that I want to change my direction. It made me see clearly that I have wandered through life as if it was somebody else and it’s about time to do what makes me happy and content.

Small everyday actions have an accumulative and profound effect over time


In the stillness that the pandemic created, I realized that I want to change my life. I’ve been wanting to change my life for a while but I’ve been waiting.

Waiting for the kids to be older, waiting for my finances to be better, waiting until I have more time, waiting until it is the right time, waiting, waiting… Well, as Napoleon Hill once said, the timing will never be just right. 2020 taught me that if you want it, break it down into steps and start doing it today! Small, everyday actions that build up, lead to big changes. Small actions done with care every day have tremendous value. I always set big and ambitious goals but they seemed like climbing a mountain and I ended up postponing them. One small step, however, worries me less. A small change is easy to do without the fear of failure. It helps the mind to overcome the fear that hinders action. So, one step and we put our body in motion activating it in the direction we want. This is the so-called Kaizen method (another 2020 lesson!)

There is no Back to Normal. This is the new Normal.


I keep hearing people say that they can’t wait for life to go back to normal. Well, actually, this is the new normal.

They can’t wait until 2020 is gone. But when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve and it’s suddenly 2021, nothing in our lives will be different unless we make it different. Nothing changes unless we change. We need to change and adapt to the new challenges, new circumstances, and new uncertainties the coronavirus pandemic has presented us all with. People usually avoid changes and prefer staying in their comfort zones, but as 2020 taught me once you get the courage and take the first step to change, your life will become much better. There is no use clinging to the old life. If we really think about it some things aren’t worth going back to.

So 2020, one breath left before we say goodbye to you! A strange, difficult year. A year that deprived us of contact with loved ones, kisses, hugs, friends, but above all that nothing is a given. Nothing is to be taken for granted. So, all in all, 2020 wasn’t an empty year as I thought. It was a year of contemplation, personal growth, of self-realization, of finding and believing in my true potential.

Thank you 2020 for the lessons you taught me but… you can go now! Really, get out of here!

A quieter life is a more creative life. My 2020 Extraordinary Story by Loukia Zervoudaki.
A quieter life is a more creative life. My 2020 Extraordinary Story by Loukia Zervoudaki.
Loukia Zervoudaki
Loukia Zervoudaki

Note from Ideadeco Team

Copywriting Contest submissions are extended until 15 January 2021.

Submissions are open for the Copywriting Contest until 15 January 2021. We believe in the kindness of strangers. We are romantic souls that find the energy to notice the collateral beauty in a broken world. We refuse to let 2020 destroy our trust in kindness and humanity.

Life is better than that. We believe that we are connected far beyond the internet. In case you find this call appealing then send over your thoughts. We are welcoming everyone.

Learn more about the Copywriting Contest: My 2020 Extraordinary Story.

The views and opinions expressed in the submitted stories are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of IDEADECO.

+ Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Hello 2021, Ideadeco Team welcomes you with a big smile! We are ready to rock the new year and celebrate life, again.

We must admit that 2020 was challenging beyond comprehension, and we look forward to 2021, hoping the new year will bring new opportunities and perhaps some comfort to all of us.

We hope and wish that 2021 is going to be a spectacular year.

A year of majestic creativity.

A year of kindness.

A year of grace and joy.

We have come to a point in life where we have learned as individuals and as part of a bigger community, the importance of appreciating what we have accomplished so far.

Our new goals and plans for 2021 are crystal clear and oriented to one single point: to stay safe, healthy and to work less. Yes, that’s right! We aim to work less and slow down. Because life is more than productivity charts.

We are thankful for all the clients, companies and brands that trusted us throughout 2020. We are over the moon for their faith in our team. Once again the beginning of the year is a reminder that everything in life has a circle of growth. Although we are just after the ending of 2020, we are thrilled with the fact that we are welcoming the new year (and the following years), with the best reward & award. Our clients’ trust.

All of our clients expressed their confidence in our services by renewing their contracts. That’s the best recognition we could ever ask for. Hearing them expressing their appreciation for having us by their side brings joy and a little bit of pride into our hearts. Our relentless commitment to our clients’ experience and their success in their digital journey, has never been stronger.

We pride ourselves on delivering uniquely insightful and creative SEO Strategy & Copywriting Services through a tailored, trusted and empathic client experience.

We will continue to work with our clients, through digital channels, creating unique and outstanding content and offer consultations, workshops, and branding strategy sessions to ensure they will continue to receive the full value they deserve from our company. The new strategic business plan for our clients has expanded for the following four years. Receiving the vote of confidence from top CEO’s (from all over the world) of well-known brands that have hired us as their SEO Strategist & Marketing Consultants, it’s quite an achievement, giving us the strength and the will to perform at the top of our services.

We are entering the New Year with the best terms and with many new collaborations from 24 different countries. We are treating all global & local business projects with the same attention to detail. We are focused on the business growth of our clients without sacrificing the quality of health and safety of our employees, our extended families and communities. Our top priorities include our unwavering dignity and personal development. We work only with people and for projects that uplift us and make us better than we were yesterday.

Our values guide the importance of having a solid balance between our personal lives and work. We are doing our best to demonstrate daily our culture learning by our own mistakes. We prefer to be genuinely connected than being just online. Giving back to our community is essential for our company.

We are on this path together and we sincerely hope that we will be healthy and keep working tirelessly around the clock to support those affected during these difficult times.

Therefore it isn’t a surprise that our team provides pro bono services in companies that are under financial distress in Greece and in NGOs all over Europe. This had been part of our company culture since the very beginning of our journey. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer our services for free and be reminded of how to be patient and understanding with a high degree of compassion for everyone.

We nurture personal growth, family peace, creative work, physical and mental health, financial safety and spiritual development. We value the dedication that inspires our clients to recommend us to their network but we are protecting our colleagues from over burning their working energy while working from home. These festive days we took the opportunity to stay in, catch up on things we’ve been meaning to do with our beloved ones, be present with our families and sit together at the dinner table welcoming the new year.

Spending time with our family had given us the ability to value what is really important in life. People. Love. Kindness. Life. Health. Connection. Honesty. Creativity. Dignity.

On behalf of all of us, we want to thank you all for respecting our collaborations and working hours. We’re committed to serving you and being your trusted SEO Strategists & Digital Marketing Consultants in all the days and years ahead.

The good news is that we are already booked for all quarters of 2021 (and until the end of 2024) by setting specific goals for each client and project. This year we are ready to deal with anything unexpected.

As we go forward, know that we always value your feedback, notes, questions, ideas, messages and everything you have shared with us. We hear you. We take into consideration everything you ask. Every single word you send us is the fuel that guides the ways we serve you.

That’s the value of great teams. We made it through the rough times and we dance together through the better times.

We know deep in our hearts that 2021 will be the best year ever.

Happy New Year!

Areti Vassou

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year!

Here’s to making more cherished memories in 2021!

This is a new year.

A new beginning.

A new chapter of our lives.

Let’s make the best of it.

✨ Stay Safe

🥂 Celebrate the gift of life!

And be kind to everyone, including yourself.

And a personal note about 2021

Have a wonderful, beautiful, carefree New Year!

Remember that only love is the foundation for true happiness. Make dreams, make new plans for the new year but stay safe and healthy ❤️

On my list for 2021?

Spending more time playing with my cats, taking long walks by the sea 🚶‍♀️, continue to finding beauty in the most unexpected places and keep creating a virtual community and support one another.

We are so ready to celebrate life, again!

+ 3 More Reasons to Love Christmas Found in Piraeus

3 More Reasons to Love Christmas in Piraeus

Destination Piraeus achieved to become the ultimate Christmas Wonderland for 2020. Who would ever believe that finally there was something great about 2020? Well, the Mayor of Piraeus put a lot of effort to make this year’s festive celebrations absolute unforgettable for children and adults. And not only! Many Instagram bloggers have put Piraeus on the map of the most instagramable Christmas Destinations for 2020 in Greece.

Yes, we have found 3 More Reasons to Love Christmas in Piraeus!

Piraeus is the major port city of Greece. Is located 8 kilometers (5 miles) southwest of Athens, and lies along the east coast of the Saronic Gulf. Piraeus has a long recorded history, dating to ancient Greece. The city was founded in the early 5th century BC, when this area was selected to become the new port of classical Athens and was built as a prototype harbor, concentrating all the import and transit trade of Athens.

The port of Piraeus is also the largest passenger port in Europe and the second largest in the world, servicing about 20 million passengers annually. With a throughput of 1.4 million TEUs, Piraeus is placed among the top ten ports in container traffic in Europe and the top container port in the Eastern Mediterranean.

1 – Christmas Wonderland

Must-Visit Destination Piraeus Spots

Piraeus is a top family friendly destination because it has an easy to walk structure next to the sea. The walk from Passalimani to Kastella or to the other side of Peiraiki can uplift you and make you feel like you are enjoying a day in a Cycladic island.

For starters the City Hall was decorated with countless Christmas lights on the front side of the building, facing the Korai Square. As you can see, they look like tiny dazzling stars, resting on the front windows. Although there are still lots of construction works on both sides of the main street Leoforos Vasileos Georgiou Α, for the upcoming Metro Stations, still, the result is breathtaking.

3 More Reasons to Love Christmas Found in Piraeus - The City Hall
3 More Reasons to Love Christmas Found in Piraeus – The City Hall

In front of the City Hall, in Korai Square, there are also stars waiting to hear your wishes for the New Year. The Mayor, Ioannis Moralis, has done everything in his power to bring joy to the citizens and visitors of Piraeus.

Ioannis (Yannis) Moralis is the current Mayor of Piraeus, Greece, and President of Olympiacos FC. He was elected Mayor in May 2014 and took office in September of that year.

Stars in front of Piraeus City Hall
Stars in front of Piraeus City Hall

The Municipal Theatre Of Piraeus

Across the City Hall on the left there is one unique monument of classical architecture and art, The Municipal Theatre Of Piraeus.

The Municipal Theater of Piraeus was founded on June 24, 1884. Twelve years later, the city center was adorned with a majestic building that was destined to stand out due to its monumental appearance, and be characterized as the leading surviving Greek theatrical building of the 19th century. On April 9, 1895, it opened its doors and a month later welcomed on stage, the play by Dimitrios Vernadakis “Maria Doxapatri”.

This year’s amazing Christmas Tree has a name. It’s the “Tree of Hope” and in addition to the thousands of Christmas lights, is also decorated with hundreds of ribbons with the citizens’ wishes. What a great idea, don’t you agree?

The Christmas Tree Hope is 15 meters high and comes from Taxiarchis Halkidiki. Taxiarchis is a traditional mountain village which is located in the heart of Mount Holomontas at an altitude of 670 meters. Most locals are involved in the cultivation of firs for the Greek Christmas tree market.

The Christmas Tree Hope in Piraeus

Play With Stars

Only 6 minutes walking distance away from the City Hall there is the famous Pasalimani, which is only 400 meters away from Alexandra Square.

The Municipality of Piraeus offers an impressive spectacle in Pasalimani full of festive glow with an impressive art installation of 3D stars, from the International Festival of Digital Arts of Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival (www.adaf.gr).

The magic of Christmas comes to life with the technique of contactless interaction with a spectacular corridor of 3D stars, creating a dreamlike Forest of Stars. The visitors can play with the stars by walking through them or just passing by. The Christmas stars light up when the visitors are next to them or pass through them, creating a unique experience full of light.

Play With Stars in Piraeus
Play With Stars in Piraeus
Play With Stars in Piraeus
Play With Stars in Piraeus

2 – Christmas Ships & Carols

The Magic Power of Traditions

The Municipality of Piraeus restores the beloved tradition of the Christmas Ships. You won’t believe how mesmerizing it is to watch the Christmas lights’ reflection in the sea. You can find the decorated ships in Pasalimani and Aphrodite Bay, Peiraiki.

Christmas Ships in Piraeus
Christmas Ships in Piraeus

Stars of Platia Alexandras in Piraeus

Just 4 minutes walking distance from Pasalimani you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Marina Zeas and almost of all the Pasalimani Harbor. The festive decorations have transformed Alexandras Square (Platia Alexandras) into a magical Star Forest.

Stars of Platia Alexandras in Piraeus
Stars of Platia Alexandras in Piraeus
Platia Alexandras in Piraeus
Platia Alexandras in Piraeus

And just around the corner (with a car), you must visit the Bridge of Stardust near SEF, in Mikrolimano, Akti Dilaveri. If you are a keen walker probably you will need half an hour to reach by foot the canal near the stadium. For me, it was always my favorite walk from Pasalimani to Kastella and finally to SEF. Now, this spectacular bridge has made it the talk of the town.

Greek & Digital Nomad Instagramers, get ready to capture the beauty of Christmas Lights in Piraeus.

Tunnel of Stardust near SEF
Bridge of Stardust near SEF

Three Wishes Just For You

Now that you are full of Christmas cheer and your heart is melting full of love it’s the perfect moment to visit Terpsitheas Square in Piraeus. Three Snow White Stars are waiting to hear your three wishes.

Three Snow White Stars at Terpsitheas Square in Piraeus
Three Snow White Stars at Terpsitheas Square in Piraeus

3 – The Game Of Towers

The Tower of Piraeus, is the second tallest building in Greece. This year is also the best Christmas art installation in Greece. The Tower dominates one of the most central parts of the city and is now a symbol of the rebirth of Piraeus. The Tower has 23 floors and stands as the landmark of the city in general.

The people behind this magnificent lighting & Art Installation:

Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece, Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco
Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece, Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco

Minutes before midnight, the Municipality of Piraeus welcomed the arrival of the new year with a spectacular feast of fireworks and amazing lightings against the backdrop of the port. The festive traditions were different than the previous years amid the pandemic restrictions, but still, the result was magnificent. The Mayor of Piraeus did everything in his power to bring the Christmas Spirit in town. And yes, Santa visited Piraeus this year!

We Love Piraeus

Ideadeco Team loves Piraeus therefore it was only natural to dedicate an article about the Christmas Celebrations in Piraeus. It’s a city full of romantic corners next to the sea and one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.

Be Merry, Be Jolly, Be Excited. Now you are in Piraeus. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

The people behind this post:

Creative 💻 Areti Vassou
PR 💻 Ariadne Nikaki
Photography 📸 Patroklos Stellakis

For updates and news visit the official website Christmas in Piraeus.

  • Piraeus City Hall and The Municipal Theatre Of Piraeus
  • Pasalimani The Clock of Piraeus
  • Mikrolimano, Akti Dilaveri
  • Terpsitheas Square
  • Platia Alexandras Pireas
+ Season's Greetings by Areti Vassou

Warm Season’s Greetings

This holiday season, let’s make it a point to cherish what’s truly important in our lives: Love & Kindness. And Christmas cookies, too!

Make your own definition of what Merry means for Christmas. My season’s greetings are a bit out of the Christmassy heat of the days. Do whatever makes you happy, celebrate for your own reasons and play the music that makes you dance. Burn the rules of what festivity should look like! 

Looking back at this challenging year behind, we realize that we wouldn’t be where we are today without the power to say every morning “Let’s do this!”.

All the good and the bad days are part of the journey. But don’t forget the gray days, the ones that actually passed by and we somehow lost track of time. It’s those days that daydreaming took the best of ourselves.

Celebrate kindness, hope and joy!

Here’s to a new year that we hope will have more hope, joy and free time to enjoy daydreaming outdoors! Because all the significant things happen when we are taking our time and reduce the digital noise around us. There is a lot of wisdom behind slow living lifestyle.

Wishing you to find the road for inner peace. That’s the actual success in life and the best reason to be merry & bright. 

Try more new things just for your own pleasure. Smile because you are alive & healthy. And remind yourself that fear is the only boundary you must break.

Life is too short and too precious to let fear rule it. Do your best and show the people that matters to you how much you love them, including yourself.


Areti Vassou

Season's Greetings by Areti Vassou and Ideadeco Team
Season’s Greetings by Areti Vassou and Ideadeco Team

Christmas Contest About 2020

We all have a story to share about the challenging 365 days of 2020. Do you dare to share your 2020 story?

This unusual copywriting contest is cut out only for the brave ones out there. It’s an open call for the souls that are willing to share their truth even in the darkest hours. This copywriting contest is about the courage of overcoming but still believing in the beauty of life.

It takes guts to stand on your feet and wave your own flag demonstrating your trust in the best intentions of people that are daring to connect and show kindness.

Talk to us. Tell us about the significant moments you had during 2020.

It can be the darkest or the warmest moments that changed you forever.

Send us your words. Make a statement. Say something. Do something that will change our perspective about 2020.

Share your story.

Dare you?

IDEADECO CHRISTMAS Copywriting Contest: Share Your 2020 Story
IDEADECO Christmas Copywriting Contest: Share Your 2020 Story
+ Ideadeco Blog Top Posts 2020 by Areti Vassou

Ideadeco Blog Top Posts 2020

Although 2020 wasn’t a picnic for none of us, it seems that online reality has a different story to share. Social lockdown has driven us to use more our computers and do almost everything online. Ideadeco Blog Top Posts for 2020 was a surprise to us. It’s nice to see your work at the top of Google search engine results!

Ideadeco Blog is one major part of Ideadeco Agency. We provide SEO Copywriting & SEO Strategy for Luxury Brands but we decided to keep our blog under a casual voice that everyday bloggers & content creators use into their own blogs and vlogs. We prefer to be closer to the blogging community than doing what every other Marketing Agency is doing in the world.

Copywriting & Blogging Communities have a lot of similarities but they face different challenges. The only way to get a taste of what they really need is to walk a mile (or 1000 miles) into their shoes. And this is why Ideadeco Blog was the best decision we ever made since we started our Agency in 2000.

Bloggers are extremely clever creatures and rapidly adapt to any tiny change in the market. As a matter of fact, they have the power to influence the market’s intent beyond expectation or any sophisticated marketing plan. If you are not willing to get into their shoes then don’t expect to welcome you into their community.

During 2020 Ideadeco Blog reached a new record of +14.572.000 page views. It had been a spectacular online year. Also we received more than 6.500 online business requests.

  • Ideadeco Blog yearly page views: +14.572.000
  • Ideadeco Blog subscribers: 6.143
  • Newsletter subscribers: 23.900
  • Instagram followers: 18.005
  • Facebook page followers: 2.236
  • Facebook friends: 1.915
  • Branded Facebook (11) groups members: 52.900
  • Twitter followers: 2.854
  • Pinterest followers: 1.595
  • Tumblr: 1.156
  • LinkedIn connections: 8.980
  • Medium followers: 705
  • Quora: 11.000 answer views
  • Reddit: Active
  • YouTube subscribers: 39
  • Guest blogging in 105 blogs: +8.750.000 pageviews/month [+620.500 followers]
  • Advisory Board Member at VSN HUBGRFMD, and ISCHT  [+50.000 followers]
  • Media Supporter at WordCamp AthensWordCamp EuropeWordCamp Asia
  • Co-Organizer at WordPress Athens
  • Workshops for Digital Copywriting, SEO Content, Professional Blogging
  • Mentoring at Women On Top
  • Professional Speaker in Conferences
  • Ex-Digital Strategy Director & Content Creator at Grafimedia.eu [+152.000 followers]

Ideadeco 2020 Top Blog Posts

Eight of our blog posts made it to our top list of the year. They collected the more organic visits and brought a huge amount of traffic to our website. Also, these blog posts landed the best business contracts of the year.

Top 1: List of Banned Instagram Hashtags

Yes, there is a list with banned Instagram hashtags that you should avoid if you don’t want to get penalized by Instagram. The bad news is that this list is changing every week. The good news is that we can check our hashtags before we add them to our IG feed.

Although banned Instagram hashtags mean extra work for each post, in general, I find it a clever way to restrict spam behavior inside the platform. Fake news and spamming are making our social media life feel like a weekend in the most dangerous city in the world.

Top 2: Top Hashtags for New Bloggers

All new bloggers know that Instagram is the number one social media channel to build your brand and grow your community. Use these carefully selected top hashtags for new bloggers and drive more traffic, visits and clicks to your blog.

And after an hour of scrolling it is quite obvious that Instagram Community adores hashtags. Keep in mind that great photos perform better when are combined with a great story (caption) and the right group of hashtags. Instagram is all about engagement.

People love to read the story behind the photo. If you want to discover what can help your Instagram account to thrive then visit this article: Instagram Winning Tips.

Top 3: Keep your Spirit Up During Quarantine Lockdown

In times of uncertainty, keeping your spirit up becomes even more important. Make room for joy into your life. Quarantine life is also a reminder that the gift of being here & alive worths your smile. Make good use of your time. Choose what brings you joy and not just things or activities that are trendy or obligatory.

Give yourself the time and the space to adapt to this new reality. Fear can cloud our judgment and can make anyone behave irrational. Try to be less judgmental with all the craziness around because even the most experienced people can do stupid things when they are afraid. Shake it off and start making plans on how to deal with this new normality of shelter in place.

Top 4: Characteristics of Professionalism

During the last 12 months, we had the privilege to meet and talk with more than 200 freelance professionals in different industries for our research on this topic: What are the characteristics of professionalism? 

We had the chance to hear their definition of the main characteristics of professionalism. As it seems professionals have a number of important characteristics that can apply to any type of business.

Top 5: Business Blogging for Brand Awareness

Business blogging is used by companies and brands to build a strong communication channel with their selected audience, in order to expand their brand awareness.

Within the blog’s content, they address company news, updates, presentations, product guides, industry topics, expert tips, researches, books, financial data, scientific resources, videos, interviews, seminars, workshops etc. A well structured business blog can bring traffic to your website and the right attention to your company. And these two are the cornerstones of Brand Awareness.

Although we are used to seeing more posts about certain types of blogs, like travel, magazines, newspapers, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, wedding, fitness, nutrition, food, tourism, DIY, technology, gaming, Fintech, hotels, art, photography, dance etc blogging doesn’t stop there.

The industry of academic, medical, healthcare, pharma, science, publishing, printing, mechanics, hardware engineer, psychology, business coaching and many others are only some of the fields that through their websites they use the two major principles of blogging: share knowledge and build communication bridges.

Top 6: Πως δημιουργούμε περιεχόμενο για το blog μαςHow to Create Content for our Blog

Στο συγκεκριμένο άρθρο υπάρχει το υλικό από το Blogging Workshop for Beginners που έγινε σε συεργασία με τον οργανισμό Social Hackers Academy. Κατά την διάρκεια του μαθήματος είχαμε την ευκαιρία να μιλήσουμε διεξοδικά για το πως μπορούμε να δημιουργήσουμε επιτυχημένο περιεχόμενο για τα άρθρα μέσα στο blog μας. Βήμα βήμα δοκιμάσαμε σε ζωντανή εφαρμογή πως ένα blog post μπορεί να απογειωθεί από μια αφανής ανάρτηση σε ένα μαγνήτη επισκέψεων και νέων ακολούθων του ιστολογίου μας.

Το επίσημο δελτίο τύπου που κυκλοφόρησε: Press Release – Blogging Workshop at SHA

We are happy to announce that our two intensive Blogging Workshops at Social Hackers Academy have been successfully completed. The Workshops were part of the program “Women Going Digital” which was implemented with the support and funding of the Latsis Foundation. The program was designed by the Diotima Center, with long experience in women’s empowerment, and Social Hacker Academy, specializing in technological education.

A significant number of unemployed women went through the basic elements of creating and running a blog, with the support of John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation.

Ideadeco founder Areti Vassou, was the instructor of the two Blogging Workshops. Social Hackers Academy organized the WordPress training program regarding the necessary technological skills in Web Development. As soon as the trainees completed the first part of the educational syllabus, Areti Vassou guide them into the creative world of Blogging & SEO Copywriting best practices.

Top 7: SEO Copywriting Services in Athens Greece

Increase your website authority and ranking status with our awarded SEO Copywriting Services. Ideadeco headquarters are located in Athens Greece but we deliver our SEO Copywriting Services globally. We create unique content in English and Greek. Since 2020, our collaboration with 18 (+3) Content Marketing Agencies, from all over the world, has added the option to deliver SEO optimized content in 8 languages.

Hiring your personal SEO Content Writer and a team of SEO Copywriters in Athens, Greece has never been easier. Do you have a blog or a website that needs fresh and outstanding content? Then send us a message and we will respond immediately.

Creating SEO Content can refer to entire new ideas or even upgrading existing content on a client’s digital assets. Among our satisfied clients, our team is famous for taking seriously the overall digital voice and branding through all existing digital accounts, even the ones that are left forgotten for years. Having a sensitive eye for consistency and authenticity has brought us many challenging Digital & Content Marketing Projects to our doorstep.

We love to solve difficult puzzles. We are crazy about SEO Copywriting Strategy and Branding. And our clients love to bring us more and more and more, year after year.

Top 8: Professional SEO Copywriting Services Bring Spectacular Organic Results

Professional SEO Copywriting Services have one secret element that generates spectacular organic results. Deep research.

It’s as simple as that. To get the best organic results you start with deep research, then add a strong dose of creativity and authenticity and there you have the best success recipe for your brand. No matter how much money you are willing to invest in your business growth if you don’t do deep research you won’t make it too far.

Did you know that more than 4.4 millions posts are published daily? Getting published or setting a simple content strategy had never been easier. Pick a topic, find your general brand voice, set your digital assets and start publishing your content. We wish that these steps would be enough to put our brand at the top. Maybe 20 years ago, when the demand and traffic was low, it was enough.

Now we need to run deep research for every single post we publish. If we want to lead the game in our selected industry. Here comes the expertise of professional SEO copywriters. They know how to combine the data insights with the right way of expression, making your brand visible to the right audience. They use words in a way that convince people and seduce search engine machines to fall in love with their content.

Professional SEO copywriters know how to match the right audience with the right content for the right reasons. They are the modern technology matchmakers!

Ideadeco Blog Top Posts 2020 by Areti Vassou

About Ideadeco Agency & Blog

Ideadeco Agency was founded in 2000 by Areti Vassou, but the blog had a long history many years ago. Areti has been into Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Marketing Strategy, Branding and Blogging since 1994.

It took us a long period of experimentation to settle down in the current form of our digital branding. All brands & blogs are evolving and change over the years.

Areti Vassou: The story of Ideadeco Blog is quite unorthodox because it took its first steps 6 years before the Agency. My personal aim in this blog was clear from the very beginning. I was already working on top-notch websites in Europe & the USA and I wanted to create my own personal digital nest for my own voice. The idea of the branded Ideadeco Blog started as a personal project but within the first year, the demand for new content associated with the ongoing projects was so high that my clients’ blogs occupied most of my working hours.

Facing the daily demands and questions from the clients about digital marketing best practices, content creation & marketing challenges, SEO tactics, branding, blogging topics, social media strategy, web design and marketing ethics, my personal blog seemed like the best place to provide all the answers. Week by week, eventually Ideadeco Blog became a trustworthy source of information for all my clients, their friends, their clients, their colleagues and the circle kept growing year after year.

The idea of the Ideadeco Blog has started years before the Agency. Our first effort to craft a blog is dated back in 1994. Since then and after many efforts we finally settled down in our everlasting blogging home, under the WordPress skin, on 23 April 2013. See our journey from 1994 until our official first day on WordPress.

My Blogging Journey

Running a personal blog (not for clients) is keeping you on the loop of technology. Without much hesitation, I can say that thanks to my blog I have meet a lot of interesting people. Also, deep research has become my side project and nature!

It has given me the opportunity to enjoy many interviews, close strong deals with clients, and is an active bridge to meet large business owners. Blogging has become an incredible source of search engine traffic and exposure for my skills as an SEO ExpertContent Creator and Digital Marketing Strategist.

I have learned that it doesn’t need any magical powers to express yourself in public. All you have to do is to be brave, be open, be polite, and speak up. The act of writing transforms the way you see life and the people around you. Why? Because you speak less and observe more.

Ideadeco Blog Top Posts 2020 by Areti Vassou

This Copywriting Contest Made Us Happy

We organized this extraordinary Copywriting Contest About 2020 and people send us so many stories that we will need a year to read them all.

This unusual copywriting contest is cut out only for the brave ones out there. It’s an open call for the souls that are willing to share their truth even in the darkest hours. This copywriting contest is about the courage of overcoming but still believing in the beauty of life.

It takes guts to stand on your feet and wave your own flag demonstrating your trust in the best intentions of people that are daring to connect and show kindness.

Talk to us. Tell us about the significant moments you had during 2020.

It can be the darkest or the warmest moments that changed you forever.

Send us your words. Make a statement. Say something. Do something that will change our perspective about 2020.

Conclusion About 2020

This year had a lot of downs but plenty of ups that made us smile. One lesson we learned for sure is that we should never take anything for granted. Nevertheless, we are grateful for all the people in our lives.

Areti Vassou