It’s Christmas time, once again. Do whatever makes you feel good. Merry Everything & Happy Always!

If you have one good friend (or two) then you do have a reason to be happy.

If you have your loved ones near then you also have a reason to be merry.

If you are all alone during the holiday season then you have a good reason to celebrate the way you want.

If you dislike festivities, have in mind that you are not the only one. Also, a good reason to celebrate.

In other words, Christmas is just a set of ordinary days frosted with tonnes of gifts, lights, ornaments, and fancy sweets.

It’s (kind of) funny how much energy we spend on making too much ado about changing our ordinary lives into something periodically majestic. Haven’t you learned it yet?

Season’s Greetings is a written manuscript of what kindness should look like. That’s why it has stood the test of time. It’s made of wishful thinking, sugar, and fantastic cocktail drinks.

Pure, solid, classic, old-fashioned marketing.

Cheers to that!

Merry Christmas Happy New Year by Areti Vassou
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Areti Vassou

Hey, You! Christmas Lazy Cats

Are you stuck and don’t know what to write for your Season’s Greetings? Don’t you worry, we’ve got a bunch of festive copywriting ideas for you! Yes, it’s time to say Ho Ho Ho and really mean it.

Our Christmas Agency Traditions

Every year we publish an online note of Season’s Greetings. We prefer to collect all the money from Secret Santa Day and donate them to selected NGO organizations in Greece.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Areti Vassou Ideadeco SEO Copywriting Agency

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