Destination Piraeus achieved to become the ultimate Christmas Wonderland for 2020. Who would ever believe that finally there was something great about 2020? Well, the Mayor of Piraeus put a lot of effort to make this year’s festive celebrations absolute unforgettable for children and adults. And not only! Many Instagram bloggers have put Piraeus on the map of the most instagramable Christmas Destinations for 2020 in Greece.

Yes, we have found 3 More Reasons to Love Christmas in Piraeus!

Piraeus is the major port city of Greece. Is located 8 kilometers (5 miles) southwest of Athens, and lies along the east coast of the Saronic Gulf. Piraeus has a long recorded history, dating to ancient Greece. The city was founded in the early 5th century BC, when this area was selected to become the new port of classical Athens and was built as a prototype harbor, concentrating all the import and transit trade of Athens.

The port of Piraeus is also the largest passenger port in Europe and the second largest in the world, servicing about 20 million passengers annually. With a throughput of 1.4 million TEUs, Piraeus is placed among the top ten ports in container traffic in Europe and the top container port in the Eastern Mediterranean.

1 – Christmas Wonderland

Must-Visit Destination Piraeus Spots

Piraeus is a top family friendly destination because it has an easy to walk structure next to the sea. The walk from Passalimani to Kastella or to the other side of Peiraiki can uplift you and make you feel like you are enjoying a day in a Cycladic island.

For starters the City Hall was decorated with countless Christmas lights on the front side of the building, facing the Korai Square. As you can see, they look like tiny dazzling stars, resting on the front windows. Although there are still lots of construction works on both sides of the main street Leoforos Vasileos Georgiou Α, for the upcoming Metro Stations, still, the result is breathtaking.

3 More Reasons to Love Christmas Found in Piraeus - The City Hall
3 More Reasons to Love Christmas Found in Piraeus – The City Hall

In front of the City Hall, in Korai Square, there are also stars waiting to hear your wishes for the New Year. The Mayor, Ioannis Moralis, has done everything in his power to bring joy to the citizens and visitors of Piraeus.

Ioannis (Yannis) Moralis is the current Mayor of Piraeus, Greece, and President of Olympiacos FC. He was elected Mayor in May 2014 and took office in September of that year.

Stars in front of Piraeus City Hall
Stars in front of Piraeus City Hall

The Municipal Theatre Of Piraeus

Across the City Hall on the left there is one unique monument of classical architecture and art, The Municipal Theatre Of Piraeus.

The Municipal Theater of Piraeus was founded on June 24, 1884. Twelve years later, the city center was adorned with a majestic building that was destined to stand out due to its monumental appearance, and be characterized as the leading surviving Greek theatrical building of the 19th century. On April 9, 1895, it opened its doors and a month later welcomed on stage, the play by Dimitrios Vernadakis “Maria Doxapatri”.

This year’s amazing Christmas Tree has a name. It’s the “Tree of Hope” and in addition to the thousands of Christmas lights, is also decorated with hundreds of ribbons with the citizens’ wishes. What a great idea, don’t you agree?

The Christmas Tree Hope is 15 meters high and comes from Taxiarchis Halkidiki. Taxiarchis is a traditional mountain village which is located in the heart of Mount Holomontas at an altitude of 670 meters. Most locals are involved in the cultivation of firs for the Greek Christmas tree market.

The Christmas Tree Hope in Piraeus

Play With Stars

Only 6 minutes walking distance away from the City Hall there is the famous Pasalimani, which is only 400 meters away from Alexandra Square.

The Municipality of Piraeus offers an impressive spectacle in Pasalimani full of festive glow with an impressive art installation of 3D stars, from the International Festival of Digital Arts of Greece, Athens Digital Arts Festival (

The magic of Christmas comes to life with the technique of contactless interaction with a spectacular corridor of 3D stars, creating a dreamlike Forest of Stars. The visitors can play with the stars by walking through them or just passing by. The Christmas stars light up when the visitors are next to them or pass through them, creating a unique experience full of light.

Play With Stars in Piraeus
Play With Stars in Piraeus
Play With Stars in Piraeus
Play With Stars in Piraeus

2 – Christmas Ships & Carols

The Magic Power of Traditions

The Municipality of Piraeus restores the beloved tradition of the Christmas Ships. You won’t believe how mesmerizing it is to watch the Christmas lights’ reflection in the sea. You can find the decorated ships in Pasalimani and Aphrodite Bay, Peiraiki.

Christmas Ships in Piraeus
Christmas Ships in Piraeus

Stars of Platia Alexandras in Piraeus

Just 4 minutes walking distance from Pasalimani you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Marina Zeas and almost of all the Pasalimani Harbor. The festive decorations have transformed Alexandras Square (Platia Alexandras) into a magical Star Forest.

Stars of Platia Alexandras in Piraeus
Stars of Platia Alexandras in Piraeus
Platia Alexandras in Piraeus
Platia Alexandras in Piraeus

And just around the corner (with a car), you must visit the Bridge of Stardust near SEF, in Mikrolimano, Akti Dilaveri. If you are a keen walker probably you will need half an hour to reach by foot the canal near the stadium. For me, it was always my favorite walk from Pasalimani to Kastella and finally to SEF. Now, this spectacular bridge has made it the talk of the town.

Greek & Digital Nomad Instagramers, get ready to capture the beauty of Christmas Lights in Piraeus.

Tunnel of Stardust near SEF
Bridge of Stardust near SEF

Three Wishes Just For You

Now that you are full of Christmas cheer and your heart is melting full of love it’s the perfect moment to visit Terpsitheas Square in Piraeus. Three Snow White Stars are waiting to hear your three wishes.

Three Snow White Stars at Terpsitheas Square in Piraeus
Three Snow White Stars at Terpsitheas Square in Piraeus

3 – The Game Of Towers

The Tower of Piraeus, is the second tallest building in Greece. This year is also the best Christmas art installation in Greece. The Tower dominates one of the most central parts of the city and is now a symbol of the rebirth of Piraeus. The Tower has 23 floors and stands as the landmark of the city in general.

The people behind this magnificent lighting & Art Installation:

Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece, Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco
Art Installation at Piraeus Tower in Greece, Photo by Patroklos Stellakis Ideadeco

Minutes before midnight, the Municipality of Piraeus welcomed the arrival of the new year with a spectacular feast of fireworks and amazing lightings against the backdrop of the port. The festive traditions were different than the previous years amid the pandemic restrictions, but still, the result was magnificent. The Mayor of Piraeus did everything in his power to bring the Christmas Spirit in town. And yes, Santa visited Piraeus this year!

We Love Piraeus

Ideadeco Team loves Piraeus therefore it was only natural to dedicate an article about the Christmas Celebrations in Piraeus. It’s a city full of romantic corners next to the sea and one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe.

Be Merry, Be Jolly, Be Excited. Now you are in Piraeus. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

The people behind this post:

Creative 💻 Areti Vassou
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  • Piraeus City Hall and The Municipal Theatre Of Piraeus
  • Pasalimani The Clock of Piraeus
  • Mikrolimano, Akti Dilaveri
  • Terpsitheas Square
  • Platia Alexandras Pireas

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