Hello 2021, Ideadeco Team welcomes you with a big smile! We are ready to rock the new year and celebrate life, again.

We must admit that 2020 was challenging beyond comprehension, and we look forward to 2021, hoping the new year will bring new opportunities and perhaps some comfort to all of us.

We hope and wish that 2021 is going to be a spectacular year.

A year of majestic creativity.

A year of kindness.

A year of grace and joy.

We have come to a point in life where we have learned as individuals and as part of a bigger community, the importance of appreciating what we have accomplished so far.

Our new goals and plans for 2021 are crystal clear and oriented to one single point: to stay safe, healthy and to work less. Yes, that’s right! We aim to work less and slow down. Because life is more than productivity charts.

We are thankful for all the clients, companies and brands that trusted us throughout 2020. We are over the moon for their faith in our team. Once again the beginning of the year is a reminder that everything in life has a circle of growth. Although we are just after the ending of 2020, we are thrilled with the fact that we are welcoming the new year (and the following years), with the best reward & award. Our clients’ trust.

All of our clients expressed their confidence in our services by renewing their contracts. That’s the best recognition we could ever ask for. Hearing them expressing their appreciation for having us by their side brings joy and a little bit of pride into our hearts. Our relentless commitment to our clients’ experience and their success in their digital journey, has never been stronger.

We pride ourselves on delivering uniquely insightful and creative SEO Strategy & Copywriting Services through a tailored, trusted and empathic client experience.

We will continue to work with our clients, through digital channels, creating unique and outstanding content and offer consultations, workshops, and branding strategy sessions to ensure they will continue to receive the full value they deserve from our company. The new strategic business plan for our clients has expanded for the following four years. Receiving the vote of confidence from top CEO’s (from all over the world) of well-known brands that have hired us as their SEO Strategist & Marketing Consultants, it’s quite an achievement, giving us the strength and the will to perform at the top of our services.

We are entering the New Year with the best terms and with many new collaborations from 24 different countries. We are treating all global & local business projects with the same attention to detail. We are focused on the business growth of our clients without sacrificing the quality of health and safety of our employees, our extended families and communities. Our top priorities include our unwavering dignity and personal development. We work only with people and for projects that uplift us and make us better than we were yesterday.

Our values guide the importance of having a solid balance between our personal lives and work. We are doing our best to demonstrate daily our culture learning by our own mistakes. We prefer to be genuinely connected than being just online. Giving back to our community is essential for our company.

We are on this path together and we sincerely hope that we will be healthy and keep working tirelessly around the clock to support those affected during these difficult times.

Therefore it isn’t a surprise that our team provides pro bono services in companies that are under financial distress in Greece and in NGOs all over Europe. This had been part of our company culture since the very beginning of our journey. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer our services for free and be reminded of how to be patient and understanding with a high degree of compassion for everyone.

We nurture personal growth, family peace, creative work, physical and mental health, financial safety and spiritual development. We value the dedication that inspires our clients to recommend us to their network but we are protecting our colleagues from over burning their working energy while working from home. These festive days we took the opportunity to stay in, catch up on things we’ve been meaning to do with our beloved ones, be present with our families and sit together at the dinner table welcoming the new year.

Spending time with our family had given us the ability to value what is really important in life. People. Love. Kindness. Life. Health. Connection. Honesty. Creativity. Dignity.

On behalf of all of us, we want to thank you all for respecting our collaborations and working hours. We’re committed to serving you and being your trusted SEO Strategists & Digital Marketing Consultants in all the days and years ahead.

The good news is that we are already booked for all quarters of 2021 (and until the end of 2024) by setting specific goals for each client and project. This year we are ready to deal with anything unexpected.

As we go forward, know that we always value your feedback, notes, questions, ideas, messages and everything you have shared with us. We hear you. We take into consideration everything you ask. Every single word you send us is the fuel that guides the ways we serve you.

That’s the value of great teams. We made it through the rough times and we dance together through the better times.

We know deep in our hearts that 2021 will be the best year ever.

Happy New Year!

Areti Vassou

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year!

Here’s to making more cherished memories in 2021!

This is a new year.

A new beginning.

A new chapter of our lives.

Let’s make the best of it.

✨ Stay Safe

🥂 Celebrate the gift of life!

And be kind to everyone, including yourself.

And a personal note about 2021

Have a wonderful, beautiful, carefree New Year!

Remember that only love is the foundation for true happiness. Make dreams, make new plans for the new year but stay safe and healthy ❤️

On my list for 2021?

Spending more time playing with my cats, taking long walks by the sea 🚶‍♀️, continue to finding beauty in the most unexpected places and keep creating a virtual community and support one another.

We are so ready to celebrate life, again!

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