Stray Art Festival in Syros

Graffiti Art in Syros during Stray Art Festival in Syros, during September 2017, was really inspiring.

Syros is famous all over the world for its cultural events and festivals. But this one was quite different from what we are used to. Especially Graffiti Art attract my attention within seconds.

The event took place at  SYROS NEORION, which is an old but yet traditional shipyard in Greece. Neorion is one of the oldest Greek heavy industries, located in Ermoupolis, on the island of Syros. Today, it is one of the few remaining major industrial corporations in what used to be the industrial and commercial center of Greece, before being eclipsed by Piraeus in the late 19th century.

You don’t see heavy industry traffic anymore but you do see art projects on the island of Syros. Such as this amazing Stray Art Festival. And the wall all around NEORION became an artistic “white canvas”  for several popular Graffiti artists.


The main concept of this fresh project was the musician Markos Vamvakaris. And the Graffiti artists reveal their dreams, unspoken thoughts and approach through their spray paints.

It was so refreshing to meet new people that they respect and in the same time, they create beyond the unexpected way of expression. Passion, creativity, optimism and endless love for life were there. Well done to all of them!

Keep up with the great work!


We did some history digging about NEORION and here is what we found:


In 1898, the name “Neorion” (an Ancient Greek word indicating a port facility for ship repair and construction) was adopted.

Neorion roots go back to a traditional shipyard on that island, known for the construction of ships and boats for use during the Greek revolution of the 1820s, as well as design and building of various types of ships for the new Greek kingdom in the decades that followed. The company was officially founded in 1861 to technically support the “Greek Steamship Company”, initially employing, in addition to Greek technical staff and several mechanics from Western Europe.

During the 1860s, in addition to shipbuilding, it produced steam engines, boilers, pumps, and heavy cannons. A heavy steam engine of its own design and construction was exhibited at the International Exhibition in Paris in 1878. In 1893, the company produced its first metal steamship (the Athena).

In 1997, Neorion acquired another shipyard, Elefsis Shipyards, while it diversified into new fields such as the construction of luxury mega-yachts and subcontracting work for aerospace companies. The company is currently organized as the Neorion Group.

Thank you Wikipedia.


Graffiti Art in Syros

Graffiti Art in Syros

Graffiti Art in Syros

  • Photo Credits: Patroklos Stellakis 
  • Location: Ermoupolis, Syros, Greece
  • Date: September 2017
  • Camera: Canon EOS 80D



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