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Support Code Education Donate to Social Hackers Academy

IDEADECO Team & Areti Vassou, are officially supporting Social Hackers Academy in their efforts to provide free Code Education to vulnerable people within Greece, Europe, and other countries. Join us, today! #SupportSHA #Donate

+ August 2020 IDEADECO Newsletter by Areti Vassou

August 2020 IDEADECO Newsletter

Welcome August! Slow down and enjoy summer. Take the time to find your own pace, next to the people you love. #August

+ Live the Best Summer Vacations in Syros Greece

Live the Best Summer Vacations in Syros Greece

Discover the majestic beauty of Syros Island and live your myth in Greece! #Syros

Are you Looking for a Destination Videographer in Greece?

Meet Alex Stabasopoulos, one of the best Destination Videographers in Greece!

+ Why We Love September in Greece

Why We Love September in Greece

September is a fascinating month and here are our 14 reasons why we love the beginning of Autumn. Would you like to share yours?

Host Successful Corporate Events in Greece

Only with the right Agency you can host a successful Corporate Event in Greece. #Events

+ Earth Day in Greece

Earth Day

In nature, nothing exists alone #EarthDay

The Pink Moon Inspiration

Blame the Spring weather but we are under the spell of the Pink Moon

My Best Friend is having a Destination Wedding in Greece

Rock Paper Scissors Events know how to make your wedding in Greece feel like a fairytale!

+ Athens is Europe's Most Innovative City

Athens is Europe’s Most Innovative City

Athens has been named as Europe’s ‘most innovative city’ by the European Capital of Innovation contest and has been awarded a cash prize of €1 million.

+ Athens Authentic Marathon

Athens Authentic Marathon

The Athens Classic (authentic) Marathon is an annual marathon road race held in Athens, Greece, normally in early November.

Experiential Open Dialogue at Ancient Agora Athens

Vicky Evangeliou, Founder of VSN HUB and Marketing Lead, is supporting the BPW New Horizons initiative in Athens