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Discover Guinness

Not far from the city centre, just 20 minutes walk, it is Ireland’s most popular tourist attraction: Guinness Experience – Dublin.

Power of a Box

After World War II, the original CARE Package harnessed the power of generosity in a box. It changed the world by delivering food that relieved suffering across a devastated Europe.

+ Young Executives Shipping Forum Posidonia 2016

1st Young Executives Shipping Forum at Posidonia – Say YES to Shipping

Posidonia 2016 will become a solid bridge with the Young Executives that are already in the shipping business and those that are ready and willing to embark on the unique journey internationally known as “Greek Shipping”.

Overall, will be contributing to the Future of our Greek Shipping Community and taking a part in extending these 3,000 years of history and tradition!

Zbigniew Preisner: Song For The Unification Of Europe

Zbigniew Preisner: Song For The Unification Of Europe… #Europe   #Paris   #JeSuisParis   #ParisAttacks