Numbers don’t lie! Especially the number of good friends… We want to thank all of you for trusting us since the beginning of our journey in SEO, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Web Design, and WordPress.

I know that you were expecting a big report with financial growth and spectacular case studies. For me and my team, these are not important. We care about the people, the bonding, the communication and the joy of life. Business growth is a major part of our personal growth therefore we prioritize the human element. After all who cares about the big numbers when there are so many great memories (and stories) to share?

Our clients have become good friends and some turned into family members. We had the privilege to meet amazing people throughout our business path. Although traveling to more than 30 countries (each year) is extremely difficult, all of you made it easier for us.

Thank you for putting IDEADECO among the Top SEO Copywriting Companies in Greece and Europe!

Martin, we still taste your delicious spaghetti. Kathrin, we promise to practice more in our Spanish dancing moves, and Sofia your Estonian carrot cake recipe has become our favorite one. Mary, we will come to your wedding in Milano next summer. And Daan, it’s so hard to play this Dutch melody on the guitar… you need to teach us again the Blues Scale. Rubi, next time, we gonna take this road trip to the French south vineyards.

Take my word on this. If your choices don’t bring you joy then you are on the wrong path. Sure, we pay attention to the numbers… We calculate the times we smiled every single day of our life. Try it!

Eventually, everything will fall into place.

It’s as simple as that. Notice the right numbers and all the rest will follow.



SEO Copywriting Agency

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency is Your Team of Experts in the digital world of communication, making online businesses thrive in 24 countries.

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency is located in Greece. We are making brands win attention since 2000. Our clients are spread all over the world and our associated partners have offices in 24 countries.

We create SEO-friendly, personalized digital content & provide SEO copywriting services for brands. Since 2000 we are in the business of making brands stand out and lead the game. We know how to turn a brand into a solid community. We make ideas happen into a world of noise. We do business for those who seek results.

In the meantime, we enjoy traveling and organizing Premium Workshops for SEO, Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation, Branding, and Digital Strategy. The next available IDEADECO Workshops will be announced soon.

Note to remember for the B2B Workshops: We accept new entries only after careful selection and research. If our network doesn’t know you then please don’t send us any request to join. In our B2B Workshops, all attendees are bound under a confidential agreement.

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