After several weeks of hard work, countless trials, code testing and long nights with burning the night oil friends, today we’re delighted to announce the new look of our website!

We have added a couple of new value-adding services. Why? You ask for them! Yes, all of you! When visitors keep asking the same questions for more than 1000 times then it is quite clear that we should have added these sections a year ago… Better late than never!

Explore our website’s new look

Now we offer to our visitors, clients, students and friends all the solutions that our previous website failed short to communicate. Yes, we are brave enough to admit our pitfalls. Only when you recognize your own mistakes you can improve and move on to the next chapter.

From now on all visitors can find the information they want and all the additional ways that we could help them to make significant cost savings regarding their digital assets, SEO & Content goals.

For all those seeking SEO Services, SEO Content Writing, Digital Copywriting, Content Marketing Strategy, Blogging Topics and Workshops, Digital Branding and Strategy for Creative Entrepreneurs, Social Media Optimization and Email Marketing, now they have their own go-to source of inspiration & solutions.

Ideadeco has a fresh new look

See our new website and how we communicate effectively our message to the right people. Some prefer to make noise, some others choose to use fireworks and some others just copy-paste what is trending. We prefer to create unique, tailor-made and personalized content for each person and brand we choose to work with. We belong to the rare tribe of beauty seekers and inspiration goldminers.

This means that we are picky. And our clients are picky, too. And their clients are extremely picky and selective and well informed… To make a long story short, we drink coffee and sign new contracts only with people that are looking to please their eyes first and not the general trends.

Our visitors seek no approval for what makes them happy. And this is how we connect the dots of communication. Our new website’s look states just that. This is what we do, what we offer and how we deal with the business challenges. We dare to take the less-traveled path and we are ready to jump off the cliff for any project that gives us goosebumps.

Following our desire to keep our standards high and our passion for inspiration alive, we designed a new website look, ready to guide your eyes into a better digital experience.

Always, in line with our ongoing commitment to outstanding customer service, we hope that you will find all the information you need for making your content journey smooth and joyful.

Explore our website’s new look and feel free to send us your feedback. We hope you’ll love the new site as much as we do!


Good to know: Our website swims into the ocean with WordPress and our theme dress is Luxury by Organic Themes.

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