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Topic: Find out How to Find Copywriting Jobs on LinkedIn

Discover how you can find great copywriting jobs on LinkedIn. You can start by setting the alarm notification system ON for all copywriting jobs listed on LinkedIn. Apply to the most challenging listings and try to get as many interviews as possible. Risk to fail. Try again and keep trying till you find the perfect job for you.

Maybe, you don’t want to be hired at the moment, but job listings can give you a great sense of what is really in demand. See what kind of skillsets they need, which topics they want to cover. Get yourself into their shoes and start publishing engaging content about their specific topics. Listen to our Podcast for more useful tips!

In case you prefer to read the content then this episode is also available as a blog post: How to find copywriting jobs on LinkedIn.

Enjoy our podcast!

Areti Vassou & Ideadeco Team

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