Piraeus now has a brand new Coworking Space: WorkSpot. It’s the perfect place to be for creative, inventive entrepreneurs. This coworking space was designed and made by real professionals addressing the needs of modern entrepreneur minds.

The owners of WorkSpot shine with their hospitality and integrity. You will see the respect they feel for the people from the moment you set your foot in the door. There is positive energy all over the place of WorkSpot. This coworking space makes people a priority and makes you feel like you are back home. It is the perfect coworking space for freelancers, digital nomads, and small-medium businesses.

WorkSpot offers a variety of serviced offices to rent with flexible plans and special prices depending on the rental duration, a professional address for those who do not own their own space in order to host their business or even a virtual office. Also, seminars, events, professional networks, and many more services are offered.

WorkSpot: The New Coworking Space in Piraeus
WorkSpot: The New Coworking Space in Piraeus

The Best WorkSpot in Town

We had the chance to meet the owner of WorkSpot.gr and ask her about her vision. WorkSpot has a lot to offer! First and foremost, a fully equipped workplace, contemporary and cozy, where you can focus and work without any distractions.

Ideadeco: What is the core mentality of WorkSpot?

Laura Savva: At WorkSpot we are not familiar with the word client. The word we are definitely familiar with in this coworking space is the word partner. Our goal is to be become your partners and offer you all you need in order to achieve each one of your business goals. And then, to celebrate with you each one of your business achievements.

Ideadeco: How is WorkSpot different from other coworking spaces?

Laura Savva: With a multi-year experience in the business world, the next step that came naturally to us was to put to good use all this valuable experience and contribute in a way that solopreneurs and startuppers can take huge steps into their careers. We love to participate and interact with the people in the office! We are available & flexible!

A small business, especially a start-up, can be very challenging. But when we work together, the sure thing is that we will always be moving forward. In case you ever meet any barriers, all you need to do is to take a look next to you, and you are going to find us there, standing by you.

Whether your needs are big or small, our goal is to meet them in every aspect. From creating your website or e-shop and contributing to the creation of your business identity, to answering your calls, and many more.

WorkSpot: The New Coworking Space in Piraeus
WorkSpot: The New Coworking Space in Piraeus

Ideadeco: What is your definition of the perfect coworking space?

Laura Savva: Our perception of a Coworking Space is more of an anthropocentric nest of creativity. Yes, a coworking space definitely means having a hot desk, a virtual office, the renting of serviced offices, the space itself and its design, the sunlight through its windows (endless mugs of coffee!), the essential tools, and everything that composes a coworking space suitable for work. But we do not think that a coworking space is just that.

We value interaction. The active presence of businesspeople in the spaces of their interest, physical and virtual, the connection between people, the concept of network support… The development of mutually beneficial collaborations and sharing our creative ideas and expertise with you. That is what Coworking Space means to us.

WorkSpot: The New Coworking Space in Piraeus
WorkSpot: The New Coworking Space in Piraeus

At WorkSpot you can book your own Meeting Room for your next meeting. Meeting Rooms are the most important spaces where meetings, brainstormings, creations, decisions, educational sessions and many more take place! In the heart of Piraeus, you have the ability to host your important appointments and seminars at affordable hourly rates, 7 days a week!

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