Did you know that Pinterest is a slice of paradise for content creators? Let’s meet and have a coffee while exploring the amazing world of Pinterest. Together we will create Pins and upload them to Pinterest. The topic of this Coffee Meetup is the basic principles of Pinterest.


We will meet on Monday 21 February 2022. The coffee will be served hot at 12.30 (midday), in the welcoming space of WorkSpot, at 8 Ippodamias Square, Piraeus (on the 4th floor). Our meeting will last about 2 hours.

Pinterest Content Creators Coffee Time at WorkSpot
Pinterest Content Creators Coffee Time at WorkSpot


We will gather at WorkSpot CoWorking Space, at 8 Ippodamias Square, Piraeus (on the 4th floor). Make sure to arrive at 12.30. Our meeting will last about 2 hours.


Of course, you want to know who organizes this Content Creators Meetup.

Areti Vassou IDEADECO LinkedIn

The main organizer is Areti Vassou. If you are reading this description you have met Areti’s work behind many websites and blogs. Rumor has it that she is a multi-content-creator…
She usually responds that “once a creator, always a creator!” Find more about Areti Vassou at www.ideadeco.co and on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/aretivassouideadeco/

Laura Savva Workspot LinkedIn

We have some extra good news. This time we have a second co-host, Laura Savva. Laura is an active entrepreneur and founder of WorkSpot. Learn more about her at www.workspot.gr and on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurasavva/


For starters, it is a great opportunity to discover Pinterest.

If you already create content for blogs, websites or social media then you will enjoy talking to other content creators. Finding your tribe of content creators and copywriters can boost your creativity. You will be given the opportunity to share your own experience. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Join us!

If all of this is something new for you and you want to explore the digital world of Pinterest then book a spot. We are a team of creative minds, social media enthusiasts, copywriters full of personality, stubborn to do things in our own way but with a huge thirst to learn something new every single day. Can you relate?

Join us!

Pinterest Content Creators Coffee Meetup by IDEADECO Areti Vassou

Hint: Whether you are a professional content creator or this is your first time uploading content to Pinterest, it will be a fun and very creative experience.

Keep in mind

  • Spots are limited for only 8 people. Book your spot here.
  • Masks required. Wear it!
  • This is an indoor event.
  • COVID 19 vaccination certificate required.
  • Choose a casual outfit that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Professional photographer will cover the event.
  • This meetup can not accommodate pets and children.
  • Participation is free. (Yes, free!)
  • Language: Greek.

Hey, don’t forget to book your spot here.

Meet our Sponsors

IDEADECO SEO Copywriting Agency www.ideadeco.co
WorkSpot Coworking Space in Piraeus www.workspot.gr
Content Creators Association www.greekcontentcreators.com

Areti Vassou Ideadeco Pinterest
Pinterest Content Creators Meetup by Ideadeco Areti Vassou
Pinterest Content Creators Meetup by Ideadeco Areti Vassou

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