Are you ready to meet the passionate members of the WordPress Greek Community at the upcoming WordCamp Athens 2022? The organizing team is preparing the biggest WordPress community-based tech conference of the year. It’s official and we are excited about the news.

This is the ultimate conference for all WordPress enthusiasts, developers, designers, bloggers, digital marketers, content creators, YouTubers, vloggers, podcasters, startupers, entrepreneurs, data analysts, digital nomads, journalists, social media managers, PR experts, SEO consultants, students and even for all WordPress competitors. Everyone is welcome!

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WordCamp Athens 2022 is happening on 9 and 10 April 2022, at Megaron – Athens Concert Hall, Vas. Sofias & Kokkali, 115 21 Athens.

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More about WordCamps

More than 40% of the websites you visit on a daily basis are built with the WordPress open-source software, a platform widely used all over the world and it is rising constantly, especially in Greece. The WordPress Greek Community organizes WordCamp Athens, a conference dedicated to all aspects of WordPress.

WordCamps are conducted in 120 countries around the world and they explore a variety of topics regarding WordPress-based projects, websites, blogs, plugins, and much more. Globally, WordCamps are supported by the WordPress Foundation, the official nonprofit organization with the goal to preserve the openness of WordPress.

WordCamp Athens 2022 conference is approved and endorsed by the WordPress Foundation and WordPress Central.

Join WordCamp Athens on 9-10 April 2022

What you can gain at WordCamps

Knowledge, networking, business deals and of course new friends. WordCamps cover a variety of topics such as design, development, blogging/content, social media, marketing, startups, eCommerce / shops, and many others. Have a look at the presentations from previous WordCamps to get an idea.

WordCamps are available for anyone who works with WordPress, at any level of experience and knowledge, regardless of their sex, race, religion, weight, size, or any other human attribute. The conference gathers all the latest developments and skillsets that grow within WordPress. It aims to share all the latest news with the community. Furthermore, networking and business development opportunities are on the rise for all visitors.

WordCamp Athens’s previous conferences had the joy to create an interactive community with different business backgrounds such as Web Developers, Web Designers, Βloggers, Journalists, Content Curators, Web Editors, Social Media Managers, Digital Marketing Experts, SEO Consultants, Eshop Managers, Students just to name a few.

WordCamps follow WordPress’s guidelines as it has been published at the official Code of Conduct and adopts diversity standards and accessibility requirements for all members and visitors.

Join WordCamp Athens on 9-10 April 2022

Meet WordCamp Athens Organizing Team

WordCamp Athens 2022 is organized solely by volunteers, members of the WordPress Greek Community. Their love and dedication to WordPress are the motivation behind their involvement in organizing this community-based conference. They share all the responsibilities for making this huge event happen for free. Meet the organizing team of WordCamp Athens 2022 here.

WordPress Greek Community has organized 6 successful WordCamps in Greece so far:

Get the vibes from the previous in-person WordCamp Athens in 2019. If that doesn’t make you want to get your ticket and join the upcoming conference, then nothing else will.

WordPress Greek Community knows how to set up a spectacular gathering in big numbers. All previous conferences were full of personality and creativity. Worth mentioning that WordCamp Athens is one of the biggest WordPress events in Southern Europe.

WordCamp Athens Tickets

We are counting the hours for getting our ticket. The conference attendance tickets cover the first day of WordCamp Athens, including lunch and coffee breaks, and have an affordable fee. Soon to be announced on WordCamp Athens 2022 official website. 

The second day of the conference, named Contributors Day, is free and open to the public but requires a separate registration to participate. Don’t worry, more information will be announced soon.


Why Attend WordCamp Athens

My experience

My name is Areti Vassou and have been involved with WordPress meetups as an attendee since the very beginning in San Fransisco (Saturday, June 26, 2004) and later in New York. When I moved back to Europe and finally back to my home country Greece, visiting local WordPress meetups and WordCamps in Greece, was the natural thing to do.

In general WordPress events in Greece are well organized, diversity-oriented, safe for women or any other underappreciated groups. Diversity and inclusivity are major pillars of the community. WordPress Greek Community follows all the guidelines given by WordPress Central as are stated in the Code of Conduct.

By default, Greek mindset and culture nurtures nobility and fosters an environment free of political, religious, gender, age, appearance, financial or education bias within its community. Even in rare cases where incidents occurred where people felt any kind of insecurity, there were rapid reflexes of securing the site from disturbing individuals. In other words, if someone says “I need help” at least a dozen people will assist.

Parents with young children can find the support they need in order to attend the conference. Also, hearing issues won’t hold back people to attend because WordCamp Athens provides signing language interpreters on site. The venues are wheelchair friendly and people with limited vision can participate at the event, upon request.

Having a walking difficulty myself and after attending hundreds of WordCamps & WordPress meetups all over the world I can guarantee that WordCamps in Greece are the most welcoming WordPress community events on earth. That’s the reason I decided to participate as an organizer in 2020.

Of course, there are many different opinions and sometimes even mindset disagreements but that’s the point of being a volunteer. To be ready to see things from a different point of view and get out of your comfort zone. Participating in a community event is a choice that is backed up by the love we all share for WordPress. And we do it for free. All of us.

WordCamp Athens 2022

Do you want to join WordCamp Athens 2022?

There are several ways you can live the experience of this amazing tech conference. See how:

Join WordCamp Athens on 9-10 April 2022
Join WordCamp Athens on 9-10 April 2022

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