In this media kit, you can find all the important information about Ideadeco’s journey and the person behind it, Areti Vassou.

About Areti Vassou & Ideadeco

Ideadeco was founded in 2000 by Areti Vassou. Areti has been into Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Graphic Design, Content Creation, Marketing Strategy, Branding and Blogging since 1994.

My personal mission in this blog was clear from the very beginning. Working in top-notch websites in Europe & USA, I wanted to create my own personal digital nest for my voice. The idea of the branded Ideadeco Blog started as a personal project but within the first year, the demand for new content projects was so high that my clients’ blogs occupied most of my working hours.

Facing the daily demands and questions from the clients about digital marketing best practices, content creation & marketing challenges, SEO tactics, blogging topics, social media strategy, web design and marketing ethics, my personal blog seemed like the place to provide all the answers. Week by week, eventually Ideadeco Blog became a trustworthy source of information for all my clients, their friends, their clients, their colleagues and the circle kept growing year after year.

Today more than 1.250.000 page views per month are proving that people trust sources that are offering knowledge and professional experience.

I am passionate about blogging in the areas of digital marketing strategy, SEO, WordPress, content creation & marketing, branding, email marketing, social media strategy, and ethics. As it seems 812.000 people [in August 2020] found my work interesting enough to read it and share it with their friends.

About Areti Vassou and Ideadeco

After investing countless hours in seminars, workshops, public speaking, mentoring and supporting female digital entrepreneurs for the last 10 years, I am really grateful to all the people that pay attention to what I have to say. – Areti Vassou, Founder of

Ideadeco Statistics & Analytics

Ideadeco Blog August 2020 statistics: 350.800 people visited our blog for more than 15 minutes each and we gained more than 1.250.000 pageviews. (Last update: August 2020)

Ideadeco Blog & Community statistics:

  • Ideadeco Blog monthly page views: +1.250.000
  • Ideadeco Blog subscribers: 6.143
  • Newsletter subscribers: 23.480
  • Instagram followers: 18.932
  • Facebook page followers: 2.236
  • Facebook friends: 1.915
  • Branded Facebook (11) groups members: 42.500
  • Twitter followers: 2.854
  • Pinterest followers: 1.595
  • Tumblr: 1.156
  • LinkedIn connections: 8.563
  • Medium followers: 633
  • Quora: 11.000 answer views
  • Reddit: Active
  • YouTube subscribers: 39
  • Guest blogging in 82 blogs: +5.000.000 pageviews/month [+490.000 followers]
  • Advisory Board Member at VSN HUBGRFMD, and ISCHT  [+50.000 followers]
  • Media Supporter at WordCamp AthensWordCamp EuropeWordCamp Asia
  • Co-Organizer at WordPress Athens
  • Workshop Instructor for Digital Copywriting, SEO Content, Professional Blogging
  • Mentor at Women On Top
  • Professional Speaker in Conferences
  • Digital Strategy Director & Content Creator at [+152.000 followers]
  • Alexa global ranking: 199.433 (August 2020)

Now you know how many people have interacted with my published posts: more than 812.000 people have visited, read and shared my posts. [Last update: August 2020]

Available for Collaboration

My voice and my digital path could be a perfect fit for brands that aim to spread out their message to highly educated people that have an eco-friendly lifestyle, follow an ethical business positioning and promote slow living culture and digital technology.

Does that agree with your brand?

Then reach out and see how we can create a meaningful collaboration through tailor-made content creation, web design, branding, social media & digital marketing strategy, personalized content marketing, storytelling copywriting, blogging, workshops, and community building.

Please take into consideration that due to a heavy traveling schedule it may take up to 3 weeks before you get my answer.

Areti Vassou Available for Collaborations

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