See how Ideadeco Blog May statististics made it to the finish line of what all bloggers are dreaming to reach. Ideadeco Blog May statistics show that 149.010 people visited us for more than 15 minutes each and gained more than 741.240 pageviews. Although the focused keyword of the month was blogging, our top keyword for May 2020 was banned hashtags.

Why we decided to go public with our monthly statistics

We have noticed that plenty of new bloggers struggle to find satisfying results, no matter how hard they try. They lose their focus in the process of building their blog. So this series of posts are dedicated to all the dreamers that wish to make a living through blogging.

After all it always feels good to share knowledge and expertise with other people. It gives us joy to see other bloggers thriving and uplifting our industry to excellence.

Main Blogging Guidelines

Each month focus around a specific keyword. Just one. When you decide which one, write down all the possible variations you can find. Try Google search and check out what relevant words, phrases, titles and posts exists in page one, two and three.

For our blog, May was dedicated to the keyword Blogging. We published 15 blog posts related to all possible queries around blogging, business blogging, copywriting, seo writing and content creators. We made sure that all blog posts were linked and pointing to each other.

Here is the list of May blog posts:

As you see all posts answer to top blogging questions, issues and news that affect a blogger’s growth. Having said that, it is important to stress out that for each industry the topics may vary but the logical structure behind it remains the same.

Ideadeco Blog May Statistics

Make the conversation interesting

Visualize yourself as if you are in a room with strangers that all have a tag attached on them, indicating that they are bloggers walking up and down the room. How are you planning to introduce yourself without boring them?

Blogging needs two major elements to look and feel that worths the visitor’s attention.

First you should show that you care to learn more about the person in front of you. In our case, the person visiting & reading your blog. You have 4 seconds to grab the visitor’s attention. Have a look at this article for more details: 4 Best Title Generator Tools For Your Blog.

Use the title of your blog posts wisely. Sent the message about your post and that you are here to provide the answer they were looking for. Get in their shoes! Would you read this post? Would you spend 10-20 minutes to read more about this topic? Does it cover a need?

If the answer is yes, then you are ready to create the right content for the right eyes.

The second element is the quality of your content. Respect the time of your guests/visitors. Never publish a post that you would never recommended it to others if it was written from another person.

It may feels terrifying in the beginning, but gradually, you will feel comfortable enough to share your work in public. Feel free to visit this article for useful blogging keywords: Top Posts and Keywords for Blogging. Use these top keywords for blogging in your next blog posts and see the quality and quantity of traffic explode within a month.

Ideadeco May 2020 Statistics

Ideadeco Blog May statistics show that 149.010 people visited us for more than 15 minutes each and gained more than 741.240 pageviews.

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Ideadeco May 2020 Statistics
Ideadeco May 2020 Statistics
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