Welcome June! A brand new month is ahead of us and we are ready to open our wings and reach the sky. We all went through a difficult time during the last couple of months.  But life has a unique way to push us into the next step. 

Hundreds of fellow digital entrepreneurs reached out and a discussion started between professional bloggers and digital copywriters from all over the world. We have a secret group where we deal with our struggles and professional challenges. Only this time, everyone was looking for ways to move on to the next day. The new business reality after COVID-19 lockdown. And ways to brighten up our business prosperity in a period of uncertainty.

After weeks of discussions, we reached to 4 major conclusions:

  1. No one knows what to do.
  2. Clients need to find inspiration from us, the wordsmiths.
  3. It is a good time to offer pro bono digital copywriting & SEO services in order to get out of our shells.
  4. Now it is the perfect time to publish new work.

Try New Ways of Connection

So, the Web Designers of the group offered their trained eyes to improve design issues in several websites & blogs among the group’s members. The SEO writers offered their pen to improve the digital content on many websites & blogs. The technical SEO experts offered their wise skills to fix speed issues or even serious technical pitfalls. Everyone provided their services to anyone that needed a helping hand. 

Within a month, 70%  of our group’s community said that their mood was uplifted and gradually their business started to show new traffic. The second month was even more encouraging because 45% of the people said that new contracts started to land, and before the end of the second month almost everyone had at least one new paid project to deliver.

This line of incidents made me think that we can conquer all obstacles when we join forces and help each other. Solidarity and kindness are the two magical elements that can help us achieve anything in life.

Apparently, this was really a genius way to nurture our business prosperity and our mental health, as well. When we see light at the end of a dark tunnel, it’s easier to be more optimistic and react with patience under pressure, in our everyday challenges.

Choose to Change your Mindset

All brands and companies are based on human beings. And all human beings are responding positively to kindness. Be brave enough to offer before you request something.  Make good use of your time. Do your best to spread joy and trust. That’s the secret behind any genius ways to brighten up your business prosperity.

650 digital entrepreneurs tried this approach and today they can provide to their families. In a hard world, only warm & brave hearts can bring the change we all are wishing to find. 

Let’s make June an amazing month. Together!

Areti Vassou


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