Creating original content is the number one rule for SEO winning posts… but there is some extra SEO content writing tips that you should apply to your blogging strategy. Grab your coffee and start reading!

SEO Content Body

Create content for your target audience but have in mind all SEO technical requirements. Original content that provides useful information is adored both by all search engine machines and real readers. Do your research, create trustworthy content, use all the right keywords & visuals and soon traffic will make you smile.

Try to avoid long sentences and break your content into friendly paragraphs. It’s better to highlight all the important sections of your posts with different formats like bold letters, italics, quote format, or strong colors. Hey, check your grammar twice before you publish a post. And if you can manage to create long-form posts (+2500 words) 1 out of 4 posts then you will be amazed by the traffic results.

Make your message clear and easy to remember!

SEO Content Writing Tips to Make Your Blog Shine
SEO Content Writing Tips to Make Your Blog Shine

SEO Headlines

Headlines are the cornerstones of your blogging strategy. Pay attention and master the title generating game if you want to attract the right kind of attention from the right people. Visitors who seek information about blogging services or SEO copywriting will never land on your website if you use generic titles like Don’t mix oranges with apples, Dive in the beauty of words, Write your story etc.

Headlines is the entrance door to your website and is the one-time opportunity to be discovered. Remember that we have only 4 seconds to grab the visitor’s attention. Use these 4 seconds wisely! Instead of burning your brain to find amazing titles for your blog posts, try these 4 title generator tools and get the results you are dreaming. 

SEO Keywords

In general, top posts are those that bring huge traffic into blogs. In my opinion, top posts should bring and potential new business contracts or/and leads. Therefore we can separate these posts from all the others. This is a strong indicator of what really works with your target audience. In other words, what real people prefer to read from you. Quite helpful to clear any doubts that blogging in an ongoing process of communication and development.

To make this happen you must concentrate on the best keywords for your blog posts. Define what brings real people into your blog and listen what they say to you, through the statistics and analytics. If certain topics and queries keep bringing more visits and traffic, then consider publishing more about these queries and use related keywords. Here is an example of my golden list for blogging related keywords.

SEO Social Media Sharing

You know what they say, sharing is caring. In this case, making it easy for your readers to share your posts in their social media channels is totally a game-changing step. Add social media sharing buttons, create graphics and visuals that are social media friendly for all types of sharing actions. For example, Pinterest visuals are different from Instagram visuals. Here is a picture with the right dimensions to be shared into Pinterest boards.

SEO Content Writing Tips to Make Your Blog Shine
SEO Content Writing Tips to Make Your Blog Shine

SEO Endless Improvement

That’s one of the major factors that most bloggers see poor traffic results. Make time to improve and enhance older posts. Add new information or new visuals. Revise the content and constantly improve your work. Your readers will love you for this… and Google will love you, too!

What you have written a year ago may need optimization. And search machines crawl and check what is published, frequently. Keep your content updated and stay at the top of interest for your target audience.

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Now it’s your turn to contribute with your SEO copywriting tip

Tell us what is your own SEO copywriting tip that changed the game for your blog. We can’t wait to read your success secret in the comment area.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all these SEO tips, like your said there’s endless room for improvement and the best thing you can do is to educate yourself so all your future posts will be optimized. It will save you a lot of work in the long run not having to go back to edit older post, Just my 2 cents.

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