A couple of weeks ago in one of Ideadeco’s interviews, Viktorija asked me this: How do you recharge energies and where do you find the motivation during those tough tiring times when overstimulated with workload or projects aren’t going well?

At the end of each interview, I offer to the interviewees one unique opportunity to put me into their shoes. The interviewees have one bonus question without any limitations. They have the opportunity to ask me anything they want to learn about me or my work. I willingly put my cards on the table, for one question.

For the first time, the bonus question made me smile. It is true that questions reveal the true colors of character and the composition of a personality. The things we notice from our questions. And our questions tell who we really are.

Ask the right questions and you will end up with the right answers. And opportunities. And people. And sometimes this can change your life.

Ask the right questions
Ask the right questions

How do you recharge?

For me the number one method to recharge my energy is solitude. Solitude is bliss for a person’s soul. In other words, making it a priority to have “alone-time” at least 1 day each week, nurtures my mental and physical health.

Also, I take seriously the quality of sleep. Literally, I never sacrifice my sleep if it is not a matter of life or death. It is our responsibility to protect our brains from unnecessary causes of exhaustion.

Being actively conscious of my eating habits keeps my energy always high. Having nutritious meals that actually provide a joyful experience of flavors and helps my body to function properly. I respect my body’s needs more than anything! For example, I never eat food that makes me feel tired or makes me sick. I never eat red meat or some fruits & vegetables that I can not digest. You see, healthy food is not healthy for everyone!

I choose wisely my closest friends and never do small talk. Why? Because my time and tenderness is not for waste. When I care for someone, I do care with all my heart. Saving my energy for my closest people, makes me feel richer and always ready to provide the best. So, spending time in meaningless events or meetings, just to fulfill my calendar, is not my cup of tea.

Another way to keep my energy blooming is daily soft exercise. During the winter months, I spend 1-2 hours every day walking by the seaside or in the city streets. Fortunately, it’s a happy coincidence that my residence is near the Saronic Gulf.

In summer, early morning swimming is a daily habit that keeps me in good shape. Although I have been an XL lady almost all my life, my physical condition had been excellent.

A major part of adulthood is the hard professional daily schedule that demands to be on the clock for 8-10 hours. At some point, you choose how you want to deal with this pressing routine. In my case, I put quality over quantity. I prefer to have fewer projects that pay better than having more clients that pay less. Therefore my work is only a part of my life and not my entire life.

For all these issues that tend to occur at the worst timing, I have backup plans that can support the members of my family in a time of need. Health issues, physical disasters, financial crises or even unemployment are part of life. Knowing that these unpleasant situations may come at any time, we plan ahead and make room for the unexpected. After all, life is what it is. Just happens. We control absolutely nothing.

How not to mention that books, music, hobbies, true friends, cats, and traveling are the best remedies in the world. Find what brings you joy and let it in your life.

Finally, the most important tool I use to save the best energy for better things is one magical word. The word: NO. Learn to say no to the things or to the people you don’t want in your life.

A brave NO is a disguised YES to a better life. – Areti Vassou

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