A copywriter is a person who is paid to create “copy” – content made from words (or other forms of copy) designed to drive action. A junior copywriter works directly below the senior copywriter, usually in the marketing and advertising industry. Nowadays copywriters are found in other industries related to copy-relevant communication. In general content creators start from the use of words.

Junior Copywriter Responsibilities

The role of a junior copywriter can vary from agency to agency, from project to project, and from goal to goal but in all cases, it’s common to engage in SEO activities that include:

  • Write content for blog posts and advertisements that promote products or services,
  • Create copy or text to complement visual concepts across many platforms,
  • Create content for marketing materials,
  • Press and print advertising copy,
  • Press releases content,
  • Newsletters content,
  • Articles content,
  • Brochures

Junior copywriters are required to apply their creative skills in copy creation and presentation. Also, conducting SEO and keyword research is part of the main responsibilities. In many Marketing Agencies, they ask Junior Copywriters to engage in updating product descriptions and writing promotional text for banners and online ads.

Creating engaging online content

These four words describe what it really means to be a Junior Copywriter. Day in and day out they have to follow the Senior Copywriter guidelines and deliver all the tasks required by the Head of Content.

Let’s break the tasks down and make them crystal clear:

  • Write and proofread blog posts every day
  • Revise existing content for products and services
  • Create promotional text for online assets
  • Create content for ads, banners, brochures
  • Create content for all social networks
  • Conduct basic keyword research
  • Submit well-structured drafts to senior copywriters
  • Monitor deadlines for the content calendar
  • Communication between editors
  • Update existing content on every single web pages
  • Create targeted email content
  • Implement SEO practices
  • Create fresh content for the blog posts
  • Coordinate different teams for mixed content posts
  • Create ready to use conversational copy for online communication apps
  • Create engaging headlines
  • Basic knowledge HTML
  • Familiarity with all popular CMS

Junior Copywriter Skills

Most Marketing Agencies are looking for junior copywriters that have the following skills:

  • Proven excellent use of the required language
  • To be a bookworm is a must.
  • Also to follow the trends, art, fashion updates
  • The ability to think creatively
  • The craft to translate complex ideas into copy
  • Experience in writing grammatically correct copy
  • An out of the box approach
  • Having the willingness to adapt ideas according to each project
  • The ability to meet deadlines
  • Readiness to work in a pressurized environment
  • Great organizational skills
  • An eye for detail
  • High standard aesthetics
  • Strong research skills
  • Establish accuracy in all forms of copy
  • A passion for writing
  • Willingness to learn from other creative professionals
  • Ready to forget the official working office hours
  • Able to respond in last-minute changes
  • Always learning something new
What are the Responsibilities of a Junior Copywriter
What are the Responsibilities of a Junior Copywriter?

After the first six months, it is common to give more responsibilities to Junior Copywriters shifting their position from newbies to medium-level copywriters. The Head of Content starts to treat juniors like seniors when they get stronger at:

  • Understanding the message for each project
  • Gets easier to communicate with the client
  • Are ready to add a new perspective to an old idea
  • Creating attractive and memorable copy
  • Writing perfect, engaging copy
  • Get better at receiving feedback
  • They actually improve copywriters
  • Understanding client specifications
  • They always craft variations for each copy that is on-brand
  • Working closely with the art director
  • Provide clever and creative strategies
  • Keeping copy consistent
  • Making each piece of content relevant to each client
  • Producing creative ideas
  • Having innovative ideas
  • Being ready to apply their ideas
  • Having excellent networking charisma
  • Being active on social media

Ultimately, Junior Copywriters are destined to fill in the creative workforce of an Agency.

What are the Responsibilities of a Junior Copywriter
What are the Responsibilities of a Junior Copywriter?


To become a well-known copywriter you have to start from the junior level and gradually work your way up to the ladder of success. Take into consideration that writing great content isn’t the only desirable skill… You should also have the following characteristics:

  • Be a deep thinker
  • Have a passion for research
  • Be into social media trends from the early stages
  • Enjoying the forefront of social media conversations
  • Feeling confident to create something new
  • Taking risks in content creation and presentation
  • Being inspired by other people’s work at Content for Social Media and Copy for Ads
  • Keeping up to date with industry news and developments
  • Willing to take initiative and up the game before anyone else
  • Be the person who naturally brings ideas to the table.
  • Able to follow and implement perfectly the social media strategy of every brand
  • Comfortable making decisions and working independently
  • Also ready to jump into the role of a team player at heart
  • Always willing to learn something new

Everyday tasks and responsibilities are required to produce powerful copywriting ideas for a variety of goals and different industries. Only a few copywriters can actually deliver creative content under the pressure of deadlines.

It takes a lot of talent and deep knowledge of SEO to become a creative copywriter!

About SEO

SEO is a long-term investment in time and effort and is suitable only for market players who intend to stay in the game and lead the way. For people looking for easy money or easy fame or speed results, SEO will always look like a nightmare.

Search Engine Optimization holds the keys to business success and recognition. Paid marketing promotions will not get you too far and more importantly, the given results won’t last. Rankings and search engine position changes dramatically every week.

If a company invests only in paid digital activities and neglects SEO, it will face huge disappointments. Paid promotions can put your brand at the top one day and drive you to the last page the next day!

Nothing compares with the solid & earned high rankings based on a mature and tailor-made Search Engine Optimization Strategy. In other words, you pay less if you set a clean SEO strategy plan from the very beginning of your efforts to stand out.

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