My best friend Mary is a Digital Marketing Expert like me and found her soulmate in San Fransisco, last summer. She loves Greece and wanted to have her destination wedding in Greece. So she called me for recommendations.

After some research in the Greek wedding planning & luxury event management industry and several hours comparing notes with recent newlywed friends, I have come to one major conclusion. Greece has plenty of promising-everything-super-heroes wedding vendors but only a few can actually fulfill the demands of truly outstanding wedding experience.

Wedding planning takes almost a year to prepare and organize all the details. If the wedding expert isn’t carrying years of experience and proven abilities to put together a successful wedding day, meet the next available wedding planner. It costs a fortune and you want your big day to worth all the expenses.

Look for dignity, communication skills, trust, professionalism, a portfolio with previous weddings, testimonials, transparency, flexibility and a positive attitude towards the unknown factor. And in my opinion, ask your self if the wedding planner next to you cares for what you want. What are their priorities? You or their wedding planning agency?

If the answer is affirmative YOU, then you have hit the jackpot. That agency is a keeper! And this was the case for my best friend’s wedding destination in Greece. From all the wedding planning agencies in Greece, ROCK PAPER SCISSORS EVENTS had all the qualifications and the proven experience to pull together such a challenging wedding project. I gave Mary their contact information and their website link. She was grateful and thrilled from day one. The RPS team managed to lift all the heavy work from the bride’s shoulder.

My Best Friend is having a Destination Wedding in Greece by Rock Paper Scissors Events
Photography: Elias Kordelakos, Event Designer: Rock Paper Scissors

Why I recommended Rock Paper Scissors Events

The first action I did was to search in google about wedding event management in Greece. Just a wedding planner wasn’t enough, we wanted a remarkable event management expert with a wedding planning portfolio. For Mary that wasn’t going to be just a wedding day but also a demanding social & PR event with well-known guests. In other words, needed a pro by her side. Rock Paper Scissors Events had our trust from hello!

Their wedding projects in Greece are popular in USA and Europe. Guests keep talking about RPS weddings they have attended in Greece. It is a common topic of discussion among engaged couples. You see, Greece is a dream for many people in love. And everyone comes to one crucial question: pricing.

They provide the best services you can get regarding weddings in Greece at the most logical financial terms you will ever find. And have in mind they actually meet even the highest expectations. How do I know this?

I have witnessed countless 5-star weddings and events in my life. And my friend Mary is a woman with exceptional taste and she is satisfied only with the best. Being the CMO in one of the top technology companies of the world has made her an expert in luxury & style. It was so rewarding hearing her first impression: “Rock Paper Scissors Events Agency is exactly was I was looking for!!!”

My Best Friend is having a Destination Wedding in Greece by Rock Paper Scissors Events
Photography: Elias Kordelakos, Event Designer: Rock Paper Scissors

When I saw the PRS website and read all the testimonials, I was sure that it was a perfect match. Particularly the following words clicked inside me. It felt like I was hearing Mary’s voice in my head:

Helena and Paraskevi are the best around. Admittedly I am very difficult to please and hard to impress. I was blown away by the two of them. They are honest, reliable, hardworking, responsive and a pleasure to work with. They know the best vendors and will always get things done.

RPS Events Team – Your Event Designers!

RPS: “We are the creative agency that will design and produce the event of your dreams right from scratch. Say “Yes I do” and we’ll do all the rest… and that’s a promise! What are your plans for your next event in Greece? We would love to hear from you on our contact page. No hidden strings attached or any obligation whatsoever. We love weddings and we are devoted to creating unforgettable moments. “

Get a taste in the following video by @alexstabasopoulos 

Enjoy this Wedding in Crete

RPS: Our agency strongly feels that love should know no boundaries and that needs to be celebrated in every form. Hence, when Karen and Isabel asked us if we would feel comfortable to organized their wedding there were no second thoughts! It was an absolute yes!

And even though this was our first time having to deal with the requests and vision of two brides at a wedding, this was a wedding we absolutely adored. And the reason is that we had this amazing opportunity to witness a deep love, with a rough enthusiasm, surrounded by their loved ones in a unique and raw place like Crete island where the feelings and surroundings are still authentic. Exactly as love should always be, authentic. See the magic with your own eyes…

Words from the Brides:

“Our experience with RPS was organized, detailed, thoughtful, tasteful, and amazing all-around. We planned a 55-person wedding from Brooklyn, NY that was a perfect, dreamy celebration of love in Crete, GR. I’m sure most guests say this but an overwhelming amount of ours did go out of their way to tell us that day, night, and afterwards, that it was hands-down the most beautiful, magical wedding they’ve ever been to and could ever imagine.

Our very first communication made us feel like Helena (and later, Nefeli) was the right person we could entrust with such big overseas planning. Out of the several planners and planning companies we reached out to with specific questions (and an initial idea for a ceremony space) — RPS was the only one that responded to those specific requests and seemed to have read them at all.  It wasn’t just a template response asking us our budget, guests number, and location.

On top of this, once we viewed their portfolio and saw the variety and care taken with the events they design and produce, we also felt they would be up to the task for two brides who have particular taste (and one mother who is a designer in her own right and is very opinionated on these things!) — no cut and paste designs or trends would do for us — and a lot of the sample work we were viewing initially seemed to be of that nature. From browsing their work we knew this wasn’t the case with RPS and felt immediate relief. 

From there, we couldn’t have had a better experience. Planning a wedding is already a gargantuan task, but planning a wedding overseas with very individual and specific ideas in mind multiplies the size of this task. 

It could have been very daunting, but from our initial skype (which were somewhat frequent as we could manage with the time difference — not too hard, with flexibility on both parts) through the countless follow up emails and decisions we made on foods, musicians, rentals, genius photographer, amazing DJ, travel advice, the many recommendations and brainstorming back and forths of the designs and styles… we felt at all times that the burden was lifted off of our shoulders and we only had to help push it along minimally, as Helena worked to ensure we didn’t worry over all the minutiae of planning and organizing such a special event.

Wedding in Crete by Rock Paper Scissors Events,
Photographer: George Pahountis

RPS is extremely professional and we never felt like we needed to follow up or were wondering what the next step was because Helena had it all laid out and was on top of everything in a very organized, helpful manner. RPS also has great relationships with various vendors/talent as well who were a huge part of our day. Photographer G.Pahountis and DJ Aris are two very special people and we felt honored to include them in our day.

We are forever grateful to RPS and the work they did to help us have the wedding of our dreams. Of course, the most important thing you look for when hiring a company to help plan an event is their talent and skill in design elements as well as their ability to execute the logistics of a vision and event… and RPS fulfilled this end perfectly. 

Wedding in Crete by Rock Paper Scissors Events,
Photographer: George Pahountis

But the highest compliment we can pay and are so grateful to have met and worked with them because of (on top of their professionalism and skill) is the human element: we genuinely felt connected to Helena, cared for, and enjoyed getting to know her throughout the process. Because your wedding is such a personal celebration, her ability to connect with us as clients and humans kept the whole process feeling authentic and seamless. 

If we had to go back and start over from scratch, there is no other company we would consider aside from RPS.”

Rock Paper Scissors Events know how to make your wedding in Greece feel like a fairytale! – Areti Vassou

Notes: The cover photo is from this Wedding in Santorini. Photographer:
Vangelis Photography. Wedding planning: Rock Paper Scissors Events.

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