Blogging is another stream of income for people that carry an entrepreneur DNA. Decades before the term “startupers” emerge, a tribe of digital bees was actively writing and publishing their words in blogs. Back in the days, we called them: weblogs.

In a way, we can say that the journalists and writers, back in the early 1990s, showed us how to use blogs to make unknown voices be heard. Today many bloggers earn their living through this activity. So from the days (1991-1994) when blogging was just a hobby, today it’s a business of billions.

From January 1994 when the very first blog was created up to today’s microblogging platforms, blogging is a major part of the internet’s growth and digital marketing evolution.

The Science and Art of Blogging by Areti Vassou
The Science and Art of Blogging

The Science and Art of Blogging

We must admit that today’s blogs and bloggers are quite different from the blogs of yesteryears. But no matter how conditions may have changed, blogs & bloggers are the running blood inside The Internet.

More and more people are seeking ways to create money coming blogs. Unfortunately, people who look for easy money forget the basics of blogging. For example, they lack essential skills in writing a good blog post. See here how you can create a blog post that brings great traffic to your blog.

Every day millions of blog posts are being published making it more difficult to separate your brand from the crowd. Keyword-based content has transformed into a science of communication and psychology field. Being a creative wordsmith isn’t enough if you want to produce leads and increase your income.

Embrace the fact that blogging should be one of your top priorities in your marketing strategy for you and your clients.

The Benefits of Blogging by Areti Vassou
The Benefits of Blogging by Areti Vassou

The Benefits of Blogging

After almost 20 years of everyday blogging, I have learned to be persistent and extremely patient. Blogging has countless benefits! Let’s see this list of benefits and what keeps us hooked on blogging:

  • Blogging has transformed me into a skillful and pleasant listener.
  • My patience is popular among friends and colleagues.
  • I can hear a 2 hours story without any interruptions.
  • People refer to me as the person with laser focus. No one knows that this precious skill is cultivated thanks to blogging.
  • It keeps you in the loop of technology.
  • Networking is easier and more meaningful.
  • Deep research has become my side project and nature!
  • Provides opportunities to enjoy many interviews.
  • Business leads transform into closing deals with clients.
  • Blogging has become an incredible source of search engine traffic and exposure for my skills as an SEO ExpertContent Creator and Digital Marketing Strategist.
  • My presentation skills have improved remarkably.
  • You learn to speak less and observe more.
  • Blogging has enriched my conversation topics and communication skills.
  • You gain a huge boost of confidence and popularity.
  • You have a complete presence of mind.
  • You actually connect with people and nurture mutual respect.
  • You actively hear all levels of a conversation: verbal & non-verbal.
  • Discipline and organization are two unexpected “side effects” of blogging. You learn to follow your own rules and schedule.
  • You keep your mind-muscle fit and creative.
  • Blogging experiences make you genuinely content and happy.
  • Blogging on demand or for your pleasure could provide you with a rich library of topics to publish, talk about or even sell.
  • When you practice & write again and again on specific topics you feel comfortable enough to speak in front of an audience.
  • “Be ready” to speak becomes a standard characteristic of yours.
  • Blogging additionally has helped me in selling my skills and services without selling them.
  • Blogging breaks the ice twice as fast as sharing a beer.
  • You never stop learning.
  • Procrastination becomes a long-gone memory of the past.

You can easily say that I don’t enjoy “small talk”. Between strangers and hello moments, now I can effortlessly start a pleasant conversation with different topics that don’t include weather. In other words, you can respond with confidence under all circumstances.

Blogging Creates Genuine Connection

Listening carefully to other people can provide you with countless blogging ideas to write about. In some cases, keeping notes after an interesting conversation could help you create outstanding content.

Blogging has helped me to master the art of conversation and listening. Has taught me to ask meaningful questions and gain laser focus!

By putting yourself in a certain flow of work, you manage to stay productive all year long. Specifically, daily writing keeps you “fit in creativity” and that’s a huge asset in the business world of content creation and marketing. Even if I don’t have a deadline for a client’s project, I write for 4 hours every day.

How not to mention that blogging is a tool of personal branding. By giving free and valuable information to your target market, makes the market come to you. It is true, that clients know what is best for them and who is the best fit for what they need. Never underestimate a client’s IQ and EQ. Blogging has helped me to sell my skills without even trying to do so!

Dancing with new ideas is fascinating and rewarding enough to make you want to go further on this road. Think of bloggers as the new breed of explorers. Bloggers seek to unfold the hidden mysteries of life or what is left unseen!

What Defines the Blogging DNA

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