Since January 1994 when the very first blog was created up to today’s microblogging platforms, blogging is a major part of the internet’s growth and digital marketing evolution.

Today, there are over 152 million blogs on the internet. A new blog post is published every 0.5 seconds. A quarter of all websites on the internet are blogs. 77% of internet users read blogs regularly. So it’s clear that before you publish a blog you must define the purpose of your blog.

1-Define the Purpose of your Blog

When you are ready to answer the following questions then you will have a solid idea of what to do next:

  • What will be the main topics you are going to write about?
  • Why do you want to publish your blog?
  • Which needs/queries you will cover?

These three questions are essential to help you build a blog with a strong identity among the millions of blogs.

If you are launching your own blog make it a priority to define your blog’s identity from scratch. When you have a clear vision why your blog exists then your future followers will find it easier to connect with you.

6 Basic Steps to Start a Blog

2-Define your Blog’s Subject

Are you an expert in your field or are you willing to become one? In both cases, it is crucial to do market research. See what is already published and check the quality of blogs in the blogosphere you want to get involved.

Keyword research is a must-do if you want to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your benefit. For example, if you are dreaming to create an established Fashion Blog, find out which areas have low competition and start from there.

3-Define Your Right Audience

When you know the specifics of your blog’s target audience then you will know what to publish. And by the target audience, we mean the group of readers who will reach your blog to find help and trustworthy information about a specific topic.

When readers find solutions into a blog they tend to follow it and even share it with their friends. So, always keep in mind that you will publish content for your target audience’s needs. This will build value and gradually brand awareness and a dedicated community.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Who will seek information related to my blog’s topics?
  • Are my posts for female, male, all genders audience targeted?
  • Is suitable for kids?
  • Which language is the best? English or another one?
  • Is my topic only local or has a global audience?

If you already know then let’s see the next step.

6 Basic Steps to Start a Blog
6 Basic Steps to Start a Blog

4-Define your Content Flow

Make a plan before you start creating your content for how often you will be able to publish new posts. Will it be daily, weekly or monthly?

Daily blogging is an ambitious goal, especially for a new blogger. Have a look at these blogging ideas for your first 90 days.

Maybe it’s wiser to start with 2 blog posts every week and level up to daily posting as soon as you feel comfortable to work at least for 6 hours every day.

6 Basic Steps to Start a Blog
6 Basic Steps to Start a Blog

5-Find a Great Name for your Blog

The name of your blog (and your domain) should be something that inspires you but give a hint to the visitors on what to expect from your digital property. Try to find something easy to the eye but remarkable. Let’s say you are dreaming to publish content about Chemistry & Education. Don’t wait for visitors if your blog’s name starts with Lace or Diamonds or Oranges… Make it relevant!

6 Basic Steps to Start a Blog

6-Add Social Activity to your Blog

That’s an easy one, right? Invite new friends to explore your blog through the major social media channels. Create branded social media channels for your blog and start sharing your posts with their community. Also, add social media sharing buttons from day one. Make it easy to share with your visitors.

Bonus Tip for Attractive Blog Posts

Does it seem to you, like it takes ages to attract people’s attention to your Blog? You believe that you are doing everything right, but still, you get next to zero followers and low sharing actions. Do you wanna know why?

Because successful blog posts have a certain structure and ingredients. Let’s go through them in this article here…

6 Basic Steps to Start a Blog
6 Basic Steps to Start a Blog

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