If you are launching your own blog make it a priority to define your blog’s identity from scratch. When you have a clear vision of why your blog exists then your future followers will find it easier to connect with your story.

To make your life brighter define from the very beginning: What need does your website/blog cover?

For example, mine (ideadeco.co) is providing information about digital marketing, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, web design, digital ethics, digital technology, coding, digital marketing strategy, and seminars.

Knowing what is your blog’s mission makes it easier to understand what keywords to use in order to get the best results and high-quality traffic. You can even talk about a recipe for a cake in a digital marketing context if you have set from the beginning which keywords are the ones with the best impact on your digital assets.

Check. Optimize. Repeat.

Be an optimization freak just like me! We want our blog and content to improve daily! It is the most professional way to manage your visibility online.

We want the love and attention of all Search Engine Machines that are constantly crawling texts + links + picture descriptions and deep data. Keyword research can provide to our content the indication of “relevant copy” and “authoritative source” to search machines.

Define your blog's identity

The Big Business of Blogging

It is obvious that blogging has changed in the last 10 years, but the reasons or the goals that motivate each blogger, to type from 500 to 3000 words every day, have remained almost the same. Communication and self-publishing are the top answers for almost every blogger out there.

Nevertheless, blogging has been elevated into a big business game.

Blogging is another stream of income for people that carry an entrepreneur DNA. Decades before the term “startupers” emerge, a tribe of digital bees was actively writing and publishing their words into blogs. Back in the days, we called them: weblogs.

In a way, we can say that the journalists and writers, back in the early 1990s, showed us how to use blogs to make unknown voices to be heard. Today many bloggers earn their living through this activity. So from the days (1991-1994) where blogging was just a hobby, today it’s a business of billions.

Since January 1994 when the very first blog was created up to today’s microblogging platforms, blogging is a major part of the internet’s growth and digital marketing evolution.

We must admit that today’s blogs and bloggers are quite different from the blogs of yesteryears. But no matter how conditions may have changed, blogs & bloggers are the running blood inside The Internet.

More and more people are seeking ways to create money coming blogs. Unfortunately, people who look for easy money forget the basics of blogging. For example, they lack essential skills in writing a good blog post. See here how you can create a blog post that brings great traffic to your blog.

Define your blog's identity

Blogging is a Science and Art

Every day millions of blog posts are being published making it more difficult to separate your brand from the crowd. Keyword-based content has transformed into a science of communication and psychology field. Being a creative wordsmith isn’t enough if you want to produce leads and increase your income.

Embrace the fact that blogging should be one of your top priorities in your marketing strategy for you and your clients.

It is sad that even after 10 years of business blogging, still many companies and digital marketers treat blogging as a minor factor of their marketing strategy. Although there is solid proof of how effective is to maintain an active blog into business websites, more than 70% of pro marketers lack engagement in this activity.

Static content that usually thrives into website pages, doesn’t offer a lot of fresh oxygen to any brand. Fresh content makes the blood run faster and attracts attention when and where we actually need it.

How many static pages can you publish about one product? Let’s be generous and say 2 or 3. But you can create countless blog posts to talk about 1 product. There are amazingly many different angles to approach the same topic! Same product through different angles equals more exposure and more traffic.

This means that not only is blogging essential more than ever before but nurtures your authority value in the market and generates high-quality leads.

Are you a beginner at blogging? Then you should read this guide!

Define your blog's identity

Have you ever tried Guest Blogging?

It’s all about creating content for a blog that doesn’t belong to you. Guest blogging is a brilliant strategy for making your writing skills popular. This activity provides rich opportunities for large-scale exposure to the public and brings back a great amount of traffic for both involved parties, yours and the hosted blog.

When blogging becomes a daily occupation and you wish to make it a profitable one, then guest blogging is the best next step. You can boost your work, establish your personal brand (as an authority in your market) and build a strong business networking circle for future partnerships.

Bear in mind that, if we don’t water the blogging tree it will never give us fruits. Showing up into the tribe of guest bloggers means that you are sharing a certain culture and you are actively supporting other bloggers into your own nest. If you haven’t already, then start today by adding a “Guest Blogging” column into your own blog. Give a little, to get something in return!

Guest blogging is a two-way street. So make room and share your columns with other fellow bloggers that are close to your target audience. A new voice will add fresh air and a variety of topics to your blog. Believe me, that is ultra engaging and will boost traffic! Read this article to learn more.

Guest blogging is a great way to spread your expertise while also growing your personal brand.

Define your blog's identity

The Benefits of Blogging

After almost 20 years of blogging, I have learned to be persistent and extremely patient. That has transformed me into a skillful and pleasant listener. I can hear a 2 hours story without any interruptions and keep my questions alive and ready to shoot when my turn comes to talk. Blogging has many benefits!

Besides that, running a personal blog (not for clients) is keeping you in the loop of technology. Without much hesitation, I can say that thanks to my blog I have met a lot of interesting people. Also, deep research has become my side project and nature!

It has given me the opportunity to enjoy many interviews, close strong deals with clients, and medium to large business owners. Blogging has become an incredible source of search engine traffic and exposure for my skills as an SEO ExpertContent Creator, and Digital Marketing Strategist.

I have learned that it doesn’t need any magical powers to express yourself in public. All you have to do is to be brave, be open, be polite, and speak up. The act of writing transforms the way you see life and the people around you. You speak less and observe more.

Blogging makes you a better person

While you focus on research and writing, gradually you develop a depth of expertise and knowledge that tends to solve problems in a more smooth manner. For example, having studied almost everything about MRI software for a client’s website & blog, literally helped me to deal with a serious health issue for one member of my family.

It may sound a bit odd but blogging has elevated my conversation topics, communication skills, and public speaking performances. You can easily say that I am not a “small talk” individual. Between strangers and hello moments, now I can effortlessly start a pleasant conversation with different topics that don’t include weather. In other words, you can respond with confidence under all circumstances.

Furthermore, you never jump to conclusions if you haven’t seen all the facts and aspects of a story or event or rumor or information. First, you double-check and then you write+publish something. That has proven to be one of the top benefits of blogging. To stay out of the emergency alert and use your brain before you express an opinion. Is an asset to stay calm, and respond as a thinking human being! See more benefits in this article.

What is Blogging?

What is blogging?

Blogging is a way of living. A culture of continuous curiosity about almost everything. Is an act of optimistic philosophy that drives bloggers to notice common everyday activities and record their personal reactions in a daily & public digital journal.

Blogging has become an extension of the philosophical principle by Rene Descartes: I think, therefore I exist (Cogito, ergo sum). Today it has transformed into I blog, therefore I exist.

The source of blogging is based on one of the basic needs of humans. The need for communication. Furthermore, it feeds the need for belonging and bonding with your peers. By blogging (writing and expressing your point of view) offers the illusion of importance.

Bloggers are not journalists. Bloggers don’t document reality, they only share their personal opinion about a certain topic. Freedom of speech protects individual opinions more than the truth itself. Everyone with internet and a computer has the opportunity to share their personal opinion, thoughts, stories, work, brand, business, etc.

Why do we blog?

Today more than 440 Million Blogs are active and posting fresh content every day. The number of blogs that are out there breathing and kicking our screens for our attention is breathtaking. Only today have been written more than 3 million blog posts. And this number is growing by the second. But why do we blog?

We blog to communicate and leave our mark in life!

Why do we blog?

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