Have you ever tried guest blogging? It’s all about creating content for a blog that doesn’t belong to you. Guest blogging is a brilliant strategy for making your writing skills popular. This activity provides rich opportunities of large scale exposure to the public and brings back great amount of traffic for both involved parties, yours and the hosted blog.

When blogging becomes a daily occupation and you wish to make it a profitable one, then guest blogging is the best next step. You can boost your work, establish your personal brand (as an authority in your market) and build a strong business networking circle for future partnerships.

Benefits of Guest Blogging by Areti Vassou
Benefits of Guest Blogging by Areti Vassou

Featuring Guest Posts

Bear in mind that, if we don’t water the blogging tree it will never gives us fruits. Showing up into the tribe of guest bloggers, means that you are sharing a certain culture and you are actively support other bloggers into your own nest. If you haven’t already, then start today by adding a “Guest Blogging” column into your own blog. Give a little, to get something in return!

Guest blogging is a great way to spread your expertise while also growing your personal brand.

Guest blogging is a two way street. So make room and share your columns with other fellow bloggers that are close to your target audience. A new voice will add fresh air and a variety of topics into your blog. Believe me that is ulta engaging and will boost traffic!

Benefits of Guest Blogging by Areti Vassou

Guest Blogging Goals

Define your strategy and your specific goals. Make it clear and have an action plan for at least 1 year. Getting into Guest Blogging game means that you see it as a business activity and you should treat with the best professional terms.

Before you get started, are you sure that you can engage to a strict schedule of writing and PR communication? Set a calendar and create a list of priorities. For example, if you are a Fashion Blogger then you should create a list of 12 new posts about Fashion trends or Fashion tips or Fashion Sources or Fashion Weeks etc for the following 12 months. By that we mean:

  • Create a list of topics, headlines, a brief summary for each post and
  • Create a second list with the desired guest blogging opportunities
  • Match which topics fit better with certain blogs
  • Start writing the first (at least 2) blog posts. No, you shouldn’t publish this content into your own blog. Wait until it’s first publish as a guest post and then make a referral post about the exciting news.
  • Open your calendar and note each submission, answers (both positive and negative ones) and when are going to be published.
  • Prepare a “thank you for accepting my post” note for each blogger that said Welcome into my Guest Blogging Column.
  • Prepare a “thank you for your time, I would love your feedback for the reasons my post didn’t get into publishing queue” not, for the cases that your work was declined.
  • Announce the big news the day each post is published.
  • Make a Publications or Press page and update the listings after new publications.
  • Create a dedicate blog post for each Blog that has accepted to collaborate with you. Old school courtesy never hurt anyone!
  • Make your short author bio appealing and SHORT. Two lines are enough but if they ask you to send a second detailed bio, then be extra careful and add a more professional voice. Profile photos should be bright and please wear your best smile!
  • Add your social media links and your blog link at the first
    submission letter. Don’t ask them to add your social media links if their policy avoids that. Be patient and polite… soon they will ask you to send your links.

Make sure that each post adds to your authority value. Don’t create thin content and wait for a miracle to happen. Guest posts should be informative, well written, having more than 1000+ words and excellent visuals or graphic assets. Act proactively and check if your content can be linked with previous posts of the host.

All the above will help you find mutual business opportunities. New audience will read your posts and most probably other bloggers will show interest to collaborate with you as hosts or guests.

Benefits of Guest Blogging by Areti Vassou

Top Benefits of Guest Blogging

Publicity and Networking are top benefits of guest blogging. Of course, more traffic for your blog is expected. In my opinion, the most important benefit is the personal branding empowerment . When we establish our expertise in a field, then the results are spectacular. So, don’t be surprised when more invitations arrive into your doorstep!

The top benefits are:

  • Your blog gets popular
  • More traffic
  • Better search engine results
  • New audience get familiar with your work
  • Your blog gains trustworthy signals
  • Better backlinks
  • Productive networking
  • More guest blogging invitations
  • Establish your name as an authority in your field
  • Better content quality
  • New collaborations becomes easier to find
  • Add fresh voices into your blog when start your own Guest column
  • Search engine machines notice your blog
  • Social media sharing keeps growing
  • Develop long lasting relationships with other bloggers in your field
  • You can earn money by start selling your content
Benefits of Guest Blogging by Areti Vassou

The Dark Side of Guest Blogging

Digital world is an extension of the real world. Behind each digital account there is a human being. Some are good people but some other are the worst kind of people. Ssammers, criminals or rotten individuals that want to harm others. Be really careful, before you start giving away your work and your personal information to strangers.

Even spam behavior has become a common thing to countless blog owners out there… Use your brain and evaluate each blog before you submit for Guest Blogging. It’s your job to make sure that you are not posting to these suspicious or spam looking blogs or allowing them to publish on your blog. Do deep research before you reach out to build a collaboration with them!

These are all things to look for before offering to guest blog or you send an invitation to a fellow blogger. Check the following:

  • How long they have their blog?
  • Is the domain safe?
  • Have they published Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy pages?
  • Do they follow GDPR guidelines?
  • Is there a signup form for their newsletter?
  • The visuals and graphics they use, are professional?
  • The structure of the blog/website is professional?
  • How many posts are published?
  • When was the last time they posted something new?
  • Are there any comments from visitors?
  • Have they replied to the visitor’s comments?
  • What’s the general voice into their digital footprints?
  • Do they own branded social media channels? (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn)
  • Are they active on their social media channels?
  • What is the nature of the content they post on their social media channels?
  • Are there any reviews on their social media accounts or/and website or blog?
  • Check their language: syntax, grammar and scope of interest.
  • Is there consistency among their blog ID and their social media channels?
  • Can you locate their physical address, official email and telephone number?

Also, be sure that your guests are coming from a respected business background. To make a long story short, research is crucial to guest blogging. If both sides don’t see eye to eye certain principles, then it would be difficult to form a look alike voice and have a good fit. The content should agree with your business’s mission and identity.

IdeaDeco Guest Blogging Invitation

Guest Blogging Guidelines

When you find the perfect blogging match (for your blog) then follow the rule of simplicity. Make clear what topics you prefer and which keywords are better fit for your business. If there is a deadline for new content and a process of editing, then introduce this schedule to your guest.

Remember to thank your Guest Bloggers for their input. A good word can work miracles!

IdeaDeco Guest Blogging Invitation

IdeaDeco Guest Blogging Invitation

Grab your coffee and send us your article. Be part of our guest list. We would love to publish your thoughts or ideas! Our digital community has +120000 verified members. Here is the entry door !


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