The effort to develop our communication skills takes time and a lot of energy. But the rewards of being a skillful communicator of our own thoughts are priceless. Try these 7 steps to develop your communication skills and free yourself from the stressful agony of losing your words. After you will gain the sense of silent respect from people of all ages and face open doors in almost all cases, only then you will realize the power of practicing the art of communication throughout your life.

7 Communication Best Practices

Be specific and focused

Share your knowledge in a clear and polite manner. Show people that you know what you’re talking about, and always be ready to answer questions in a way that shows the depth of your knowledge and without any intention to show off.

Be calm and confident 

Even under the pressure of negative feedback. Get to the pain point with slow breathing and in a very peaceful state of mind. People tend to disagree strongly, so you have the option to act like a pro or react like a child.

Always thank someone for their opinion 

That means that you must act as the better person in the room by firstly being calm. Especially if you are in a very difficult situation, you can start by saying: “Thank you for sharing your opinion and although it is a bit difficult for me to answer this comment, I will do my best and give it a try…”

Show up to public events

Start with small steps, and keep blending with different groups. Most probably at the beginning, you may end up talking in front of not so close to your perfect audience. No matter how far away it may look from your ideal goal, go for it. Any starting point is way better than no point at all. Quality talking opportunities will find you as long as you are out there already doing the “appearance argument”.

Write articles or books

Get your words published. Having your own voice means that you are able to tell your expert opinion about your industry issues. Leadership articles, books, researches, or interviews can help you establish your credibility and your authority’s value. Speak up but make it relevant. Be crystal clear and sharp like a piece of ice with the use of arguments. No one can resist a well-written opinion when it is backed with solid proof of credibility and accuracy.

Make your Grandmother happy

Use the old-fashioned etiquette. Be polite. Be so polite that everyone notices it. Show your good manners to everyone and everywhere. Say thank you, please, you welcome, etc. Remember what grandmothers used to say: “Nobody will accuse you of being too polite”.

Be responsible

Take your online presence seriously. Take matters on your hand and keep a balanced journal of your digital footprints. Online and offline identity are the two sides of the same coin. And remember what goes online stays forever. Schedule time to communicate with your digital community in a regular basis. It’s the best way to keep your public language in excellent shape.

One Extra Tip

Great Manners Can Help you More than a Great Degree

Good manners refer to polite, humble, courteous, respectful, and well-cultured social behavior. A person, above everything else, is esteemed and distinguished on account of his good manners. Everyone remembers the most polite or kind person in a room. That tells us something, right?

Truth be told a well-mannered person is difficult to find nowadays. It’s a true asset to have even one in your team because the quality standards seem to rise above and hit the sky when this rare Wonder-Human just calms everyone around.

How important is this, need no explanation… Intelligence or wealth alone can not account for the value of a person’s behavior but manners can. To earn the gift of respect equals to have all the power in your hands. Who does not wish to be the most powerful person on-site under all circumstances?

Most people tend to admire and follow the ones which stand for their solid character and ethos. Usually, they are calm and have this quality of kindness in their eyes coming from their inner compass made of pure logic. Show yourself and share your values especially on your digital assets.

Say the magic words

1. Salutation is important, try to use the correct surname.
2. Be clear and short in your responses. Like “Yes, Sir” or “No, Sir”.
3. Show your willingness with “My pleasure”
4. Be genuine kind and polite with “Thank you for your time” or “ I will be happy to …” and “It is a true honor to…”
5. Absolutely never interrupt.
6. Listen carefully and acknowledge.
7. Be here and now.
8. Say the magic words: “Thank you” “Please” and “Excuse me”
9. Be helpful and generous.
10. Honor your mentors or other people’s achievements

Most of these might sound old-fashioned but all the above is the “Golden Rule” — treat others as you would want them to treat you.

Keep in mind that the digital world is part of our life and the same conduct rules apply also into the media communication text-post-blog language. Good manners are good manners and a proof of excellence.

Do mind your manners, because they will get you richer – literal and metaphorical- and happier.

7 Ways to Develop your Communication Skills by Areti Vassou

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