The ultimate goal of our Blogging Workshops is to introduce the magical world of blogging, content creation & WordPress to new people. Helping others to discover that blogging can be creative and profitable is more than rewarding for us. We are really proud for our student’s growth in blogging and digital copywriting. Their new blog posts make our hearts beat faster out of joy. Today, one of the Blogging Workshop students, Georgia Parasiri, is sharing with us how this workshop changed the way she sees blogging. We can’t wait to see her next steps.

WordPress Blogging Workshop

Opinion by Georgia Parasiri

It’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to be trained in the secrets of blogging by a real pro like Mrs Areti Vassou. She specializes in the fields of SEO, Digital Copywriting, Branding, Blogging, Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategy, Web Design, Email and Content Marketing. As the Founder and Digital Strategy Director of IDEADECO.CO her goal is to educate and help people get more involved in the world of digital marketing and web design.

Discovering Blogging

Blogging rates are growing rapidly showing us that’ it came here to stay for good and play an active role in our daily lives. A blogger can easily share an idea, an opinion, an experience or any other content he wants with just a click.

Everyone is a blogger directly or indirectly!

One of the first things that I realized during this workshop is that when you post something on social media you are actually blogging indirectly. That’s right folks, we are all amauteur bloggers throught our digital present.

It doesn’t matter if the content we post is just a picture or a video or a simple status on Facebook in which you express your feelings. What matters is that we create, we participate and we communicate with the world.

The easiest way to become a professional blogger is to learn how to create and promote content and also how to advertise a product for a client. Nowadays, many companies hire bloggers in order to promote directly their products or services to their audiences.

Each professional blogger has to create his/her own content, which can be created after conducting research on data. Stealing content from others is strictly forbidden and can get you in trouble with the law. In case you use content from a specific course you are obligated to mention the course and where you found it.

Create your Own content as a Pro Blogger

The usual structure of a blog post is a main title with one or two paragraphs, followed by a heading with a paragraph or more and a second heading with a paragraph or more and so on. The length of the text content depends on the posts theme and the blogger.

The next step after you create your content will be to check it out for syntax, grammar and spelling mistakes before you publish it. Also you have to make sure that you have included keywords in your content based on the SEO process.

Bloggers and editors use this process to optimize their content and promote it directly to their audience through search engines like Google. For example, the main title of your blog post must include 1-2 keywords at least. The number of times that you have to include the key phrases and words in your entire blog post depends on the posts length.

Keep in mind that the content that you post can be a text, a picture, a video, a link, a live chat, an article, etc. If you become a professional blogger it would be best if you post a combination of texts with keywords and phrases, pictures, links and videos.

Overall after the workshop I learnt that blogging is a part of our lives that we need to explore more not only as a mean for communication, or as a hobby but also as a possible future job opportunity.

Blogging Workshop at SHA

Areti Vassou: Our two intensive Blogging Workshops at Social Hackers Academy have been successfully completed. The Workshops were part of the program “Women Going Digital” which was implemented with the support and funding of the Latsis Foundation. The program was designed by the Diotima Center, with long experience in women’s empowerment, and Social Hacker Academy, specializing in technological education.

During the Blogging Workshops the students learned how to:

  • Create new content for their blog
  • Apply keyword research
  • Implement SEO best practices
  • Adopt the best Content Marketing Strategies
  • Brand Positioning for their blog
  • Add different types of elements into their blog posts
  • Get familiar with the blogging community & networking guidelines
  • Explore potential blogging business opportunities

The main training goal was to enrich women’s digital soft & hard skills. According to research data, women are under-represented in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), facing difficulties both in their inclusion in the digital labor market and in their daily lives.

Blogging can support our efforts to create the life we want.

Once you decide to engage professionally then it pays off. When we are ready to let go of what is familiar in order to create a new chapter for us then we tend to open up in the wildness of the unknown. Offer your caring attention generously and you will be surprised how joy, happiness, and creativity will find ways to return back to you.

I am grateful for having the opportunity to teach new bloggers how to blog. They helped me to become a better listener and to reconnect with the joy of doing something new. Also, they helped me to improve the quality of the Blogging Workshop. Thank you so much! – Areti Vassou, Founder of

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