Congratulations on your new blog! It is a solid fact that creating a blog is much easier than bringing traffic to a blog. It needs patience and a strong strategic plan. Let’s see how you can attract more visitors to your blog and make them want to read more.

Create Superb Content

Blogging is one of the best ways to drive traffic and bring more visitors to your website. Blogging isn’t just a trend that will expire soon. It’s the cornerstone of a successful and solid content marketing strategy. In other words, there is an imperative need to produce content that is equally meaningful for brands and readers/visitors.

Every day millions of blog posts are being published making it more difficult to separate your brand from the crowd. Keyword-based content has transformed into a science of communication and psychology field. Being a creative wordsmith isn’t enough if you want to produce leads and increase your income.

It is so sad that even after 10 years of business blogging, still many companies and digital marketers treat blogging as a minor factor in their marketing strategy. Although, there are solid proofs of how effective is to maintain an active blog on business websites, more than 70% of pro marketers lack engagement in this activity. Read this Blogging Guide for more details.

Promote, Promote, Promote

A general rule is that you should pick your pillar content and promote it according to the latest best practices. The mother of free promotion is Facebook and especially Facebook Groups.

Facebook Groups

Why promote your blog on Facebook groups? Because it has a superb feature where reach isn’t limited, and conversations can be had with individuals who you may not be friends with, and who probably aren’t following you or your Facebook page.

Facebook groups offer a huge opportunity to establish your blog as a go-to source for specific topics. Also, you can gain exposure as an authority on a subject, give or receive advice, and even collaborate. Prefer to post your new blog posts to industry-focused groups, meaning that you better match each topic according to the Facebook group. Do your research and list Facebook groups that are close to your niche. Pay attention to the details and guidelines of each group before you publish anything.

Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest has always been a great platform for bloggers who create great visual content. In order to get the most value out of this channel though, you need to be a contributor on large group boards. When you pin an image to a large group board, more people are going to see your pin. But… you should pin daily to different group boards.

Forums & Industry Specific Boards

Find out which forums best suit your blog and start interacting as soon as possible. It will help you win more traffic from the first day. Go to Quora, Reddit, Medium, HARO, LinkedIn groups etc and pick the best groups for your blog. There are several options available and all forums have something unique to offer you.

Microblogging Platforms

Your blog content can be used on many other platforms as part of your free promotional plan. It is proven that helps new content reach more people. Some popular content syndication platforms are places like Medium, LinkedIn Publisher, Tumblr, and Facebook Notes.

Connect With Influencers

Find which influencers are close to your target audience and reach out to them. Ask them for feedback or even take the next step and seek to collaborate with them. But first, get their attention with deep and clever comments.

You can start by taking interviews or writing an opinion article about a hot topic in your industry, Then ask for their point of view and link their website with your blog post. It will be a good conversation starter! Of course, you shouldn’t forget to mention them on social media and in your future blog posts. After all, it’s always SEO-wise linking to respectable and related posts. Twitter and Instagram could be really helpful but the most powerful action is commenting on their blog posts.

Share on Twitter and Facebook

Create a social media content calendar and start sharing your blog posts on social media. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr as part of your content strategy. Pin your recent blog post at the top so new visitors will definitely see it and even read it.

Link Old Content to New Content

Before you link your new content to your old content run a quick content update. Then you can add lines and referral points to the old content without worrying that you are risking promoting obsolete content. It is the best way to introduce your older posts to your new visitors. Not to mention that it has a positive impact on SEO.

RE-Purpose your Content

Yes, you can! Start by creating interesting Slideshare Presentations, Video Blogs, Podcasts, Google My Business Updates, or even Online Workshops with your existing content. Link the new content form into the previous blog post and give the people a good reason to visit your blog.

Good to know: SlideShare shows newly posted content to a lot of visitors in the first few days. So get used to the process and upload new SlideShare every week.

Transform Blog Posts to Video Content

Create short informative videos (less than 10 minutes) and upload them to YouTube. Then create new shorter videos for Facebook and Instagram in the form of teasers and link them back to your blog posts.

To make this video, simply find a corner of your home or office and turn on your phone. Learn your content by heart and start talking in front of the camera. If you have a Tik Tok account then use it for promoting your blog.

Use Your Email Your List Like a Pro

Do you have an email list that you have never used before? Now it’s the time to use it. Create your Newsletter and send your email list subscribers your latest blog posts. They have signed up because they want to hear your news. So, send them your new content!

Clever Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog
Clever Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog