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The year of 2017 was extremely creative and challenging for Ideadeco’s Team. We are a team of 5 people that love to write about what attracts our eye regarding:

  • digital marketing & technology
  • SEO & SEM
  • AdWords
  • design
  • apps
  • life
  • fashion
  • communication
  • philosophy
  • art
  • blogging
  • web design
  • inspiration
  • WordPress
  • social media
  • seminars
  • events
  • conferences
  • research
  • travels
  • books
  • innovative ideas that change the way we see and do things
  • healthcare
  • and about people



Ideadeco 2017 Statistics


Ideadeco Accomplishments

We published 280 new posts and gained 8559 followers. From 10289 visitors we attracted a slice of their time for 17263 views. Our lowest month was September and our highest month was March. Based on our statistics and google analytics, Wednesdays at 2:00 pm is our prime time zone. By the way, we have never published anything at this particular time but visitors like to scroll in during 2:00-3:00 pm. Go figure!

Our visitors and followers are from all over the world – of course, it helps that we use mainly the English language.

Top 10 Countries for Ideadeco Statistics 2017

Top 10 Countries for Ideadeco Statistics 2017


Ideadeco Top Topics 2017

Our first 10 top topics for 2017 are:

  1. 50 Stunning Presentation Templates
  2. The CANARD Theme
  3. How to make infographics
  4. Free Goods by Creative Market
  5. Gallery walls are back
  6. Antique Egyptian Cigarette Tin
  7. Graphic Design
  8. Print My Social Book
  9. Creativity & Crisis
  10. Social Media in Fashion Industry


Areti Vassou 2017 Yearbook

This year was really something else for me. Traveling, mixing in Conferences, meeting new and old customers (now friends), teaching and diving in deep digital new waters. 2017 was a very good year!

📌 Traveled to 10 countries

📌 Participate in 14 Conferences

📌 Join in 12 Events

📌 Sign up for 4 Seminars

📌 Speak to 6 Events

📌 Teach in 10 Courses

📌 4 Awards

My 2017 Yearbook - Areti Vassou

My 2017 Yearbook – Areti Vassou


18 new websites have been created, edited, designed, optimized and published from February to October of 2017. The 6 of them was pro bono due to their Non Profit nature.



It is no secret that Digital Marketing Strategy is my passion. But I am a word lover since childhood. So most probably, you will find me either reading or writing something every single day. Due to the fact that business copywriting is an over full-time responsibility and most of my clients want fresh content every day, my hours are 60% dedicated to content creation.

I published 3.650 new website+blog posts throughout 2017. And … 14.650 original social media posts. At the same time, I was actively blogging on different platforms such as Medium, Pulse, Quora etc

Won’t get into the trouble to count the day-in-day-out digital community communication (comments, answers, groups interaction, emails) for all client’s accounts and my personal ones. Limitless… countless… and surprisingly very productive!

Areti Vassou Ideadeco Everything is Doable


Get a good look at this: 1.825.000 words were typed and published by my hands. Quite a number, right?

  • Websites+Blogs words: 1.825.000
  • Social Media words: 735.500
  • Writing on demand (white paper) + newspapers: 15.000
  • Extras: copywriting in 4 different languages – English, Greek, French, Italian
  • Digital Strategy Plans (I do not dare to count these hours)

New book in progress: 127.500



Created and edited 10.950 new photos & graphic design assets.



3650 hours every year. That means 10 hours per day.

Have you read Areti’s Interview? Have a look here>>

Disclosure: This year we ran an experiment and spend 0 money on promoting (AdWords) Ideadeco’s content. The conclusion was that great content pays off.


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  1. Great stats, Areti (and the whole team of course)! I am impressed by the richness of this blog in content and variety. Keep up the good work!

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