New blog section announcement. Every second Sunday of the month you can ask me anything you want about digital marketing strategy, SEO, social media strategy, content creation & marketing, blogging, web design and WordPress.

Feel free to share your struggle for the aforementioned fields and we will publish our reply in the following days.

AMA about Digital Marketing

Don’t be shy! Tell us what is your struggle in digital marketing strategy. We all have been in a place where we keep hitting the wall with no results. Well, digital marketing strategy is not one thing but a combination of several skills and tactics.

AMA about Digital Marketing Strategy:

AMA about SEO

Search Engine Optimization has evolved in countless ways. The SEO game gets more complicated every year. No question is outdated and no one can claim that knows it all. In this article you can learn to love SEO like Google.

AMA about SEO:

AMA about Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy and optimization is a combination of content creation & set of goals. Tell us what obstacles you are facing in your effort to reach your social media strategy goals.

AMA about Social Media Strategy:

AMA about Content Creation & Marketing

What is the nature of the challenges you are facing during your content creation process and content marketing strategy? Is there something you wish to know better but you don’t know who to ask? Here is your chance to find out. See these golden tips about Content Creation.

AMA about Content Creation & Marketing:

AMA about Blogging

Since 1994 until today, I have designed, created and been in charged for more than 4500 websites & blogs. Copywriting for blogs has become a second nature. In case you have doubts about how strong impact can daily blogging have for your traffic, read the results of our experiment here.

AMA about Blogging:

AMA about Web Design

It wouldn’t be possible to work in this field without having advanced knowledge in Web Design. Of course, Master’s Degree in Web Design & Graphic Design was quite helpful but to be honest, only true working hours can make you a strong player in this industry. If you have some free time have a look at this Guide with all Web & Graphic Design Basic Rules.

AMA about Web Design:

AMA about WordPress

I have fallen in love with since day one. Then come into my life and it was a marriage for life. I am a WordPress lover with all my heart. See how WordPress changed my life here.

AMA about WordPress:

What is an AMA Session?

Answer given at the website

In 1992, a book debuted called Ask Me Anything: A Sex Therapist Answers the Most Important Questions for the 90’s. KnowYourMeme says there was a mid-’90s AOL chatroom called, “Ask Me Anything” in the romance category. (Though it had disappeared by 1999, when the Internet Archive began capturing data on

The concept was then adopted by several popular internet outlets but found its popularity when forum style site, Reddit, started a thread where users can ask any questions they wanted to founders of the site or subculture celebrities.

Long story short, President Obama answered questions on the site and a myriad of other celebrities followed. There is a book about it if you want to read more.

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