As I promised a couple of weeks ago, every second Sunday of the month you can ask me anything you want about digital marketing strategy, SEO, social media strategy, content creation & marketing, blogging, web design and WordPress.

Last month you send 60 challenging questions and I will start with this one, that really surprised me! 12 people asked me almost the same thing: what should I publish on my photography blog?

New Photography Blog Topics

First of all congratulations on your new photography blog! You are one step closer to making your work stand out from the anonymity.

Within the first year of your blog, you will face difficulty to cope with the demands of creating new content every week. Yes, you have to create new content for your blog every single week!

Your blog posts should have 600-1000 words, at least, if you want to attract the attention of the search machines and your potential readers/followers and clients.

Have in mind to apply all SEO best practices that will support your content’s discoverability. Learn to love SEO like Google and soon you will see your rankings reach the sky!

What should I publish on my new photography blog?

Define your position and philosophy

Publish an introduction post about your life story, your education, your dreams, your accomplishments, and of course take the time to share your values and mission.

Just because you have an About Me page, doesn’t mean that you should skip a formal introduction. Look at this as an opportunity to speak about your way of thinking, as if you were in front of a live audience. On a level, blogging communication is like giving a speech in written form.

Open up, be real and share your truth about your life and your work. But, please, try to talk like a real human being and not like a robot. Pick a title like Who is the Photographer [your name]?

Answer the big why, who, when, where, and what of your life story. If you find this too scary, then hire a professional blogger to guide you through this interview process. Sometimes it feels better to have a real interviewer for this kind of post.

I will state the obvious, but in these posts, we usually prefer to add personal photographs or portraits. It’s one of these rare cases where a post is all about you.

As months go by, this post will become your personal PR landing page. For future mentions in other blogs, it’s most probably to use it as a source of information. Please try to keep it as accurate as possible and updated when it’s necessary. For example new collaborations, publications, awards, etc.

Patroklos Stellakis Photography

Publish your recent work

Most photographers tend to have a portfolio section within their official website, with a selection of their top work. The blog section can support your recent work by giving extra space to promote your photography projects.

For example, when you publish a new wedding photography project into your portfolio, the following blog post can shed light on the topic through backstage moments, presentation of the next day, etc.

Using the power of relative keywords and phrases you can actually boost your main topic with several supportive posts. Write about the issues you solved during an extremely difficult situation like:

  • My Photo Camera Broke In The Middle of The Wedding Photo Session (share your solution)
  • Racing Against The Fade of Light in a Wedding (how you’re handling the pressure)
  • What not to say to your Wedding Photographer (guide for what to expect from a wedding photographer)

As you can see the topics can be about your work and your skills without being narcissistic. Offering a solution for common issues, you actually put yourself in a position of a trustworthy source and authority. Not bad, right?

Hey, pay attention and never publish too many photographs… I have seen 100 photos in one blog post. Pick the top 30-50 photos and name the photo files exactly the same as the title of your post. If you want to be found from the Google images search machine never skip this step.

And avoid huge files … keep each photo less than 1MB. The size of the images has an impact on your page’s speed, which is an important ranking factor for your mobile and desktop searches.

In other words, images are important ranking factors! To make this work for your benefit you should add the right identifying information such as alt text for image SEO, but you need to optimize the image size. Oversized images that aren’t optimized can seriously slow down your website.

Do you have an offer for your clients?

When you have a special offer for your clients, don’t be shy! Publish a post with many details about your special offer and share it over your social media accounts.

A new photographer in Spain, shout out 2 free lifestyle photoshoots for fashion bloggers and within a month, 458 requests were waiting for him in his mailbox. After the huge demand, he decided to ask for help from some of his fellow photographers for the selection of fashion bloggers.

To make a long story short, the 4 photographers picked 12 talented fashion bloggers, had free photo shoots, and six months later the 4 photographers created a Photo Agency for Fashion Bloggers.

Build a Customer-First Culture

As a photographer, you must have a sense of how valuable your input is for other people’s important events. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, your clients will trust you to capture their wedding day.

Start thinking what are the most frequent questions you get from your clients. Write about these topics. Provide free and valuable information that will make people trust your opinion before even hiring you.

Here are some ideas for hot wedding photography topics:

  • How to find a wedding photographer?
  • When is the best time to hire a wedding photographer?
  • What is the difference between fine art wedding photography and photojournalistic wedding photography?
  • What questions should you ask your wedding photographer?
  • How to relax before your wedding photoshoot
  • How to find a destination wedding photographer?
  • The 5 Don’ts in a wedding photography session

If you already have photography projects and clients willing to give you a review, then add their words to your blog. Words of mouth are the best! Also, if some of your brides are open to the idea of sharing a tip for future brides, ask them to send you their input.

In case you find all these overwhelming, then hire a professional content creator for your blog.

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