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Knows about style. Follow her tips and re-invent your best self!

It is not a secret that I have traveled all over the world and have met a lot of remarkable people. So many years on the go, it only takes me a minute to recognize a person who is truly passionate about his/her calling in life. Alexandra Katsaiti is the master of the first impression before the actual first impression. She knows Style. She’s got it!

I have met her on several occasions but we never shake hands or exchange our business cards. I know her work through many of my friends in VIP cycles in the USA. She is a hard working lady but also a visioner of great fashion. Her willingness to risk and play with what we call fashion rules is the main reason that she has the power to make you either hate her or adore her.

Living on the edge means that people will always love to hate you. She knows it and she doesn’t care… Just because she is living The Dream. She is a fulfilled and joyful person, generous enough to share her knowledge for free (with the ladies in the fashion game My Style Rocks). She is happy inside her skin and with what she does. And that ladies & gentlemen takes a lot of guts, in life!

During the fashion game My Style Rocks in Greece, she put a lot of effort to explain how to improve the style of each participant in order to elevate it to excellence. She was giving her expertise far more than it was needed. The urge to improve what you see is separating mediocracy from superiority. A genuine professional can’t act differently… it’s beyond his/her power to resist the need to make something or someone look fabulous.

Alexandra Katsaiti Stylishious Fashion E-Shop

Her Story

Alexandra KatsaitiAlexandra Katsaiti is a famous Style Expert, Fashion Stylist & Designer, TV Columnist,  Image Maker & Wedding Stylist.  She is designing her own fashion collection and she is behind the fashion blog & E-Shop «STYLISHIOUS» Showroom. Visit her shop here>>

She was living in New York for several years. Now you can meet her in her «STYLISHIOUS» Showroom.


Alexandra Katsaiti Stylishious Fashion E-Shop

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