A friend called me and asked for some fresh ideas for his Instagram copywriting. Digital Marketing & SEO Experts tend to support each other when they hit a dry period. So here are some ideas to use when you are out of the inspiration zone.

1)New Project Announcement

We are ready for our next adventure! Welcome, new challenges!!! 💻 I am looking forward to diving into the new digital marketing projects. It’s always fun to mix things up a bit when creating content for digital marketing research, photography brands, wedding planners and doctors! 💻⌨️📱

2)Share a Pro Tip

How to elevate your blog ranking?
Add high-quality in-depth articles (2000-4000 words) to your content marketing strategy. Include research data, infographics, how-to guides, videos, podcasts, rich information, reviews, testimonials, social media activity, interviews, photographs, events, be active in groups and forums, give exceptional feedback to the search machines giants, use local marketing, use voice search, create unique content, become a Wikipedia contributor, use paid marketing actions and try new features while they are on early/beta stage.

3)Share Your New Blog Post

Never neglect the way you close your blog posts. Don’t give a hard goodbye with a slam in the face of your readers. If you have succeeded to attract a person’s attention up to the last line of your blog post, then do the extra mile and be gentle at the closing act. The final full stop could be the boundary of your blog’s growth or disaster. Discover what makes the Art of Closure so powerful inside the blogging world.

4)Share a Personal Story

Life teaches you that you have to play the game with the cards that you have on your hands. We control nothing, only how we react to what happens. You can only make the best you can with what you have. WordPress changed my life and gave me back the power to create a new career. Read the complete story in my blog.

5) Share Valuable Information

ALWAYS prefer quality & engagement over quantity of random followers with low interest for your brand. Less is always more! Remember that if you neglect to interact with your followers they will fly away. Be human and have a meaningful relationship with the people that follow your digital story. And listen carefully to what they tell you through the statistics and behavior analytics. Read more at www.ideadeco.co

6) Share Real Life Moments

Some days even the signs on the wall tell you to get out and enjoy your life! Leave the office early… go live your life!

7) Show your strong points

Talk SEO to me!
Did you just create your e-shop? But, you get no traffic? Here is what to do, if you want to improve in Search Engines results and rank higher than your competitors on Google.

Put your e-commerce site to the top with the following steps. Avoid common pitfalls and end the period of losing clicks, that drive you on losing sales.

Before anything else, in order to set up your store, you need to have a domain name, web hosting, and an SSL certificate. You can read more at WPBeginner. Before opening your e-shop, add:

  • sitemap
  • https certification
  • error page 404
  • terms of use
  • privacy policy
  • contact us page
  • cookies notification
  • and index your site in Google Webmasters

    In case you feel that all these sounds like an alien language, then reach out http://www.ideadeco.co SEO Team.
7 Ideas for Outstanding Instagram Content by Areti Vassou founder of Ideadeco.co

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