Less is More

Whitespace is your best friend. Let your content have a lot of space around it. It may look empty but that’s a good thing. Save some room for whitespace: a space with no words, no pictures and no visuals.

Less is more and whitespace can make your website’s pages look and feel more professional. Your visitors can easily navigate through your content with no distractions. Simplicity will help your website to be more enjoyable.

Man is a being in a search of meaning - Plato

Watch your Language

Vocabulary, grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation are vital to all digital copywriting efforts that are published and open to the public eye. If something is well written then the reader can comprehend the meaning without any effort. Digital tools like Grammarly App can help you create the best mistake-free articles or posts!

Graphic Design Basics by Areti Vassou Digital Marketing Expert

Define What’s Important

When writing blog posts or articles the structure of paragraphs, the clear headings, the size and color of text and the highlighting parts are important because is the first impression of visual hierarchy. We communicate what is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART with one glance.

The lack of visual hierarchy will confuse visitors and will downgrade the content of your post or article. It gives a sense of visual monotony.

Headings and font sizes or highlighted text are creating a sense of tone that is keeping the interest of your audience alive.

Graphic Design Basics by Areti Vassou Digital Marketing Expert

Consistency & Balance

Every little detail like colors, fonts, visuals and graphics are setting a personal and genuine voice. Simplicity is based on harmony and balance.

Choose specific fonts and only a couple of variations in different sizes for your texts and visuals. Use common logic and trust a professional opinion about what fits best for your brand. Grabbing visitors attention should be a top priority but should be done with respect to your brand’s main visual character and ID.

Elegance and simplicity can stand the test of time.

Balance the weight of empty and full parts of your website by using alignment grids. Choose clean and tidy templates for your website with easy to follow build in structure. A chaotic template will remain messy no matter how much effort you will invest to improve it. And a chaotic design produces visual noise and distraction.

Who wants to spend hours for research and content creation and then get lost inside an untidy website? We are here to make the connection with our followers or readers easier.

Create. Organize. Publish.

Try to remember that more than 65% of your digital audience will read your content via their mobile devices. So basic graphic design rules DO MATTER.

For me works best to have a strict left alignment, with all extra widgets and promoting links on the right side. When I start reading something I prefer to have as less noise as possible on the left side of the posts or articles. It provides a sense of order and attractiveness.

Be gentle with colors that you use for emphasizing some parts because the psychology of colors play a huge role in the unconscious interaction with people’s mind. Red signifies importance, blue promotes smoothness, yellow sets a procrastination mood and green eliminates doubt.

The right color combinations are the next level. Clear the fog around your central message by using the best color choice depending on your topic and your brand. For example, pink shades are not suitable for a brand in Finance/Banking Industry.

Make sure that you use colors that make your brand look at its best. And stick with your main colors, fonts, structure and designs throughout all your digital footprints.

Consistency adds value to your brand.

Areti Vassou Digital Marketing Expert


Prefer quality over quantity. Great looking photos or graphic design elements can spice up your content. Poor quality can ruin your work. Photos that are stretched and deformed make websites look unprofessional. More than that, it actually destroys your brand’s credibility. So prefer to pay a professional designer or buy from a photo bank high-quality photos in order to have the best visual content for your website.

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  3. Good for you for pursuing design on your own! I am a graphic designer and I love it. I wish you luck as your journey continues!

    • Thank you Photo Solutions for your warm wish. I have started my professional career as a certified Graphic Designer and later on as a Digital Marketing & SEO Expert. I still love Graphic Design, but my passion is SEO & Marketing. Would you like to share more about your work in our interviews section? Jump into this link and tell us more about your business: https://ideadeco.co/about-ideadeco-aretivassou/interviews/

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