To create a great presentation you must remember one rule: simplicity. Here’s the honest truth: presentations are scaring almost everyone, even the most experienced ones! What you need to remember is that during a presentation you are having a conversation with your audience.

It’s not a monologue and for sure it’s not all about you. The star of the hour is the topic of your presentation, only the topic and not you and your achievements.

What Makes a Good Presentation

5 Awesome Presentation Tips

Want to know how to make a presentation that everybody will admire?

First of all, find the right topic, then do your research and finally create the best possible visuals. If you haven’t already tried Canva then start now! Canva provides professional presentation solutions for people that don’t have any graphic design background. So here are the 5 top tips for making outstanding presentations that will make an unforgettable impression.

What Makes a Good Presentation

#1 Tip: Beautiful Visuals

Trust the graphic design basic rules and follow the latest guidelines if you want to have beautiful presentations. Avoid fluo colors or combinations that scream that you lack good taste such as overstuffed visuals. Make it memorable but keep it simple.

What Makes a Good Presentation

#2 Tip: One Idea Per Slide

Laser focus on one single idea on each screen. Use as few words as possible on each slide. Stay clear and focus on the main concept. Too much information and your audience will lose track. Use less than 10 words per slide.

What Makes a Good Presentation

#3 Tip: Keep it Short

The magical rule of 10/20/30 in presentations will make you look like a super start. Tell your story in 10 slides, within 20 minutes, and 30 point/size fonts. If you can not tell the important parts in 20 minutes then you don’t own your topic and you shouldn’t appear in public presentations.

What Makes a Good Presentation

#4 Tip: Be a Storyteller

Tell a story that keeps your audience hooked, don’t just state the obvious facts. Human nature responds warmer to real stories that have a motivational impact. Lead your audience down the alley of a narrative journey.

Share how you deal with a situation or how you solved a common problem among your peers. By being real you have more chances to attract their attention and make them care to listen to all your story. Pick a friendly face in the crowd and speak directly to that face… it will make feel more relaxed and will create a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Great Tip: Admitting your pitfalls or your insecurities in public can break the ice in seconds. Start with a joke or even your reluctance to do this presentation but be witty and pleasant.

What Makes a Good Presentation

#5 Engagement and Eye Contact

The slides you have prepared are the foundation of your story. Look at your audience directly and engage with them. Be present, creative, and active. Avoid just reading what is written in the slides. Ask questions that invite the audience to participate in the process. The more they participate the more they will keep it alive in their memory.

What Makes a Good Presentation

Practice Makes Perfect

To boost your confidence there is one golden secret: practice, practice, practice! Film yourself and then watch carefully your video. See what you polish in the way you move & talk.

At the moment I am preparing my next presentation about digital marketing communication for photographers and I have asked fellow photographers to gather and listen to my demo presentation. Their feedback has helped me to improve the final presentation. Open up to feedback from people that you value their opinion.

For my presentations, I use templates and their original graphic design guidelines. What are you using for yours?

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