Life teaches you that you have to play the game with the cards that you have on your hands. We control nothing, only how we react to what happens. You can only make the best you can with what you have.

My health was weak for some years and that was the beginning of a big change in my life. Suddenly, my doctor forbidden traveling so I moved back to Greece and start working remotely when that wasn’t so trendy. I was lucky enough to have clients that were open to try this new approach.

To everyone’s surprise this model of remote working was successful and the following quarters had an amazing growth for almost all projects. Then the unexpected happen, my health condition get worse and I had to stay in bed for more than a year. Unable even to walk a meter without support. It was a blessing that my books, my music, my cats and my laptop became my companions.

WordPress was one of the CMS I was using for my clients’ websites, next to Joomla and Drupal. But that year working was like walking barefoot on ice. Disappointed from the outurn I started to use my personal blog as an escape from the four walls of my bedroom. was friendly and easy to use. It made me feel that I could stay in the game without too much effort. As most users at the beginning of WordPress, I had fallen in love with their culture. WordPress mentality put the user’s needs as a top priority. That was and still is its winning point.


All the years before 2013 I had used only and thought that was only for amateurs. Oh boy, I was so wrong! It may seems like a non professional solution only for those who haven’t try it. Like me.

I dived into and keep swimming into its deep waters. The development team behind the scenes has made an astonishing work. This easy to work open code CMS platform is build with thousands of excellent written code and millions of working hours.

My eyes and my hands couldn’t follow my will to code and create any website. gave me back a sense of freedom and a bridge where I could work but without using development or coding.

I was free to use my last drops of energy in creating content. Day by day, these little wins brought me back to life. Solving all the technical hows through, it created more space for Motivation and Inspiration to drive my will and find a new purpose. I wanted to wake up in the morning and type my next blog post. That literally kept me alive.

I studied everything about… I even learned the code by heart. For 650 days my brain was absorbing all the information I could find about

WordPress changed my life and gave me back the power to create a new career. – Areti Vassou

It’s only fair to admit that my previous engagement with made this process smooth and joyful. My dedication to this platform is based on its excellent technical structure and to its core mentality of democracy.


The Winning Points shouts out loud that everyone with access to the internet can make use of his/her fundamental right to express their voice, without any financial, racial, sex, educational, geographical or ability limitations. In 10 minutes you can create your own digital space and thrive. With zero development knowledge. changed the philosophy of digital existence. It shifted the boundaries between those who own the knowledge of web development and those who are not familiar with Dev Education. opened the road for every person in the world and made accessible the right of having a digital voice. is like Promitheas who brought the light from Gods to humans. And yes, to the rest of the world, Devs look like Gods.

Thanks to everyone has a chance to success.


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