Run a daily SEO check up for these 12 hot points and boost your website’s speed. Search Engine Optimization improvements can reward your efforts with traffic and better SERPs ranking.

  1. Check Google results often, if you want to have a good sense of how close to your target market your website or blog is swimming. In some cases, when your content is older than a year, it may need some alterations or even additions with new data & information.
  2. Adding new paragraphs to existing/published content requires previous keyword research. Finding the best possible keyword phrases would improve the relevance of your copy. Keyword research needs continuous adjustments.
  3. Make it a habit to crawl your blog or website with a pro tool like This tool will point out which parts need attention.
  4. In case you haven’t already submitted your blog or website to Google Search Console, please do it now. Manage search console issues through their panel. In addition, submit your blog’s or website’s sitemap. Don’t neglect Bing and Yandex Webmasters tools. Manage search console issues through their panel.
  5. Graphic design requirements change from time to time. Try to keep up with the latest trends and eliminate the visual noise. Use basic graphic design rules.
  6. Add or fix the meta descriptions.
  7. Add internal linking and fix any broken links.
  8. Update obsolete information. Check the titles, tags, categories, and focus keywords because the duplicate content is the express ticket to the Oblivion Town.
  9. Add external links. These links have their place in the world of SEO and it is believed that linking out to other sites in your industry for reference has a positive effect on SEO.
  10. Optimize images according to the latest requirements.
  11. Update plugins and your website’s CMS.
  12. Go through all the main pages and fix any issues. Don’t forget to delete old revisions in the backend, delete spam comments and check out if the social media sharing buttons are working properly.
12 SEO Speed Check Up Points

An eye for SEO

It is common to lose track of some high-importance information on our websites or blogs. Relocation of offices or new company emails can easily be forgotten and misinformative. Is your business information correct? Name, address, telephone number, opening hours, email, etc. are in order?

Furthermore, GDPR-sensitive pages should be in an obvious position on the home page. By that we mean: terms of use, privacy policy, cookies policy, sitemap, about, contact, etc.

12 SEO Speed Check Up Points

Publish regularly

Publish new content, at least once a week, in order to keep the freshness factor at the highest score. Google Trends can provide great and hot topics for your next posts. Internal linking is important for building a flow between relevant and quality pages on your blog or website.

Today more than 440 Million Blogs are active and posting fresh content every day. The number of blogs that are out there breathing and kicking our screens for our attention is breathtaking. Only today have been written more than 3 million blog posts. And this number is growing by the second. To make your voice heard, you have to put in a lot of effort!

Do you want to see what brings more traffic? Do you want to find out what grabs your audience’s attention? Then activate Google Analytics for your website or blog.

Having only static pages on your website won’t support your goals to be found. Add a Blog or News section, and start publishing regularly. Blogging has many benefits for your business and personal development. In this article, you will learn more…

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