Is it possible to visit the top WordCamp event of the year and not attend the workshops? Here we gathered for you, all the upcoming workshops of WordCamp Europe 2019. Take your time and read the description of each workshop.

Workshops Friday 21 June 2019

On the first day of WordCamp Europe 2019, there will be 9 workshops divided by category of interest. Do your homework and pick the one that suits best your personal needs for your professional development.

At 10:00 am

For really morning people

Wordcamp Europe 2019 Workshops Friday 21 at 10 am
Workshop 1: The big, bad content planning workshop

Speaker: Vassilena Valchanova

Duration: three hours

How many types of content do you have in your marketing plan? If the answer is less than 10, there’s still work to do! People often think creating content is a question of creativity, but that’s not true. If you roll up your sleeves and do the work, you can come up with lots of ideas that bring value to your users.

Vassilena will review different ways of generating content ideas and building topic groups and content clusters. The workshop will cover both long-form content like blog posts or whitepapers and dynamic, everyday micro-content for social media to compile a robust content distribution plan.

Workshop 2: REST API

Speaker: Micah Wood

Duration: three hours

The WordPress REST API was fully integrated into WordPress core in version 4.7. There is a lot of buzz around the REST API, and just as many questions. Micah will spend the first hour on introductory content, in case you aren’t familiar with it.

In the second hour, he will dig into the API with PostMan and cover authentication, CORS, and JSONP. In the last hour, he will focus on how you can utilise the REST API in your own projects and plugins, as well as customising it to fit your needs.

Workshop 3: Design your WordPress website to be accessible and usable – WCAG standards

Speaker: Izabela Mrochen

Duration: three hours

Learn why web designers, webmasters, trainers, students, or developers should be familiar with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to enhance and improve accessibility.

Izabela will discuss and share a set of methods to make images accessible by means of webmaster tools. Hands-on training will cover adding alternative text, checking a text-colour ratio, using focus, and skipping links. Simple elements can change the invisible world into a colourful, visible reality.

Design your WordPress website to be accessible and usable – WCAG standards

At 15:30

After Coffee Break

WordCamp Europe 2019 Workshops Friday 21 at 15.30
Workshop 1: SEO for content marketing

Speaker: Viola Eva

Duration: 90 minutes

Viola will cover how to build a holistic content strategy in this advanced workshop. You are catering to different objectives when creating content: What you want to communicate, what people are looking for, and what Google favours.

Through technical analysis, market research and data-driven decisions, you need to create a content strategy that hits the sweet spot between those three objectives.

Learn how to achieve sustainable ranking success and increase content ROI when applying the right SEO techniques, and get a practical step-by-step guide to implement an effective SEO strategy on your website.

SEO for content marketing by Viola Eva
Workshop 2: Pause. Think. Create.

Speaker: Dennis Hodges

Duration: 90 minutes

Spark your creativity in just a few minutes a day! The session begins with an inspirational talk that explains why it’s difficult for us to leave our connected devices alone.

Dennis will share anecdotes and stories about disconnecting, as well as ideas on how to adopt these ideas to help you de-stress and enjoy the moment.

The second part applies concepts from the talk. Dennis teaches an easy-to-learn and proven non-linear thinking technique designed to draw inspiration from within and help you capture ideas quickly.

Pause. Think. Create. by Dennis Hodges
Workshop 3: Deploying a WordPress web server in minutes

Speaker: George Gkouvousis

Duration: 90 minutes

Everyone should be able to turn their virtual private server into a blazing fast WordPress LNMP stack by the end of this talk. George will cover how to set up a complete stack via automated scripts like EasyEngine and analyse all parameters of it, with hands-on experience of using NGINX, PHP7, MySQL/MariaDB, and Redis Cache for a super-fast website.

Deploying a WordPress web server in minutes by George Gkouvousis

At 17:00

For afternoon cats

Wordcamp Europe 2019 Workshops Friday 21 at 17.00
Workshop 1: Live website reviews

Speaker: Michiel Heijmans

Duration: 90 minutes

Don’t you love the interaction that comes from judging each other’s sites? In this interactive workshop, Michiel and the Yoast team bring their years of experience reviewing websites and dive into yours to come up with practical tips and direct improvements you can use.

Exploring SEO, UX and site structure, and the basis of all website optimisation: What is the goal of your website? How does that align with what your customers are looking for? Interaction is key. Everyone has an opinion, but which ones work? Give them 90 minutes, and they’ll tell you everything.

Live website reviews by Michiel Heijmans
Workshop 2: Business planning: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Speaker: Radost Dacheva

Duration: 90 minutes

The WordPress ecosystem is a tough place to be and only those prepared for competition will survive. Movies show us how ideas sketched on a restaurant napkin magically turn into flourishing business ventures, but reality proves this is impossible 99.9% of the time.

Having a seemingly innovative idea and a strong desire for success are simply not enough to differentiate your business from all others competing for a slice of the pie. Entrepreneurs need to master the art and science of business planning and analysis to ensure a long and prosperous life and future.

Business planning If you fail to plan, you plan to fail by Radost Dacheva
Workshop 3: Creating a Gutenberg block

Speaker: Elio Rivero

Duration: 90 minutes

Gutenberg is making waves in the WordPress community and changing how we compose content forever. What essential new stuff does Gutenberg bring to content authoring?

Elio will focus on the block, the brick used to build content, and show you how to build a Gutenberg block from scratch to offer everyone an easy and predictable way to compose content.

Creating a Gutenberg block by Elio Rivero

Saturday 22 June 2019

On the second day of WordCamp Europe 2019, there will be 6 workshops divided by category of interest. Do your homework and pick the one that suits best your personal needs for your professional development.

At 09:00 am

For super morning people

(apparently not for night owls like me)

WordCamp Europe 2019 Workshops Saturday 22 at 9 am
Workshop 1: SEO copywriting

Speaker: Jesse van de Hulsbeek

Duration: 3 hours

Want people to read your content? It all starts with well-written and engaging copy and, of course, it helps if your text is optimised for search engines. In this workshop, the Yoast Academy team will help you write text that’s irresistible to visitors and search engines alike.

Jesse takes you through the process of writing a blog post, from brainstorming an idea and a focus keyword to the first draft of your text. You’ll get tons of useful and practical tips you can start using on your website right away. Bring your pen or your laptop and start writing!

How to engage your online audience Lessons from the field of education by Jesse van de Hulsbeek

Workshop 2: How to build a lean SaaS startup with WordPress Multisite

Speaker: Sabrina Zeidan

Duration: 3 hours

What comes to your mind when you think about requirements for a successful SaaS app? It’s easy to build, it’s flexible, it’s scalable, right? But even more important is it’s lean, which means it is continually being improved according to what the audience needs.

Sabrina will go over the process of planning such a startup, step by step — how to validate the idea for the market, define your target audience, make marketing personas, pick a pricing model, plan your application structure, create an SEO-friendly content strategy, and end up with a ready-to-go development plan.

Plus learn how to pick the most appropriate tools to build a lean SaaS startup with WordPress Multisite.

How to build a lean SaaS startup with WordPress Multisite y Sabrina Zeidan
Workshop 3: How to create a UTM tag protocol

Speaker: Annelieke van den Berg

Duration: 90 minutes

Measuring your marketing efforts and knowing how they perform is essential if you want to optimise your marketing even further. You can customise how Google Analytics tracks your traffic data by using UTM tags and, with these parameters, determine exactly how visitors end up on your site. To achieve this, you need to create a sustainable UTM protocol to use to properly analyse your data. So how do you do this? Annelieke will walk you through the process of developing a good UTM protocol for your business.

How to create a UTM tag protocol by Annelieke van den Berg

At 14:00

After lunch break

WordCamp Europe 2019 Workshops Saturday 22 at 14.00
Workshop 1: Do it yourself: The user testing toolbox

Speaker: Karin Christen

Duration: 90 minutes

Never dismiss user testing due to limited resources because user testing need not be complicated or expensive. Instead, test your work at frequent intervals and with the tools you have at hand.

Based on real-life experience working on different projects and applying design methods across a wide variety of setups and budgets, there’s a solution.

Whether the test is done in house in a quiet environment or on the go with a lot of distractions, Karin has you covered with recommended tools and a step-by-step process.

Workshop 2: Automating your QA with visual regression testing

Speaker: Andrew Taylor

Duration: 90 minutes

After deploying code, most of us go look at the homepage and other templates to make sure things are okay. It’s a cumbersome task that, let’s be honest, we probably can do more thoroughly. Andrew looks at using visual regression testing to automate this process, letting tools do the work!

Automating your QA with visual regression testing by Andrew Taylor
Workshop 3: Travelling the web on the WordPress HTTP API

Speaker:Jonathan Bossenger

Duration: 3 hours

As more and more third-party services (Mailchimp, Stripe, etc.) become required for our websites and for our client websites, the WordPress HTTP API has become an important tool in any developer kit.

Knowing how to use the HTTP API methods to send and receive data to and from these third-party services will help you stand out from the crowd. Jonathan will teach you how to use the HTTP API to build a straightforward WordPress subscription plugin that will hook into the Mailchimp API.

Travelling the web on the WordPress HTTP API by Jonathan Bossenger
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