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+ WordCamp Asia 2020 Roadmap #WCAsia

WordCamp Asia 2020 Roadmap #WCAsia

Follow the #WCAsia WordCamp Asia 2020 roadmap and learn more about all the updates and events of this amazing WordPress conference in Bangkok.

+ WordPress Syros 1st Meetup

WordPress Syros 1st Meetup

H Ελληνική Κοινότητα του WordPress διοργανώνει την πρώτη της τοπική συνάντηση στο νησί της Σύρου, καταμεσής του Αιγαίου και των όμορφων Κυκλάδων. Σε περιμένουμε! #WordPress

+ WordCamp Europe 2019 Workshops in Berlin

WordCamp Europe 2019 Workshops

These 15 Workshops at WordCamp Europe 2019 will blow your mind #WCEU

+ Stay at the top of your industry by following Google's guidelines for mobile first indexing

Mobile First Indexing

Stay at the top of your industry by following Google’s guidelines for mobile first indexing status quo.

+ Rough Diamonds Web Developers

Rough Diamonds Web Developers

New kid in the block: Meet the Rough Diamonds of the Web Developers World.

+ WordPress Development Seminar

WordPress Development Seminar

You want to create a WordPress website or blog but you don’t know how to do it? Then sign up for this WordPress Development Seminar given by George Georgiou.

+ iBeacon Technology

iBeacon Technology

iBeacon uses Bluetooth low energy proximity sensing in order to transmit a universally unique identifier that it is picked up by a compatible app


Best WordPress Plugins

How to skyrocket your website with the best WP plugins

+ Elegant Themes emailed its customers last night to inform them of a critical security vulnerability affecting a large segment of its product line.

Critical Security Vulnerability Discovered in Elegant Themes Products – WordPress Tavern

As of 2015, Elegant Themes has more than 300,000 customers. Given the severity of the vulnerability, the company is also making the updates available for free to all expired accounts via its updater plugin.

+ Technology & Social Media by Areti Vassou IdeaDeco

What most developers trust more?

What most developers trust more?