Important announcement: WordCamp Europe on 7-10 June 2021 is going to be online. WordCamp Europe has officially announced that the Global Leads of WCEU 2021, along with the Porto Local Team Lead and their mentors from WordCamp Central, have decided to hold WCEU 2021 as an online event. Read more here >>

Following their wise and thoughtful decision to postpone the 2020 edition of WordCamp Europe, they confirmed the rescheduled dates of 7-10 June 2021 for WordCamp Europe, still in Porto.

Feel free to visit the official website of WordCamp Europe for more details. Also read the great news about the upcoming first online WordCamp Europe in the history of WordCamps, happening on 4-6 June 2020. The organizing team of WCEU did everything in their power to host an online conference and we are deeply grateful for their efforts.

Until then, stay safe and healthy!

WordCamp Europe

Every year since 2013, WordCamp Europe is organized by a team composed of two main groups: a local team and a global team. The local team is comprised of members of the host city’s WordPress community, while the global team is built around experienced WordCamp organizers from across Europe, most of whom have participated in one or more past events.

Hosting WordCamp Europe is a big responsibility. This is why the local and global teams work as one, bringing together in-depth knowledge of the local community and years of experience.

Each year the WordCamp organizing team aims to improve the WordCamp experience for everyone.

WordCamp Europe 2020 Porto

WordCamp Europe takes place in June, excluding the last weekend to avoid interfering with summer holidays in many European countries.

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