We are excited to announce our new collaboration with GraphDays in Samos, Greece. GraphDays has a vast range of professional digital services in Graphic Design, Web Design and Advertising.

The GRAPHDAYS | .design group was created in 2010 and from the first moment adopted the form of a flexible team of partners and a model of operation based on direct contact with the advertiser. Utilizing the multiplicity of different personalities, which are combined creatively and strategically in a harmonious whole, the company sculpts a unique and familiar corporate face, which is trusted by all those friends who were first introduced to them as customers.

The GRAPHDAYS team has the knowledge to undertake the complete design or redesign of a brand, acting as a consultant and implementing a common strategy throughout its range of activities. This kind of global approach allows them to create, in collaboration with the customer, complete solutions.

Marios Baxevanis GraphDays in Samos Greece
Marios Baxevanis GraphDays in Samos Greece

Marios Baxevanis created the company GRAPHDAYS | .design group in 2010. Day in and day out he focuses on sophisticated graphic and web design projects. Creativity and a strong passion for design drive his vision to build unique websites for his clients.

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