The first Balkan Women WordPress Online Meetup will take place on International Women’s Day, 8th March 2021. Book your seat, now!

Every 3rd Friday of each month, the Balkan Women of WordPress will gather to discuss various topics, to encourage and train diverse female speakers, to inspire them to get involved with the WordPress Community.

The organizing team’s intention is to share their knowledge and experiences, to provide new skills, discuss job opportunities and support each other in the quest for a joyful WordPress journey. The goal is to support women (cisgender and those who identify as women) developers, designers, and bloggers who are passionate about using the WordPress platform.

Online Meetup for WP Women

Their focus is on setting the foundations of empowering all women-identified Meetup members working not only with WordPress plugins and themes but also in eCommerce, branding, marketing, journalism, business, entrepreneurship, and more.

Balkan Women WordPress Meetup is addressing the issue of women not participating in tech communities in general as well as the WordPress Community. The team wishes to define the reasons and obstacles that keep women at distance from tech communities. As they state in their official LinkedIn page:

For a while, this matter seemed distant from the inclusivity the WordPress Community is all about. However, after discussions, we realized that women need a space that would make them feel more welcome and safe until they get to know the Community well and decide to take the next step and participate more actively. And we, as members who have been around for a long time, are here to help pave the way for newcomers.

1st Balkan Women WordPress Meetup

Visit the event’s official page on Meetup and book your spot, today: 1st Balkan Women WordPress Meetup. The discussion will start with the decision to create the Balkan Women WordPress Meetup and the schedule will continue with:

  1. Open conversation: Female WP meetups and Balkan Women WP Meetup introduction
  2. Discussion: Participating in the women and nonbinary led WordPress release with
  3. Tammie Lister, Head of design at Extendify, and
  4. Josepha Haden Chomphosy, WordPress Executive Director
Balkan Women WordPress Meetup

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