AriaPR team did it again! A new online magazine is now available for all wine lovers. Wine Illusion magazine is turning the spotlight on the wine industry of Greece, Europe, and the rest of the world. The oldest pleasure on earth, wine, now it has a new digital nest.

The magical world of wine unfolds and reveals its secrets in the new digital magazine Wine Illusion. Discover its intoxicating flavors!

AriaPR company’s team and Ariadne Nikaki, with the valuable help of wine consultant Manos Kentikeleni, are introducing the digital magazine Wine Illusion.

The community of wine friends has enthusiastically embraced the news of the digital release and is looking forward to the print release in the coming months. The journey of Ariadne Nikaki and Manos Kentikelenis in the field of wine is filled with outstanding wine knowledge, awards, and global acknowledgment for their contribution to the excellence of the wine industry. For several years they both have made a positive impact in global awareness for many greek wine labels.

Inside the digital pages of Wine Illusion, you will discover useful information, reviews, suppliers, companies, events, and a number of unforgettable trips to unique wine destinations. You will meet new wineries, cellars, winemakers, and people with great love for the nectar of the Gods, Wine.

The passionate people that made this project a reality:

Publisher: @ariadne_nikaki
Art Director: @marios_baxevanis
Publishing Consultant: @manoskentikelenis
Business Development: @angelossamolis
Creative: @babis_melikidis
Web editor: @anna.t.tsoutsa
Content strategist: @aretivassou

For collaborations and promotion contact the Commercial Department at Wine Illusion.

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Wine Illusion - New Online Magazine for Wine Lovers
Wine Illusion – New Online Magazine for Wine Lovers

About AriaPR & Wine Illusion

The publisher of Wine Illusion Magazine is Ariadne Nikaki, CEO & Founder of ARIAPR. This PR Agency is continuously dedicated to providing creative and innovative PR solutions and helping clients achieve their business objectives. 

ARIAPR Agency was founded in 2012 by Ariadne Nikaki. ARIAPR is one of the largest Public Relations Agencies in Greece, managing premium brands & companies across different platforms and countries. Areti Vassou is wearing a new hat as the SEO Content Strategist in this established PR company, including the Content Strategy of Wine Illusion.

ARIAPR Agency builds strategies with the right tactics to engage the client’s target audience. The Agency knows how to succeed in creating positive awareness, increased brand loyalty, reputation, consumer trust, sales, and business growth.

The company’s vision is based on integrity, quality, positivity, loyalty, discipline, teamwork, creativity and transparency. The entire team aims to satisfy the client’s needs and business goals. Subsequently, upon achieving these goals, clients can expect quality and cost-effective services from a diverse, professional and dedicated workforce.

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