This holiday season, let’s make it a point to cherish what’s truly important in our lives: Love & Kindness. And Christmas cookies, too!

Make your own definition of what Merry means for Christmas. My season’s greetings are a bit out of the Christmassy heat of the days. Do whatever makes you happy, celebrate for your own reasons and play the music that makes you dance. Burn the rules of what festivity should look like! 

Looking back at this challenging year behind, we realize that we wouldn’t be where we are today without the power to say every morning “Let’s do this!”.

All the good and the bad days are part of the journey. But don’t forget the gray days, the ones that actually passed by and we somehow lost track of time. It’s those days that daydreaming took the best of ourselves.

Celebrate kindness, hope and joy!

Here’s to a new year that we hope will have more hope, joy and free time to enjoy daydreaming outdoors! Because all the significant things happen when we are taking our time and reduce the digital noise around us. There is a lot of wisdom behind slow living lifestyle.

Wishing you to find the road for inner peace. That’s the actual success in life and the best reason to be merry & bright. 

Try more new things just for your own pleasure. Smile because you are alive & healthy. And remind yourself that fear is the only boundary you must break.

Life is too short and too precious to let fear rule it. Do your best and show the people that matters to you how much you love them, including yourself.


Areti Vassou

Season's Greetings by Areti Vassou and Ideadeco Team
Season’s Greetings by Areti Vassou and Ideadeco Team

Christmas Contest About 2020

We all have a story to share about the challenging 365 days of 2020. Do you dare to share your 2020 story?

This unusual copywriting contest is cut out only for the brave ones out there. It’s an open call for the souls that are willing to share their truth even in the darkest hours. This copywriting contest is about the courage of overcoming but still believing in the beauty of life.

It takes guts to stand on your feet and wave your own flag demonstrating your trust in the best intentions of people that are daring to connect and show kindness.

Talk to us. Tell us about the significant moments you had during 2020.

It can be the darkest or the warmest moments that changed you forever.

Send us your words. Make a statement. Say something. Do something that will change our perspective about 2020.

Share your story.

Dare you?

IDEADECO CHRISTMAS Copywriting Contest: Share Your 2020 Story
IDEADECO Christmas Copywriting Contest: Share Your 2020 Story

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