By Arsenis Paschopoulos. This article is more than just festive content, it’s a short guide full of Christmas Digital Strategy Tips just for your eshop. We are Online, we are Jolly, we are Merry and ready to make your eshop thrive!

You decorated it (your e-shop)!

Will they (the clients) come?

Xmas Digital Strategy tips for you!

If you read our tips on actions you should have taken for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you definitely must have seen an increase in traffic, sales, and profits.

But it’s not time to take a break. The holidays are here and you need to do the same and even more to… sell out!


Create a countdown for the last 14 days, unlocking each day a gift, a new product category, or an offer. For your offers, set a specific time or number of items.

Along with your sales messages, give ideas according to the type of product or service you are selling:

  • cooking ideas if you sell food
  • Trip preparation ideas if you are a travel agency
  • ideas for pet-friendly places in the city for walks with pets if you are a pet shop


What is Christmas without presents? That’s why you should also give gifts to your potential and existing customers.

Organize a contest aiming to drive traffic to your eshop by encouraging participants to enter and discover something on your site so as to participate or simply by driving participants to a special contest landing page on your site.

Other gifts you can offer are:

  • free delivery for everyone during the holiday season
  • BOGO (buy one get one) offers
  • sales to specific product categories or specific codes
  • extra discounts to those who subscribe to your newsletter
  • free gift wrapping (if you normally charge it)

Help them buy

During the holiday season, for some, choosing gifts is more of a headache than fun. Help them by creating gift proposals (gift guides) that you won’t forget to put on the homepage of your eshop and, of course, advertise them.

  • Do you sell clothes? Make casual chic, office dressing or night-out packages
  • Do you sell gadgets? Create packages for music lovers, home office or top executives
  • Do you sell sports gear? Make “packages” for swimmers, runners or gym lovers

Send wishes

Send greetings to your existing customers via SMS, Viber and emails, and accompany them with the above gifts. Don’t forget to set up remarketing campaigns in Google Ads & Social media Ads to remind them of your suggestions and special email campaigns for those who forget products in the cart.

If you have a physical store

  • Prepare an event and announce it
  • Run special social media and Google campaigns for your local store
  • Take advantage of the physical contact with your customers to
  • get their phone number and email
  • direct them to your eshop for future purchases
  • take photos with them for social media (always with their permission)

Don’t forget

Update your Google Business Profile with

  • opening hours
  • new photos
  • posts with your offers
  • Change the image of your eshop with a Christmas effect

Remove all the above as soon as the holidays are over!

Measure your success

Social media and Google give us plenty of free tools to measure almost everything. But we have to have them properly set up and this is something that is often forgotten.

Make sure that you have set up your campaigns and actions so that you can measure the results because that’s the only way you’ll know what went well, so you can repeat it and what didn’t so as to skip it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Just Online team!

Let’s create your Xmas Marketing Strategy together. Feel free to reach out here!

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