Find the right influencers for your brand after you read this article by Arsenis Paschopoulos.

Who are they? Influencers are people, who have many followers on social media platforms and can affect consumer behavior or online activity because of:

  • Who are they: celebrities, media personas
  • What they specialize in: athletes, professors, managers, certified in a particular field or area of knowledge
  • What’s their lifestyle: For example, they are joggers and their lifestyle is all about fitness and healthy food (even though they are not professional athletes).
Influencers - Who they are and how can they help my business?

What can influencers offer to my business?

Partnering with an influencer can be beneficial and help your business in:

  • Brand awareness: Your brand can become easily known to the influencer’s audience in a short period of time.
  • Brand credibility: The consumer will appreciate the value of the product/service/brand (for example yogurt X can improve your health and performance like it did for the influencer.
  • Content: Influencer can provide pictures, videos, posts of your brand with or without your guidance on the internet and on social media.
  • Followers/likers: Some of his/her followers are much likely to begin following your brand as well.
Influencers - Who they are and how can they help my business

Which influencers should we choose?

There are some important aspects before hiring an influencer that you should consider. Some of them have to do with numbers:

  • Number of followers: find out or ask how the influencer has gotten his/her followers.
  • Engagement: See the number of likes/comments on each post of the potential influencer.
  • Social media platforms where the influencer is most active.
  • How much content can he/she create for you and where exactly will the content be posted.
Influencers - Who they are and how can they help my business?

Define your goals

But, also important, are the goals we want to achieve:

  • If we want brand awareness, we will choose someone with many followers.
  • If we want engagement, we will choose someone whose beliefs, status, image and style help us build and communicate the image we want for our brand.

Be careful of a potential conflict of interests:

  • Has the influencer supported or is about to support a competitor?
  • Has the influencer supported or is about to support a product or service that is incompatible with the image we are building for our brand?
How much do influencers cost

How much do influencers cost?

The ultra-famous ones like Kim Kardashian are likely to charge 250.000$ per post, but there are influencers at the beginning of their “career” who don’t charge a lot and they usually ask for free access to the product or service. If you want to put your finger on a price, the average we found on the internet is 1000$ per 100.000 followers.

The final cost of hiring an influencer depends on other variables:

  • The number of his/her followers
  • The engagement rate of his/her followers
  • The number of posts he/she will create for us
  • The kinds of posts (photos, videos, articles, …
  • How many and which social media the influencer will be posting at
  • Who will be the owner of the content (the influencer, us or both?)
  • How long the cooperation with the influencer will last
  • If it is going to be exclusive cooperation or not

Some influencers get paid depending on their results (number of likes, comments, shares, or a percentage of the sales they bring).

So, if you want to cooperate with influencers, make sure you have a plan and a contract.

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