It was about time to bring eCommerce into our monthly community meetups. In this IDEADECO meetup, we have a big surprise for you. Arsenis Paschopoulos is our co-host of the event. So, if you are an eshop owner or you are planning to start one then you should book your spot as soon as possible.

Eshop owners this is your chance to get free tips for your eCommerce strategy! Book your spot today at IDEADECO meetup!

March Meetup: Ask Me Anything About eCommerce
March Meetup: Ask Me Anything About eCommerce

Let’s talk about eCommerce

At Content Creators Coffee Time by IDEADECO

Arsenis Paschopoulos will be available to answer your questions about eCommerce.

E-Commerce, also known as electronic commerce, is a business model which involves transactions taking place on the internet. Stores that sell their products online are e-commerce stores or businesses. Today most eshops are able to widen their electronic commercial activities through their social media channels and their newsletters.

  • 1979: Michael Aldrich connected his television to a computer using his telephone line and there it was, the first idea was born of what we know today as eCommerce.
  • 1994: Jeff Bezos founded Amazon as an online store selling over one million different books. And eCommerce began to attract the attention of big companies.
  • Mid-1990s and early 2000’s: Computers were found almost in every home and people started to buy things online.
  • 1998: PayPal was founded and finally credit cards could be used for payments online. Boom of eCommerce was real.
  • 2008: In less than a decade, online sales made up 3.4 percent of all sales.
  • 2014: Spectacular business growth with around 12-24 million online stores.
  • 2021: Everything happens online. Everything is sold online. 
  • 2022: And the numbers keep growing!

The term is quite broad and includes Amazon, eBay, online banking, software services, remote service providers, or online course platforms (basically, any transaction made online). However, depending on the context, the term “eCommerce” is often used to refer to the typical online store that sells products to end consumers.

The eCommerce industry is growing exponentially, more online businesses are emerging, and the digital economy is continuously expanding while reaching every corner of the world (with internet access). Read more interesting facts about eCommerce in this guide.

Good to know: In 2021, $3.56 Trillion in retail sales were made from mobile devices. Ecommerce businesses have been optimizing for mobile commerce for several years.

Areti Vassou IDEADECO LinkedIn

Host: Areti Vassou, Ideadeco

The main organizer is Areti Vassou. If you are reading this description you have met Areti’s work behind many websites and blogs. Rumor has it that she is a multi-content-creator… She usually responds that “once a creator, always a creator!”

Find more about Areti Vassou:

Arsenis Paschopoulos

Co-Host: Arsenis Pascopoulos, Justonline

Arsenis is an E-commerce, social media and internet marketing expert (started in 1996) and experienced international speaker and trainer (over 7,000 students) since 1995. Aims to be at the forefront of online digital new media to help businesses with their promotional and sales goals.

Find more about Arsenis Paschopoulos:

March Meetup: Ask Me Anything About eCommerce
March Meetup: Ask Me Anything About eCommerce

Important Notes

We want to remind you that our monthly community meetups are free.

  • Limited seats (up to 8 people).
  • Meetup language: Greek.
  • Knowledge of English will be useful.
  • Masks are required.
  • Vaccination certificate is required.
  • Children and pets are not allowed.
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • To book your spot visit: IDEADECO MEETUPS
Meet our Sponsor:
Meet our Sponsor: Workspot Coworking Space

Meet our Sponsor: Workspot

WorkSpot is located in the heart of Piraeus: Ippodamias Sq, no 8, Piraeus, Greece, 18531.

Yes, a coworking space definitely means having a hot desk, a virtual office, the renting of serviced offices, the space itself and its design, the sunlight through its windows (endless mugs of coffee!), the essential tools, and everything that composes a coworking space suitable for work. But at WorkSpot they do not think that a coworking space is just that.

They value interaction. The active presence of businesspeople in the spaces of their interest, physical and virtual, the connection between people, the concept of network support…

The development of mutually beneficial collaborations and sharing creative ideas and expertise with their guests. That is what Coworking Space means to the people who created this business nest.

March Meetup: Ask Me Anything About eCommerce
March Meetup: Ask Me Anything About eCommerce

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