Easter is a big event in the world. With 2.3 Billions Christian audience in the planet, you can imagine the impact of each marketing strategy. If your brand is sensitive towards religion topics then it would be better to avoid any Easter related content. But for those who wish to communicate their Easter friendly spirit here are some ideas.

The National Retail Federation surveys U.S. consumers and has a whole set of statistics about Easter’s consumers spendings. Below are key statistics from the NRF’s 2019 survey of U.S. consumers:

  • Total spending is estimated at $18.1 billion.
  • 8 in 10 Americans say they plan to celebrate the holiday.
  • Per-person spending is estimated at $151.
  • Food ($5.74 billion) is the No. 1 purchase, followed by $3.27 billion on clothing, $2.9 billion on gifts and $2.5 billion on candy.

In the U.S., Easter is one of the top spending holidays after the Christmas/Holiday season, behind Back to School, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day but ahead of Father’s Day and Halloween.

In the UK, Easter ranks higher – it’s second only to Christmas in spending because it falls on a four-day “bank holiday,” or public holiday.

Happy Easter!

Easter Bunnies & Eggs

It’s the only time of year to put all your eggs in one basket, and consumers are gearing up for the Easter holiday. Roughly eight in 10 U.S. adults plan to celebrate Easter, spending an average of $151 per person on everything from clothing and candy to cards and flowers.

Even consumers who don’t plan to celebrate the holiday find the seasonal sales and goodies hard to resist: About half (48 percent) of those not celebrating still plan to take advantage of Easter-related sales to pick up items, expecting to spend an average of $19.

Those under age 35 really embrace every aspect of the holiday, from the traditional to the whimsical. These younger consumers are even more likely than the average adult to say they plan on celebrating Easter and are the only age group that’s seen a consistent increase in those celebrating compared with a decade ago. Read the full article by Katie Jordan here…

NRF has surveyed consumers about how they plan to celebrate Easter annually for over a decade. Have a look here…

Happy Easter

Send an Easter Email

An Easter email can help you connect and warm up the relationships with your followers or visitors. Send a short and warm Easter greeting to your mailing lists and only to those that are interested to receive such an email.

Mailchimp is one of the top Newsletter platforms where you can easily create an email and send it to your clients. All you have to do is to sign up for an account, collect emails from your visitors or clients and send them useful news and updates.

See this example of an Easter email:

Ideadeco Easter Email

Do you want to receive our Newsletter once a month? We know that you want it. Come on, join our 3500 members of our happy mailing list!

Happy Blooming Easter
Why I love Easter in Greece

Easter in Greece is mesmerizing… you see in the Mediterranean climate,
flowers are blooming during April and create a unique Spring scenery. 

The beauty of flowers in the Greek countryside is magical. Have you
ever find anywhere else so many and different kinds of flowers
during Spring? I have traveled all over the planet and nowhere else
have I seen such combinations.

There is a good reason that tourists are returning several times after
their first visit in Greece. The first time tourists are impressed with
Greece’s islands and Archaeological Museums and Legacy.

But the flower’s scents and colors ( and of course the great food) stay
with them and most of the times unconsciously lead their decisions
to choose Greece for their Summer vacations, again, and again,
and again!

Enjoy Easter celebrations with your friends and family!
Take good care of yourself,

Areti Vassou

You see? In this way you can say hello to your followers/readers/clients without selling your brand’s services or products. True communication is based in real connection. Respect the human need for acknowledgement and communication.

Make this principle as the major cornerstone of your brand’s Content Marketing Strategy.

Happy Easter!

Add Easter Mood in Your Social Media

There are two major marketing categories for Easter celebrations in Social Media. The first one refers to the vendors that are actually selling Easter products and services. The second one refers to the brands that don’t sell any kind of seasonal products or services. If your brand doesn’t need too much engagement during Easter then it should stay low and be as gentle as possible with the official Easter wishes.

But if your brand falls in the first category, then invite Easter mood early into your Content Marketing Strategy & Social Media accounts. Create Easter visuals, add the appropriate Easter copy, apply specific call to actions, announce Easter giveaways or contests, provide Easter offers etc and give it a full Easter take over absolutely everywhere.

A hotel may announce an Easter premium offer, like this one:

You can see this awesome Easter offer by Cape Sounio Grecotel Exclusive Resort.

Happy Easter!

Host an Easter Event

Last year we hosted a private Easter event for all our clients with the topic: Let’s make cookies, together! Given the fact, that we are a Digital Marketing & SEO Agency, nobody expected from us such an non-marketing event.

To our surprise 60 people gathered from all over the world for this one-day event. Greek traditional Easter cookies recipes, baked in our family house in the Greek countryside. Most of them brought along their families and kids.

We all agreed to keep it away from social media or any publicity and to be honest, in the beginning I was a bit sceptical… but the amazing times and bonding we had was ten times better than any publicity!

Dare to host events that actually make you and the people you work with, happier and grateful.

This year we traveled to Crete for one-day Easter event and met again with all our clients for a Greek traditional Easter fiesta but with a vegetarian menu. There we were… 78 souls, cooking, baking, and dancing like Greeks. We even had alive Easter bunnies in the garden, playing with the kids.

The most creative moments were during the egg decorating workshop. We learned how to paint Easter eggs with the most unique ideas.

Happy Easter!

Add Social Media Easter Covers

Although Ideadeco doesn’t practice this, it is most advisable to add impressive Easter visuals to your Social Media Covers. It builds the right mood for your friends and clients. Personally, I don’t really like Easter covers in social media but I love Easter social media posts.

Think before you change your branded cover. The 80% of brands need to change their cover for Easter, in order to sell specific products or services. But the rest 20% can skip this because some brands are not Easter sensitive. As a matter of fact, in some cases Easter covers can ruin a brand’s fame. For example medical and healthcare companies don’t need Easter campaigns or heavy Easter mood visuals.

But vendors that sell seasonal products, do need a high volume of Easter marketing visuals, campaigns and promotions. For example a company that sells candies & chocolates.

In the U.S. and U.K., where the holiday is celebrated with chocolate Easter eggs and candy baskets, this time is especially lucrative for the confectionary industry. For those that need to spread the word for their traditional spring and holiday merchandise, social media is essential.

Happy Easter!

Easter For Creative Minds

For brands that are into Advertising, Marketing, Event Planning, Art, Photography, DIY etc this time of the year can become quite inspiring. There is no limit to what you can do. Just let your imagination to go wild.

You could create an Easter Photo Contest and award the best photo. Or you could run a Creative Copywriting Contest for your followers. Or you could run an Instagram brand contest with your hashtag.

Feel free to embrace the Easter spirit and be creative.

One of our clients asked us to prepare an Easter contest for their company with the topic: Create an Easter Card and Win 1 year Premium Subscription. 4000 people participated in the contest, all over Germany. But the catch was that they had to actually draw it and use a real envelope to mail it to the company’s headquarters.

The company provided free prepaid envelopes for this contest, inside their network of stores. A printing company with a big dream, to bring back the love of printed books. Next to the pack of envelopes there was a pack of a book about how to create an Easter card… Of course, the book was sold out.

Another client who creates handmade dresses, wanted to do something out of the ordinary. So we arranged a limited workshop of how to create an Easter dress with your own hands, with zero experience. The demand was so high that this workshop will run for the following 16 months in 16 different cities of France. All seats are booked. Amazing, right?

Play with Easter

Use the traditional Easter patterns like eggs, bunnies, flowers, colors to set the right mood but do the extra mile and introduce a new approach. Think like a kid. Be extra creative. Mix things up and create something new.

Of course, it’s always nice to remind people that Easter is a good reason to spend time with family and friends and presents are well received.

Happy Easter!
Chocolate Easter eggs and rabbit
How did you apply Easter Celebrations?

We would love to hear what were your Easter ideas this year. How did your clients react? What impressed you this Easter?

Happy Easter!

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