A client from New York called me in the middle of the night asking for immediate support about his annual corporate event and wanted the top Event Planning Agency for his company’s 10 years anniversary.

He wanted to throw an outstanding corporate party theme event in Greece. And the question come after a 15 minutes conversation: Who is the top Event Management Agency in Greece for my company? I need an answer because tomorrow I will have the first meeting with the rest of the board.

I felt like I was standing with my back at the wall.

So, I had 1 minute to make a decision that wouldn’t hurt either my client nor my professional reputation and credibility. Who did I know and trust with all my heart to organize and manage a unique and luxury corporate event in Greece, in such a short notice? And … Rock Paper Scissors Events was my first response.

I send the link to their website and explained to my client, that RPS Events is the only Event Planning Agency in Greece that I could actually guarantee for their professionalism.

Host Successful Corporate Events in Greece
Photographer: Fiorello Photography

Luxury Events Management

Luxury events have one rule. You must attend a lot events to form an educated opinion about who to trust for your event. First attend as a guest and then book as a client.

I was impressed by the OPAP Event that www.rpsevents.gr have organized. I love the ideas and how they managed to handle smoothly some many people. Employees had the chance to put their own star on their wall of fame, meet and greet on the photobooth and have some fun listening to the music of the Greek singer Stelios Rokkos and enjoy the drum show. It was definitely a night to remember.

Host Successful Corporate Events in Greece
Photographer: Fiorello Photography
OPAP bright & shiny stars party
Photographer: Fiorello Photography

Corporate Events

Corporate events usually are hosted by a company. Most of the times the guests are its employees or clients. By holding corporate events, organisations usually aim at entertaining or rewarding their staff, launching new products, establishing partnerships, or even introducing new departments or collections.

Successful corporate events have a strong organizing team with a creative mentality. Top Event Management Agencies pay attention to carefully analyze the client’s requirements and mindset.

Rock Paper Scissors invest in creating unique events with personalized and tailor made concepts. They have all the know-how for team building activities and corporate games. Here you can see the magnificent team building event for AB Vasilopoulos.

Host Successful Corporate Events in Greece

Corporate theme parties are only some of their strong portfolio ideas. RPS Events know how to throw a party. If you looking only for the best in music, entertainment, gala, decorations, menu, flowers, celebrities and VIP parties then that’s the right agency.

Rock Paper Scissors Events

Rock Paper Scissors undertake any kind of social or corporate event.

Their specialization is in the design of originally themed propositions that reflect your own (or your product’s) unique characteristics, style, personality and obsession with detail, means that there will never be any compromises on the agreed concept.

Anybody can launch an event… or so they say!

Because only their level of expertise, experience and excellent project management can ensure that your dream scenario has exactly the “look and feel” that you wanted, saving you precious time and money.

They are here for those who have limited time, who are not willing to stress over finding a fresh and creative idea for their event. They are here for those who wish to have the party of their dreams and enjoy it to the full!

Let them iron out all the little details, let them take care of business!

They will be there from the start—the creative process behind selecting the right concept, the time planning and the correct combination from their portfolio of partners—until the very day, when they will ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Rock Paper Scissors Events in Greece

Make no mistake!

Their services are not a luxury, especially considering an important social event. From the very first meeting with them, rest assured that the value of their services will be obvious.

See for yourselves!

About Rock Paper Scissors Events Team

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